Los Angeles is famous for many reasons. While it features some of the world’s most popular attractions, the city is also one of the few places in the world to spot celebrities. While in Los Angeles, there are many things one might want to do, but to get the best out of one’s time in the city, here are ten amazing experiences you shouldn’t miss out on.

10 Visit Universal Studios Hollywood Like A VIP

Universal Studios Hollywood is one exciting place visitors to Los Angeles must visit as it features an exciting theme park and an interesting film studio. While many choose to visit it individually, a tour will ensure that one explores the attraction like a VIP. Not just any tour, however, but the VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood Tour. Guests on tour will be guided through an exciting exploration of the movie studio and also get directions to the park for some adventure. Being a VIP package, this tour also offers unique experiences that many do not get the opportunity to have.

  • Price: From $349
  • Duration: Approximately one day

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9 Walk To The Famous Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is perhaps the most popular attraction in Los Angeles, and while one can see those giant letters from different parts of the city, the Hollywood Sign Experience Tour takes guests on an adventure that leads to the sign, where one will be able to see it up close as well as an elevated view of the city of Los Angeles. While taking the hike, the guide will also tell the history of Hollywood as well as the city of Los Angeles.

  • Price: From $28
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes

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8 Explore The City On An Electric Bike

One can tour the city of Los Angeles by bus, but there’s something unique about exploring the city on a bike. Biking in Los Angeles is the most flexible way to see the city, and the Full Day LA Sightseeing Tour On Electric Bike is the perfect tour to take for those who seek this experience. The tour features a small group of bikers and takes them on a 32-mile ride through numerous celebrity homes and the interesting attractions lined up in the city of Los Angeles.

  • Price: From $162
  • Duration: Approximately 5 hours

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7 See The Homes Of Your Favorite Hollywood Celebrities

Los Angeles is the perfect place to see Hollywood Celebrities, but one does not just go walking around the city looking for them. An insider must be involved if one is going to see their favorite celebrities. This is why one has to take the Los Angeles Sign and Celebrities Homes Tour. On this tour, guests will not just be able to see their favorite celebrities but will be taken past their homes to see where they live.

  • Price: From $39
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours

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6 Get A Private Tour Of Los Angeles

Many tours offered in Los Angeles include other people, but for travelers who want to explore the city privately and with their family, a private tour of Los Angeles is the perfect tour to take. On this tour, guests and their families will be taken around the city of Los Angeles and shown the daily lives of celebrities and other interesting attractions. What makes the tour particularly satisfying is that the experience focuses on you alone and no one else.

  • Price: From $290
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours

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5 Eat Through The City

A visit to Los Angeles is not complete without a taste of the city’s delicious dishes. To save one from the overwhelming food options the city has to offer, one needs to be taken on a tour through the city by an experienced guide, and the Downtown Los Angeles Food Tour is the perfect tour to get an amazing food experience in Los Angeles. On this tour, guests will be taken around downtown Los Angeles where they’ll stop at several eateries and bakeries to taste delicious dishes while being educated about the history of those foods and the overall history of the city.

  • Price: From $75
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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4 Attend A Night Party

Partying in Los Angeles is a very popular thing to do as the city is endowed with so many nightclubs. While many people prefer to visit a nightclub alone, going in the company of a tour is one of the best ways to enjoy a party, especially for shy people. Imagine walking into the nightclub with a group and immediately stealing the show. That’s what to expect on this tour, and that’s not all. The tour visits up to four different nightclubs in the city, offering opportunities to meet new people and enjoy an unforgettable party experience.

  • Price: From $35
  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours

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3 Take A Wine Tasting Tour

California is a haven for wine tasting, and while there are many other wine destinations in the state, Los Angeles also features its share of wineries. For those staying in the city or simply visiting, wine tasting is a must-do thing, and the Los Angeles & Malibu Wine + Vineyard Tour is a great way to enjoy an amazing wine-tasting experience. On this tour, guests will be taken through different vineyards around Los Angeles, where they’ll taste some of the country’s finest wine.

  • Price: From $299
  • Duration: Approximately 6 hours

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2 Sail Around the City While Eating Delicious Food

The waters near Los Angeles are great for sailing and while seeing the city from land is a must-do experience, seeing it from the sea is unique. For those seeking this experience and more, the Los Angeles Premier Brunch Cruise From Marina del Rey is the perfect tour to take. Besides sailing on the waters near the city of Los Angeles, this tour also treats guests to mouth-watering food, delicious wine, relaxing background music, and everything else that makes up an anniversary-worthy tour. The relaxing background music and the scenery also combine to make it a great way to celebrate an anniversary.

  • Price: From $128.78
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours

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1 Explore Venice With A Photographer

California is filled with so many culturally rich spots, and Venice is one of the most popular as it features an abundance of street art and an interesting lifestyle. One exciting way to explore this unique part of Los Angeles is by joining the Los Angeles Street Art Photoshoot tour. On this tour, guests will be taken around some of the most Instagram-worthy places in Venice and offered amazing photo shoots. The tour also includes food, drinks, and more than 30 professionally captured and edited photos.

  • Price: From $140
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours

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