Pokémon Go is as fun and addictive as the day it first came out, with people still flocking to play all these years later. Seasoned players (and even beginners), however, will know that it can be frustrating trying to level up and catch those rare Pokémon in more rural, unpopulated areas.

If you're based in the UK or just visiting and want to snatch up those European exclusives you may not have at home, these are the best places to go to stock up on all the items you need and catch those creatures you're currently missing.

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10 Coventry

In the West Midlands of England is a pretty little city called Coventry. It's not one of the most populated cities in the UK by any means, but there are some nice sights — and more importantly, Pokémon to be catching!

Users on Reddit have reported multiple nests, some of them as rare as Dratini. Of course, the spawns change and migrate, but it's clearly a hot spot for Pokémon to appear, and the city is littered with Pokéstops so you can keep stocking up on Poké-, Great, and Ultra Balls!

9 York

York is another great city located in Yorkshire, England — and the reason this one is so great for Pokémon Go players is the community. With a still-active Facebook group and Discord where players can communicate and coordinate for raids and just general adventuring to hunt down some Pokémon, this is a truly great city to roam around and soak in some of the culture while catching some Pokémon.

8 Liverpool

Another city with a very active Pokémon Go community and group chats, etc., coordinating all the raids and rare sightings, is Liverpool. Liverpool is a great balance of a city, with some very busy populating areas in town and some more rural areas and parks, which means all different types of Pokémon spawn here and is a great place to go if you're looking for a variety of Pokémon to catch.

7 Blackpool

When people think of cities in the UK, Blackpool somehow ends up overlooked. The truth is, it shouldn't be. Blackpool is a cute little coastal town with plenty of rides and amusements, and of course — what we're all here for. Pokémon.

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The fact that Blackpool is on the coast means you'll find Pokémon you wouldn't necessarily come across in some of the more inner cities, such as a variety of water Pokémon (and it's been reported that Psychic Pokémon are also more likely to be found on beaches). If you want to venture out of the more well-known cities to diversify your Pokémon party while you're in the UK — or just in general, if you live there — this is a good place to go.

6 Manchester

Manchester is another great city in the UK, moving into the north of England, and it's another one that still has an active Pokémon community. Manchester is often bustling and busy, and since Pokémon tend to be drawn to areas that are busier, that means the spawn count here is often very high.

5 Birmingham

Much like some of the cities above but perhaps even more so, the size of Birmingham is partially what means that it has a very diverse city. Some of it is a busy industrial town with bars, nightlife, restaurants, and anything else that draws people and therefore Pokémon to it in droves, but it also has some parks and far greener areas that mean the Pokémon types are all across the board here.

Every few streets (at the very least!), you'll find a Pokéstop and gym too, so it's easy to keep everything stocked up while you go hunting.

4 Cardiff

Just as England doesn't have every great city in the UK, it also doesn't have all of the great Pokémon, and that's where Wales starts to come in.

With the Reddit advertising meet-ups and game nights still, the Pokémon community is still furiously active in this city and with it still drawing in a lot of tourists, it's probably a great place to find and meet people from other countries and trade some exclusives. Can't catch 'em all without doing a bit of socializing!

3 Glasgow

When people think of Scottish cities, their mind jumps to Edinburgh — but let's not forget the west coast, where Glasgow exists.

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Very densely populated in the center, it's rife with Pokéstops and gyms, which means it's a great place to go and spin one every few seconds to get some items. If you're willing to venture the fifteen minute walk out to the West End, you'll also come across Kelvingrove Park, which is a beautiful greenery right in the heart of the city and will let you stock up on those grass Pokémon.

2 Edinburgh

And, of course, when discussing Scottish cities, who could forget Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a good place to Pokémon hunt not necessarily for the Pokémon themselves, but for the sights you can see as you're doing it. Hike up Arthur's Seat and let those kilometers build up in the app (make sure Adventure Sync is on!) and your eggs will hatch before you know what's happened, since you're too busy staring at the amazing view.

And, of course, it's a city, so you'll find raids and stops a-plenty here too. Best of both worlds.

1 London

As much as every other city on this list is awesome for Pokémon hunting, London tops them all because it has everything — amazing sights to see as you wander for miles to hatch eggs, nests, Pokémon on every street, a Pokéstop on every corner, people ready to fight in raids with you because there are just so many people around...

And also, many travelers from all corners of the world. Get trading those exclusives with them and fill up that Pokédex!

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