Mykonos, Greece, is one of the most popular Greek Islands for travelers to spend time on. While it’s got a reputation as a party island because of its booming nightlife, the Cycladic island remains an idyllic destination for couples, families, and solo travelers alike. While visiting, travelers can book some interesting tours that allow them to see more of the island and its surrounding areas and better understand its history.

10 Yacht Cruise To Rhenia And Tour Of Delos

  • Price Per Person: $141
  • Tour Duration: 7 hours

Take a tour of the archeological site of Delos with a licensed tour guide from Mykonos. The 7-hour excursion includes a chance to swim in a remote cove before enjoying lunch and beverages (house wine and soft drinks) aboard the yacht. The lunch is made with local Greek ingredients for an authentic taste of the region’s flavors. The tour guide is English speaking, and there is free Wi-Fi on the boat.

9 Sightseeing With A Local

  • Price Per Person: $62
  • Tour Duration: 3-4 hours

There’s no better way to explore Mykonos than through the eyes of a local. Hop on a 3-4 hour small group tour and join a resident of Mykonos whose family has a history on the island. They will provide information about the northern beaches and local cuisine while allowing guests to sample homemade delicacies. Bottled water and an English audio guide are provided.

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8 Mykonos Food And Wine Tasting

  • Price Per Person: $65
  • Tour Duration: 2 hours

Get a taste of the local flavors with a food and wine tasting tour in Mykonos. A 2-hour tour takes travelers through the facility’s olive grove and winery to understand how the food and wine products are produced. Then, the tour ends in the tavern with local-style appetizers, wine, and orange juice provided for any children joining the tour.

7 Cooking Class

  • Price Per Person: $141
  • Tour Duration: 6 hours

Greek cuisine is some of the best food in the world, so why not learn how to make it while visiting the country? Find out how to prepare Mykonian specialties in a 6-hour cooking class with the guidance and supervision of a professional chef. After learning how to cook the dish, eating the meal is included, and so is a glass of wine.

6 Romantic Cycling Tour

  • Price Per Person: $116
  • Tour Duration: 3-4 hours

A romantic cycling tour for two is the ideal choice for a marriage proposal or an anniversary celebration on the island of Mykonos. This 3-4 hour tour included bicycles for travelers to take on an easy but scenic trail at sunset. The ride leads to a picnic by the water with a blanket to sit on, local wine to share, and mood lighting to set the scene. This is the ultimate romantic gesture that is sure to make a couple’s getaway in Mykonos unforgettable.

5 Beer Tasting At A Local Brewery

  • Price Per Person: $25
  • Tour Duration: 45 minutes

Mykonos Town has a microbrewery, and since this is the only one on the island, it’s a hot commodity. The unique beers are brewed and aged in wine barrels for a taste that sets this brewery apart. The tour includes an explanation of the brewing process and a chance to sample the handcrafted brews. The 45-minute tour is in a wheelchair-accessible facility.

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4 Sunset Trekking Tour

  • Price Per Person: $62
  • Tour Duration: 3 hours

Take a 3-hour guided hiking tour to the old lighthouse of Armenisti on the island of Mykonos. Taking the tour with a guide means learning about the history of the lighthouse, how challenging it was for people to protect, and finding out about local herbs along the trail. Hikers will also stop at the Prophet Ilias Church and be served drinks and a snack as the sun goes down.

3 Tour Of Mykonos Caves, South Beaches, And Dragon Island

  • Price Per Person: $683
  • Tour Duration: 4 hours

Travelers can take a private 4-hour boat tour around the waters surrounding Mykonos to some of the most secluded, peaceful spots. Hop on the rib boat and cruise around to various sandy beaches, Dragon Island, and explore some nearby caves. Water is provided on the boat, but meals are not included, so travelers may want to pack some snacks for the beach.

2 Mykonos Fashion And Lifestyle Tour

  • Price Per Person: $89
  • Tour Duration: 3 hours

Fashion-forward travelers can find the best clothing boutiques on the island of Mykonos when joining a private tour about fashion and lifestyle. On a 3-hour tour with a private guide and driver, guests roam the streets of Mykonos Town and explore the hidden gems with local clothing. The tour provides information about the style and culture of Mykonos and Greece. At the end of the day, travelers are treated to a spectacular sunset on a gorgeous terrace.

1 Photography Session In Old Town

  • Price Per Person: $301
  • Tour Duration: 1-2 hours

The best tours leave travelers with lasting memories, and a picture is a fantastic way to hold onto the magical moments of a trip for a lifetime. Take a photography tour in Mykonos Old Town; while the tour guides show travelers around the town, they also take professional photos of them with the stunning background of the Cycladic architecture. Travelers receive 50 photos in an online gallery within 48 hours and have lasting proof of the fabulous time they had in Mykonos.