Guatemala is a stunning country with breathtaking terrains, archaeological sites, vibrant rainforests, and strong indigenous customs. There aren't too many places where visitors can barbecue snacks on active volcanoes, snorkel between crystal turquoise cascades, experience world historic sites, and hike through lush green forests all in the same trip. Guatemala is undoubtedly a nature lover's perfect getaway, but it also has distinct Mayan customs and a few interesting cities to visit. Here is the list of underrated, but amazing places to visit in Guatemala.

10 Tajumulco Volcano

Most people visiting Guatemala all seem to be aware of the Fuego and Pacaya volcanoes, but very few are aware of the Tajumulco Mountain range, which is the tallest mountain throughout Central America. Whenever the conditions are just right, tourists can see Mexico across one side or even El Salvador on another side of the apex. Furthermore, on particularly clear days, tourists will often see the Coastal region shining brightly in the distance.

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9 Monterrico National Reserve

Monterrico Wildlife Reserve is sanctuary to large numbers of endangered animals, which include geckos, armadillos, turtles, and caiman, yet every year, multitudes of freshly born turtles end up making their long trek to the open sea on the massively significant shoreline. This is a completely different side of Guatemala, with volcanic black soil guiding into such a labyrinth of swamplands, lakes, and waterways, as well as volcanoes gleaming on the horizon. Furthermore, the reserve is home to a multitude of native species that can be seen by taking a canal boat cruise.

  • COST: $7 per person

8 Cerro De La Cruz

Antigua's charm is well known throughout the world, and there are still many fantastic places here. Cerro de la Cruz mountains of the Cruz are about a half-hour walk from the village and offer a great outlook of Antigua. Tourists will also be able to take some outstanding pictures and videos of such a UNESCO World Heritage town as it continues to unfold onto its volcano facade. Furthermore, Cerro de la Cruz offers panoramic views of the urban landscape of La Antigua and Volcan Agua. The notable cross at the top of the trailhead is dedicated to the saints of the city.

  • COST: $69 package tour per person

7 Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is a collection of layered streams resting above an innate limestone viaduct depth in Guatemala's tropical forest. It was formed by water gradually stripping away down fast at the stones and forming a body of water that flows underneath to establish a unique geological bridge. This tropical utopia is hard to reach, however its aquamarine color and turquoise blue reservoirs as well as green trees attract thousands of daring tourists each year.

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6 Laguna Lachua

Laguna Lachua, located right in the heart of a protected natural northwest of Cobán, is rich in a diversity system that includes a variety of possible mammal, bird, reptile, and flora organisms. Tourists who enjoy off-the-beaten-path excursions, can go on a wilderness expedition, and just need to loosen up next to an immaculate lagoon while paying any attention to howler animals roar throughout the forest, Laguna Lachuá seems to be the spot for them. Furthermore, this spherical lake is untouched and serene.

  • COST: $3 to $6 per person

5 Izabal

The Izabal region of eastern Guatemala is a tropical spot that is usually humid and hot. This breathtakingly beautiful region is a sanctuary to the Lago de Izabal, the state's major lake, in which tourists can discover rich watersheds, crystal clear waters, Mayan rural areas, and perfectly clean tropical forests before relaxing on the Caribbean coast. Furthermore, the area has several natural resource bases, making it one of the greatest frequented places in the region.

  • COST: $21 from Guatemala City to Izabal per person

4 Uaxactun

Uaxactun is an important Mayan symbolic site. While the great pyramid as well as monuments have been dug up, they have not yet been completely restored like Tikal, so everything feels much more natural. Mostly during solstices and equinoxes, the sun appears to rise from the center temple, which houses the Mayan oldest known astronomical observation deck. Moreover, it's not just some other excursion; this somehow includes evening meals and deluxe outdoor activities along with the temples, giving guests a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover more about ancient excavation and local community while sleeping underneath the stars.

  • COST: $20 to $50 per person

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3 Indian’s Nose

Lake Atitlan has many beautiful spots, but Indian's Nose is indeed one of the finest. The area is known as Indian's Nose since its image resembles a face of the man, and the Mayans considered the summit to be holy. To respect and admire the unique essence of this location, visitors should climb up into the mountains early in the morning, where they'll be compensated with spectacular scenery of the sun coming up over the hazy lake.

  • COST: $3 to $14 per person

2 Los Amates Waterfall

Los Amates is one of Guatemala's highest mountains and most magnificent cascades. Los Amates waterfall, which is formed by a river rumbling down a 35-meter-tall stone surface, is indeed breathtaking. Crossing the narrow rivers takes two to three hours, but once at the major bodies of water, tourists can rush together and take a dip in the clear waters. Furthermore, tourists can carry a potluck and enjoy the day soaking up under the sun for an enchanting day out.

  • COST: $125 per person package tour

1 Yaxha

Tikal is the most well-known Mayan temple in Guatemala, but Yaxhá is equally impressive. Yaxhá was Guatemala's third-largest Mayan symbolic city, with a population of over 20,000 people. There are over 400 structures, five plaques to build up, ball courts, and hiking the temples will provide a magnificent scenery of Lake Yaxhá. Furthermore, its well-preserved monuments and spectacular architecture astound visitors seeking a more authentic understanding of the Maya culture and what it was like to uncover these undiscovered cities hundreds of years ago.

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