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Treehouse rentals have become increasingly popular and have been trending for the past few years, and for good reason. They’re the perfect option for living out any childhood fantasies of treehouse living while being completely surrounded by the spectacular views of nature. It’s easy to believe in magic and that anything is possible while sipping tea on the balcony of a treehouse in the middle of a spectacular forest. Vacationing in a treehouse doesn't have to mean living off the land or not enjoying the regular luxuries of a hotel. There are many options for treehouses in the United States, and they range from rustic off-the-grid options to truly luxurious retreats with a naturalistic style. So no matter what dream you’re looking for or your traveling style, here you’ll find some of the best treehouse rentals available. This is guaranteed to be one of the most amazing and memorable vacation experiences.


Check These Stunning Treehouses In Hawaii And Montana

First let’s head on over to the tropical rainbow state of Hawaii, off the Big Island. Fern Forest Airbnb is a romantic retreat for a special weekend with your significant other. This isolated treehouse is located just a short drive from Volcano National Park on the Big Island. It’s a treehouse made almost completely out of bamboo and sits about 15 feet off the ground. It does have a steep ladder for access, so be prepared for a non-traditional entrance. However, you’ll have plenty of privacy in this secluded location filled with tropical green paradise all around.

Next let’s head on over to a totally opposite location in Columbia Falls, Montana, near Glacier Park. Not only is this treehouse a stunning view to look at from the outside but on the inside as well with entire trees that are protruding through the multilevel retreat. Here you'll truly be in and surrounded by nature and the whispering whispers of all the forest creatures. It includes spiraling staircases and a deck for enjoying breathtaking views. This spot is also just a short drive from either Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort or Glacier National Park.

Georgia Is Also Home To Some Of The Most Beautiful Treehouses

For a delightful spot more in between, there’s a romantic treehouse retreat in Trion, Georgia. This is named one of the most romantic spots for vacation rentals in the entire United States - it’s truly a hidden gem. It’s set on 15 secluded acres amidst the tranquil hills and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains on the crest of a ridge. This treehouse has not just one but two magnificent views of Pigeon mountain. It has a screened-in balcony off the bedroom and a Japanese Ofuro soaking tub set on a separate relaxation station among the trees.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump over in Blue Ridge, Georgia lies our next luxury treehouse: Canopy Blue. This magnificent rental is a three-story treehouse that sits on four acres overlooking the national forest. It also has direct access to hiking the Benton Mackaye Trail or driving down to the historic downtown Blue Ridge. This is one of the most luxurious treehouse spots with open deck space for magical views, and a fire pit for any outdoor cooking or marshmallow roasting you could be looking for. It also includes a hot tub and enough open space to accommodate six guests.

Time To Hit Vermont

Nestled in the woods at the edge is the Treehouse at Bliss Ridge Farm in Moretown, Vermont. This peaceful place offers beautiful Instagram views, access to hiking, and plenty of serenity. It’s actually inspired by Dr. Seuss, which will be apparent by its unique style. It can comfortably hold up to seven and has an open area with five beds, ideal for a large family or a grand party vacation. There's a spring-fed pond for swimming in addition to an indoor fireplace, kitchen, and full bathroom. Enjoy a full BBQ pit the perfect addition to this delightful camping experience. Related: World's 25 Best Treehouse Hotels For The Perfect Summertime Adventures

Why Stay In A Treehouse Rental?

So why is staying in a treehouse rental superior to any other rentals that you might encounter?

  • It’s an opportunity to unplug from society and technology. While these treehouses are usually pretty high-tech with featured amenities like heat, air conditioning, and a fully functioning kitchen it’s a perfect opportunity to disconnect from all electronic devices and clear your mind.
  • It’s a great chance to feel like a kid and let your imagination run wild like it did in childhood. Being an adult can be stressful and this will give you a wonderful chance to play and relax in the wonderful world of nature.
  • There will never be a view from a standard hotel quite like what you’ll find from your treehouse balcony. Stunning nature scenes with the beautiful sounds of nature to relax any lingering anxieties away.
  • These rentals offer a large amount of seclusion and privacy, with no loud or interrupting neighbors. Get the full camping experience completely away from any distracting hustle and bustle of society life.
  • Generally, these rentals tend to be a better deal - much more bang for your buck. It might have an overall higher cost but in the long run with how much is offered in these magnificent tree houses you’ll come out on top financially.

So the next time you’re planning a trip somewhere, going to your cousin’s wedding, or wanting just a relaxing vacation, consider staying in a treehouse rental - the best rentals in the country!