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Vermont might be known for its hikes and swimming holes, but it should also be known for one more summer location: its only indoor water park. During the winter, Jay Peak is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding trails in the state. During the summer, this same mountaintop resort is known for the Pump House, its incredible indoor water park that also features a retracting roof for those beautiful, sunny Vermont days.

Jay Peak also offers plenty in the way of hiking, a scenic tram ride, and more, but the Pump House is one of the main attractions for both locals and visitors to Vermont's northeast. With so much to do and explore at this indoor water park, it's no wonder it's so popular once the weather breaks - and here's why everyone should add it to their Vermont bucket list.


What Attractions Await Visitors At Jay Peak's Pump House Water Park

The water park was built one decade ago for a staggering $25 million, leaving no stone unturned as far as what visitors can experience and do during their time spent there. With the usual water slide suspects and some exciting theme-park-like water attractions, the Pump House still stands apart from others for a number of reasons. For starters, it's the only indoor water park in the state of Vermont, making it a top tourist attraction even on days when the weather is not conducive to swimming. Additionally, the open roof lets in a bit of the outdoors on days when it's particularly nice, give the feel of an outdoor water park to this fully-enclosed space. Here's what else visitors can do when they visit.

Big River

This river is anything but lazy, and includes some exciting rapids and sharp turns just to keep guests on their toes. The attraction was named for the song of the same name by Johnny Cash, and it certainly delivers on every aspect one might expect from a pumped-up lazy river ride. Several areas along this river allow guests to get some pretty decent velocity, and random drops keep the ride exciting without being too intense.

For the 2022 season, Big River is running as staffing allows.

Deepwater Activity Pool

One thing that the Pump House at Jay Peak does well is find attractions that bring together kids and adults alike, and the Deepwater Activity Pool is great for the whole family. Featuring in-pool basketball 'courts' and even a rock-climbing wall, there is no shortage of adventures to be had here. Those with an appetite for thrills can attempt to scale this in-pool rock wall, knowing that should they fall, it will be cushioned by the pool of water below. And maybe that's what adds to the fun!

Double Barrel Flowrider

Water parks are not limited to slides and swimming, and the Double Barrel Flowrider proves this. Jay Peak describes this activity as a cross between skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, and it's an absolute blast to try. Starting with a boogie board, guests can try their hand at learning what it takes to surf those smaller waves that can sometimes be just as technically challenging as larger ones.

Orange, Blue, And Green Slides

Of course, no water park - indoor or outdoor - is complete without its share of slides, and the Pump House has three to offer its guests. The blue and green slides use inner tubes to guide guests down their chutes, while the orange slide is a high-speed, solo slide.

These slides also have thrilling blackout sections, along with multiple twists and turns before sending guests into a main pool at the bottom.

La Chute

If a thrilling water slide is what one is seeking, then La Chute delivers. This one-person chute-style slide is not for the faint of heart; after a brief countdown, guests are sent down the slide at a whopping 45 miles per hour before landing in the pool at the bottom. The entire ride takes only about six seconds, and it's well worth riding more than once.

Mill Pond Kids Play Area

For a milder day of fun, the Mill Pond Kids Play Area is perfect for tots who are just looking to enjoy some splashing at this indoor water park. This fun splash area has a bunch of toys that kids can play around with, including smaller slides that will be a blast for the younger ones. There's enough to explore that no one will be bored, and one never even needs to leave the play area to find all the water-based fun they're looking for.

Hours Of Operation & Fees For The Pump House

The good thing about Jay Peak's Pump House is that it's open during times of the year when traditional outdoor water parks are not. While it's not open year-round, it is open to the public from May until December of each year. Specific hours vary from week to week depending on the month and can be found here.

Pricing for the Pump House is as follows:

  • Season Pass: $129
  • Day Pass: $43 for ages 15 and up, $35 for ages 4 - 14, and children 3 and under are free
  • Locker Pricing: $10 + $20 key deposit
  • Cabana Rental: $150/day (varies)

The Pump House remains the only indoor water park in Vermont and is a premier summer destination for many people visiting the Green Mountain State. For those visiting Jay Peak and the surrounding area, this is a must-stop in while taking in the sights and activities that this great area of Vermont has to offer.