Los Angeles is, perhaps, one of the most accommodating cities in the world for vegans. From streets filled with vegan pop-ups serving anything from tacos to sushi, to fast food pit stops serving up burgers, fries, and milkshakes, Los Angeles has plant-based versions of just about everything. Omnivores and herbivores alike will be hard pressed to find another city so willing to explore its roots and culture through the lens of a cruelty-free, plant-based menu. So let’s take a look at some of the restaurants leading the charge here in Lon Angeles.

9 Cafe Gratitude

Quite possibly the most ‘Los Angeles’ restaurant on this list, and possibly the planet, Cafe Gratitude is unique, to say the least. Cafe Gratitude is not only vegan, but as diners soon discover, rather positive. The founders behind Cafe Gratitude making a conscious effort to promote self-love and positive affirmations with every dish on their menu. Diners can choose from dishes like the I am sharing (nachos), I am glorious (a delicious blacken tempeh Caesar wrap made with coconut bacon and brazil nut parmesan), and I am terrific (raw pad thai kelp noodles) it’ll be hard to leave Cafe Gratitude without a full stomach and better outlook on the day ahead.

8 The Grain Cafe

Located in a small strip mall on Pico Blvd. anyone looking for an excellent plant-based menu will find The Grain Cafe. While their menu is packed with some of SoCal’s favorite dishes like chilaquiles, chiles rellenos, burgers, pizza, tuna melts, and more, diners can also expect to find so of the best breakfast foods available. Anything from the delicious and savory veggie crepe to sweet crepes filled with tropical fruits, there’s plenty to love about The Grain Cafe’s menu. Should the sweet-toothed diners require more than a fruit-filled crepe, they need look no further than the dessert section filled with anything from milkshakes to green tea and carrot cakes. All vegan. All delicious.

7 Beelman’s

For anyone looking to recapture that classic sports bar type vibe with a little bit of a twist, look no further than Beelman’s Pub. Whether visitors are looking for a place to relax with some good food and get work done during the day, or order some cocktails and get the party started at night, Beelman’s has everything a well-rounded vegan could need. And the best part? The entire menu is plant-based!

Their kitchen dishes out anything from their spicy and perfectly crispy Tachos (tater tot nachos) to impossible burgers and even Asian fusions like the Viet Nom Nom Wrap (an absolute must-try, by the way). Beelman’s has always got incredible food and a game or a movie of some sort playing. It does get busy on weekends, however, so grab some pickleback shots and be prepared!

6 Wild Living Foods

For the truly dedicated or aspirational vegan in all of us, there’s no place better than Wild Living Foods. Serving nearly their entire menu either lightly cooked or completely raw, Wild Living Foods in downtown Los Angeles is creating some of the tastiest dishes to never hit a stove top or oven. From their filling and hard-to-put-down warm bows (try the Aztlan bowl, it’s made with quinoa and comes with some pepita chorizo that is out of this world.), to their all-too-real Spicy Tuna Roll (made with an almond tuna), eating raw never felt so right.

5 Real Food Daily

Real Food Daily, located in Pasadena, is home to one of the most mouth-watering, dream-inducing vegan Caesar salads that diners are likely to find anywhere (Pro Tip: add avocado and tempeh bacon) on this or any other planet. However, should hungry vegans be looking to fill their bellies with something a little heartier than a salad, there’s plenty of other options. From the deliciously creamy Penne Alfredo to breakfast burrito that’ll dare you to try to finish it, the Real Food Daily menu is packed with anything a growing vegan might need. Hell, it’s also packed with anything a growing vegan might want.

4 Sage Vegan Bistro

With several locations spread out all over Los Angeles (Pasadena, Echo Park, Culver City), Sage Vegan Bistro is serving up some of the best vegan eats in all of southern California. With shareable dishes like their 3 wing platter (battered and fried cauliflower wings with three different sauces) and the always-filling jackfruit nachos, Sage has become a staple for vegans all over Los Angeles.

They’ve also got plenty of other items to choose from like their BTLA pizza, Brazilian Burrito, and an absolutely killer tuna melt. Stop by on Mondays for their all day happy hour. Brunch fans will be excited to hear that they’ve also got mimosas and a full bar.

3 Gracias Madre

For everything from brunch to dinner and drinks, Gracias Madre, located just off Melrose in West Hollywood, has just about everything a vegan diner could ask for. Looking for a cocktail with a little something extra in it? Check out the Sour T-iesel (made with Tequila Blanco, lime, agave, mint, match, aquafaba, and cannabinoids). Looking for something a little more filling? There are some truly inspired dishes like the vegan flautas de camote or the plantain french toast. Anyone looking for a place to grab some great cocktails and fill their stomachs with some cruelty-free food while taking in a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon will find the patio dining area to be an absolute dream. So go ahead and grab a CBD-infused (non-psychoactive) cocktail and enjoy a beautiful sunny day sipping on a drink outside in the shade of the patio.

2 Shojin

For any vegans that have been left with a craving for sushi, ramen, and other staples of Japanese cuisine, Shojin (located in Little Tokyo) is exactly what’s been missing. Shojin is the all vegan, all gluten-free, all nut-free destination for anyone with a particularly strict diet. With deserts that look like works of art and sushi rolls so convincingly delicious that they’ll make most diners question whether or not it was actually vegan to begin with, Shojin will keep both vegans and omnivores satisfied and ready to go back for more immediately. They even have special holiday tastings for couples on valentines day, so grab a loved one and head down for some cruelty-free sushi. Hold the radiated fish, please.

1 Crossroads

Last, but certainly not least on this list is the inescapable, inventive, and all around fantastic, Crossroads Kitchen. While brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday mornings (“chicken” and waffles, breakfast burritos, french toast, and of course, booze) anyone looking to really experience Crossroads Kitchen will make the trip over to check out what they’re serving up for dinner. The artichoke oysters are a definite on the must-try list and for those looking for something a bit more filling, the lasagna (made with an almond ricotta) is a delectable and filling option. Regardless of the time, however, Crossroads Kitchen is always going to be a terrific option. Just make sure to avoid stopping by between 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. as they are closed during that time on weekdays!