The largest corn maze in the world may be in Dixon, California but one doesn't need to travel all the way to California to enjoy this fun and frustrating autumn pastime. One of the greatest and finest corn mazes is in the New England state of Vermont. And as a bonus, everyone knows that New England looks stunning in the fall! Without a doubt, it is one of the craziest corn mazes found anywhere in America.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze is located on a family dairy farm in North Danville, Vermont. Every year they create an entirely new maze design so no one will have the advantage of knowing it from last year. For those who are keen to explore America's largest corn maze in California, see here.


About The Great Vermont Corn Maze

The Great Vermont Corn Maze is the largest maze in New England and is regarded as one of the top 10 mazes in America. There are more attractions here than just the central maze attraction. There are also the PRETENDIN Play Area, Barnyard Golf, 100' of Tunnels and even petting animals.

  • Address: 1404 Wheelock Road, Danville, VT 05828
  • Size: 10 Acres
  • Trails: Around 3 Miles of Trails Lined With 10 to 12 Foot High Walls of Corn
  • Average Time: 2-5 Hours Most Visitors Spend On The Property (The Maze plus Other Attractions)
  • Pets: No Pets Are Permitted
  • Other: No Smoking (or Vaping), No Alcohol

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The maze is complete with bridges, pathways, and Emergency Exits. It normally takes around 2 hours for most folks to solve - two hours of awesome group fun or infuriating frustration (depending on one's state of mind).

In addition to their main attraction of solving the corn maze, one can also enjoy their maze scenically. It is about 40 minutes of hiking through the BIG Maze using directions found along the way. One can see all the unique things on offer here including a tunnel, dinosaurs, and bridges with panoramic views.

Who Enjoys The Maze

While this is a fun experience for families and groups, it seems that the teenaged cohorts of Generation Z and Alpha are a little less enamored with it. It seems well suited for kids and adults. Great Vermont Corn Maze states:

"Having helped thousands of people lose themselves over 23 years, we can definitely say that the people who enjoy the maze the most are healthy ADULTS in their mid-twenties to early '60s, as well as adults with young children (under 14 years old)... Unfortunately, 90% of teenagers 13 - 20 give up in less than 20 minutes."

Visiting The Great Vermont Corn Maze

As of the time of writing (September 19th), the maze is open for the 2021 season! Plan your trip now before winter!

It is recommended to bring one's own lunch. While they do sell candy, water, soda, juice, and ice cream, they do not sell actual lunch. Plan for spending 2 to 5 hours here.

The actual corn maze covers 10 acres with approximately 3 miles of trails lined with 10 - 12' towering walls of corn. Most visitors spend 2 - 5 hours on the property enjoying the different attractions. Arriving early, and well prepared increases one's chances of solving the maze and having more fun! Related: The 10 Craziest Mazes You Should Plan An Entire Trip To See The maze is dependent on the weather and if the weather is questionable or otherwise iffy, one should call them to ensure it is open.The BIG Maze is also nestled on a hill in the cornfield. So be ready for some ups and downs. One will be covering a number of miles of uneven terrain. In other words, wear the right footwear. Also, it is ok to bring large wheeled strollers - they are ok on the dirt trails.
  • Children: All Kids Under 15 Must Be Supervised By An Adult
  • Season: August, September, and October (Closing Depends On How The Corn Is Holding Up As The Season Wears On)
  • Open: 7 Days A Week (but Not In The Rain)
  • Monday To Friday: Opens At 10:00 am, Last People Enter At 2:00 pm. They Start Helping People Solve the Maze At 2:30, And Everyone Out By 3:30 pm. Closing 4:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Open At 10:00, Last People Enter At 3:00 pm. They Start Helping People Solve the Maze At 3:30, And Everyone Out By 4:30 pm. Closing is officially 5:00 pm
  • Adults: $15.00 (Aged 6 to 59)
  • Children: $10.00 (Aged 5 to 15)
  • Infants: $0.00 (4 and Under)
  • Seniors: $10.00 (Aged 60 and Over)
Tickets can only be purchased online and can only be purchased here . This is due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.One helpful tip is to arrive early. They start their closing procedure two hours before they close. Arriving early helps to increase one's chances of actually solving the maze, the temperature is cooler earlier in the day, and one is not frustrated with having the time pressure to finish it. Next: The Largest Labyrinth In The World (At Nearly 20 Acres In Size) Is Found In Italy