The vegan lifestyle is no longer as taboo as it once was and every day, more people are leaning on a meat and dairy-free diet, especially with veggie-friendly international cuisines. With so many ways to find plant-based protein and so many accessible ingredients, it's not surprising that vegan restaurants have also taken the food industry by storm. Many people who enjoy them aren't even vegans but simply appreciate the option to swap out a heavy steak dinner with something a little creative, a little fun, and highly innovative.


Farm-to-table menus and advances in molecular gastronomy have furthered vegetarian and veganism in ways chefs never could have imagined, and many are not pioneering the vegan world. From avant-garde dining to homestyle twists, these restaurants are pushing the envelope so much that it's earned them the title of one of the best vegan options for 2020.

Somebody People In Denver

Not only does Somebody People offer a diverse menu, but the name alone is unique, and it might even sound familiar to some... Any guesses? The line "somebody people" appears in David Bowie's song "Five Years"! Now, how could anyone go wrong with a Bowie-inspired restaurant name?

Somebody People isn't just rocking its title, though. With a Mediterranean-inspired menu, Somebody People is crafting comforting dishes from scratch, including their very own pasta and almond ricotta. The owners of this restaurant, Tricia and Samuel Maher, have even taken things a step further and instituted a zero-waste initiative.

Public Records In Brooklyn

Foodies can find just about anything in New York, and Brooklyn, with its inspired art scene and hip dining, is home to none other than Public Records. This building not only houses a record store, record bar, and entertainment venue but is also home to a vegan cafe.

Those craving a solid vegan menu will also be psyched to find a well-thought-out drink menu, furnished with creatively crafted drinks that stand apart from others in a similar venue.

Breads On Oak In New Orleans

Down in New Orleans Breads on Oak are finding new-age ways to not only serve vegan food but to preserve the ecosystem in which it's procured, as well. The restaurant is mostly solar-powered and also has a zero-waste policy, making them uber environmentally-friendly while worshipping the food they harvest from it.

Even better, their artisan bread selections are organic and their food is scratch-made, complete with a family atmosphere and a down-home smile.

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Millennium In San Francisco

Millennium isn't new to the vegan scene, but they're still rocking the world of veganism over two decades later. This restaurant can be found right in the center of the city and visitors will not be disappointed with this seasonally-inspired menu.

The dishes served are organic and wholesome, crafted with only the finest produce and the freshest of ingredients around. The menu also consists of several international influences, making it a dynamic experience as well as one that's full of variety.

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Natural Selection In Portland

Natural Selection just seems like it would be a good name for a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, and this one is doing things right. In Northeast Portland, foodies will absolutely fall in love with this town as well as Natural Selection.

The menu here is modern and incorporates new and fresh flavors that don't echo what many think when they think of vegan foods. These European-inspired dishes are high in flavor and surprising in presentation, and definitely shouldn't be missed out on.

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