An iconic and popular city, Sydney is a hub for business, fashion, culture, and of course, food in Australia. Sydney has always been a leader when it comes to dining options, hosting restaurants, cafes and fast food joints that serve up every possible cuisine. And now, Sydney is accommodating to the vegan sphere, with more fantastic vegan eateries popping up all over the city center.

Often taking Australian classic dishes and flipping them around to feature only plant-based products, these restaurants are already making a name for themselves on the vegan scene. While in Sydney, you have to check out these 10 vegan eateries. If you’re not a vegan yet, you might just be converted.

10 Funky Pies

Meat pies are an Australian delicacy that few travelers ever sample until they get to the land Down Under. Thanks to Sydney’s Funky Pies outlet in Bondi, now vegans can taste their own version of the iconic Aussie food too.

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According to Eat Drink Play, The pies on offer at Funky Pies are 100% vegan and use only ethical ingredients without lacking in flavor. The joint watches over the famous Bondi Beach, which means you get a world-class view while devouring your pie. One of the most popular pies on the menu is the G’day Stay, made with potatoes and spices.

9 Lentil As Anything

Originally founded in the city of Melbourne, Lentil As Anything is more of a social food movement than a cafe. The vegan and vegetarian kitchen is based on the belief that a community should eat together. The menu is regularly changed and rotated, and all of the ingredients are donated.

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Lentil As Anything is located in Newtown, a suburb in the inner-west of Sydney, and the best time to visit is during the week for lunch. While they’re open on the weekends too, you could be in for some long lines!

8 Mark & Vinny’s

Nestled in the lively Surry Hills suburb of Sydney, Mark & Vinny’s is a vegan-friendly spaghetti and spritz bar. They specialize in pasta, both traditional favorites, and contemporary twists, and are famous for their take on spaghetti. Another one of their vegan specialties is their “egg yolk” which might fool you into thinking it’s a real animal product (but don’t worry — it’s not!).

Mark & Vinny’s isn’t completely vegan, as meat-based options do appear on half the menu. But that means it’s the ideal place to dine when you’re eating with friends who aren’t vegan!

7 Gigi’s Pizzeria

No big city is complete without a vegan pizzeria to satisfy the lovers of Italian cuisine. Located in Newtown, Gigi’s follows the pizza-making traditions that come from the city that started it all: Naples, Italy. Their biggest sellers include Marinara Tradizionale, which features San Marzano tomato, garlic, herbs, and extra-virgin olive oil, and funghi e radicchio, made with dairy-free blue cheese, parsley, roasted walnuts, and Swiss brown mushrooms.

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You won’t find traditional toppings like mozzarella or pepperoni here, but you will find some of the best Italian food in Sydney.

6 Bodhi Restaurant And Bar

Bodhi Restaurant and Bar is paving the way for vegan YumCha to really take off in Sydney. The menu features Pan-Asian delicacies and is always changing. They specialize in imitation meat dishes that are mostly created using soy and tofu. Check out their vegetarian Peking duck — you won’t regret it!

Located in the center of Sydney on busy College Street, Bodhi can get a little busy on the weekend. They offer an outdoor bar area if you’re in the mood for socializing, as well as an indoor seating section for an intimate YumCha meal.

5 Yellow

If you’re looking for vegan food in a casual, non-pretentious, affordable setting, you have to check out Yellow on Macleay Street in Potts Point, in Sydney’s inner-east. The menu is innovative and creative, with their plant-based dishes created using ingredients that are sourced from local farmers.

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It’s okay if you can’t make a decision on what to order because they offer Vegan Tasting Menus with a vast range of dishes. You can also choose to add wine or non-alcoholic beverages to your menu. Yellow is open for dinner Monday through Sunday and brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

4 The Green Lion

Another part of the Aussie culture that nobody should miss out on, just because they don’t eat animal products? Going to the local pub for a meal. Inherited from Britain, the tradition of eating and drinking at the pub is something all travelers should try at least once while in Australia.

Sydney’s very first plant-based pub is called The Green Lion, and it’s located in the inner-west suburb of Rozelle. Featuring a menu of cleverly disguised meat and dairy substitutes, the pub offers beef tacos, mac and cheese, and beef burgers, all safe for vegans.

3 Soul Burger

Speaking of burgers, anybody looking for vegan fast-food in Sydney should check out Soul Burger. With outlets located in Newtown, Parramatta, Glebe, and other suburbs, Soul Burger is a new favorite joint for local vegans.

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With items like grilled pork, battered fish, Southern fried chicken, and pulled pork burgers, you’d be forgiven for thinking the menu isn’t really vegan and Soul Burger is just another fast-food joint. But there is actually no meat product in sight, with all dishes produced using totally vegan ingredients that taste and look like the real thing.

2 Alibi Bar And Kitchen

If you happen to be staying at the designer hotel Ovolo in Woolloomooloo, a harbor-side suburb of Sydney, then you should definitely pay a visit to Alibi Bar and Kitchen. Located inside the hotel, Alibi offers a menu packed with trendy plant-based fine dining choices. It also boasts a world-class cocktail menu serving classic and contemporary drinks.

Even if you’re staying at the hotel, it’s worth stopping by during your day at the iconic Sydney Harbor to see what Alibi Bar and Kitchen is all about and taste some of the finest vegan food available.

1 Paperbark

Conveniently located in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Waterloo, Paperbark offers vegans a chance for some incredible fine dining. Many of the ingredients on the menu are locally sourced and only found in Australia. Here you’ll get to try dishes like Paperbark mushrooms with macadamia and finger lime, as well as finger lime and wattleseed.

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The wines included on the menu are also minimum-intervention, and everything is sourced from small-scale producers. Open every night except Tuesday and Wednesday, Paperbark should definitely be on your bucket list of vegan eateries.