Tokyo is widely recognized for its impressive landmarks, such as the Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya Crossing. This bustling city is also famed for its shrines and temples, otaku culture, delectable cuisines, and exceptional transport system. In addition, visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the high number of convenient vending machines on almost every block. These machines are a fundamental part of everyday life in the metropolis. They are usually assembled into groups of two or three to offer a plethora of choices. Here are amazing vending machines in Tokyo:

10 Dashi Vending Machine

Japanese homes and restaurants overflow with mouthwatering Japanese cuisines defined by dashi. This Japanese soup stock is prepared from dried kelp (kombu), water, and bonito fish flakes. Dashi is an indispensable ingredient when preparing various Japanese dishes such as Nikujaga (meat and potato stew) or some grilled foods such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Individuals who have run out of this underlying oceanic flavor will be fascinated by the dashi vending machine. These vending machines have two kinds of dashi to select from. There is the gold labeled bottle in Agodashi, a common style in Kyushu, and a red labeled sodabushi, a common style from Kochi prefecture.

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9 Banana Vending Machine

When in Tokyo, checking out the banana vending machine is recommended. The fresh Dole banana is incredible for boosting energy. In Tokyo, a banana vending machine is found in Shibuya, toward exit three at Shibuya Station (near the Den-en-Toshi/Hanzomon line ticket gates). The banana vending machine is far much better compared to trying to locate a grocery store in the center of fashion-focused Shibuya.

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8 Alcohol Vending Machine

Different vending machines grace different places, from street corners to train station platforms and even hiking trails. Most of these machines are known to contain basic drinks, including water, coffee, juice, soft drinks, and even hot soup. However, having an alcohol vending machine is quite interesting. Most of these machines are usually situated outside mom-and-pop liquor stores. They are also found inside hotels.

7 Cigarette Vending Machines

Vending machines make things easy for individuals who don’t want to spend much time in a particular location. Most of the vending machines sell beverages. However, some rare machines leave people completely puzzled and excited at the same time. For instance, the cigarette vending machine is quite astonishing. Although a cigarette vending machine is not popular in most cities and countries, Tokyo has numerous vending machines selling cigarettes. To purchase cigarettes from these machines, one is expected to have a taspos card. The purpose of this card is to authenticate the buyer as eligible for purchasing cigarettes. The minimum age for getting cigarettes at the machine is 20 years.

6 Hanko Seals Vending Machines

Almost everyone in Japan has a Hanko used for signing work-related documents and individual documents. Although there are specific outlets where one can order a personalized Hanko, it is usually bypassed. When in a hurry, people can utilize these vending machines to design individual signature seals in less than 10 minutes for as little as 500 yen. There is a Hanko vending machine in the heart of Tokyo, in Akihabara Don Quijote.

5 Milk Vending Machine

Visitors who need milk can check out one of these two vending machines nestled on platform five at JT Akihabara Station. While the machine on the left is usually loaded with Kumamoto dairy, the one on the right provides milk and milk coffee. Visitors should not go looking for café au lait outside Fukushima Prefecture since it isn’t available. It is found on this particular machine.

4 Umbrella Vending Machine

No one should get stranded and worried in case of heavy rains in Tokyo. Among the numerous vending machines, Tokyo’s umbrella vending machine proves to be a lifesaver when it’s pouring outside. The vending machine is found at JR Suidonashi Station, in front of the east exit gates.

3 Surgical Masks Vending Machines

There is a dramatic paradigm shift in the world of vending machines. Previously, the machines contained only foods and beverages. Today, these machines are transcending food and beverages. In Tokyo, there are a few machines on the streets dispensing masks. For instance, there is a machine containing paper surgical masks at Haneda Airport. More fun and unusual cloth mask vending machines can be found on the fashionable streets of Harajuku and Aoyama.

2 Water Vending Machine

Japanese people usually appreciate their local products. In Tokyo, water vending machines provide a wide range of bottled water from all over Japan. Visitors and locals trying to access such a machine can go to the Tokyo Metro Ginza-itchome Station on the Yurakucho Line.

1 Homemade Burgers Vending Machines

If planning to visit Japan, one of the must-do activities is getting something to eat from vending machines. For instance, burger vending machines are quite popular, and they offer affordable snacks. An example is the Tateishi Burger for Everyone Vending Machine. Tourists can buy amazing homemade burgers for just 100 yen each.