The stunning Turkish Riviera is a meeting point of Europe and the Middle East and offers identical escapades provided in Europe's most popular spots. Sitting between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, Bodrum, which was once a small fishing village, has transited to the most popular destinations in Turkey. Magical Bodrum is favored by Turkish locals, celebrities, and people visiting from all around the world. Known as a pearl of the Aegean Sea, Bodrum’s peninsula offers glamorous vibes, natural environments, and breathtaking bays. The coastal paradise marks a collection of mysterious caves, pretty villages, and beautiful beaches. Here are ten amazing tours to discover In Bodrum, Turkey.

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10 Sip Food And Savor Wine At The Karnas Vineyards, Bodrum

Located 25 minutes away from Bodrum, Karnas Vineyards is home to the first vineyard planting the Zinfandel regional wine. In this family-owned winery, one can relax and enjoy a 4-course meal including various Turkish dishes, with a mix of local ingredients and other types of pairings such as local cheese, olive oil, and jam, accompanied by a tasty regional wine. People will also get some tips on matching food and wine and savor up to 4 hours of wine tasting and succulent dinner.

  • Price: The dinner at Karnas vineyards tour has a starting price of USD 118.66

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9 Discover Bodrum’s Wonders On A Private Gulet Tour

One can embark on a 5-hour private gulet tour along the Aegean Sea to admire the Turkish coast and enjoy a stress-free day full of fun and adventures. The luxury vessel will stop at 3 to 4 impressive and unique islands and glorious beaches where one can enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the transparent turquoise water. This experience offers the most exotic and scenic bay views and is not complete without tasting a delicious Turkish lunch served on board the boat. It is possible to choose the time of the tour and extend it up to one week.

  • Price: The Gulet Private tour to explore Bodrum has a starting price of USD 309.91 per group.

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8 Discover Bodrum’s Magnificent Bays On A Full-Day Cruise

One can experience the stunning Blue waters of Bodrum’s peninsula on a full-day boat cruise. The boat will be sailing along the Aegean Sea, surrounded by the beautiful Taurus Mountains. People usually stop at different spots and swim in the clear blue Turkish water while admiring the beauty that lies beneath the water surfaces. In this journey, people relax and chill the day away, embrace the cool wind under the warm sunshine and enjoy the scenic and glorious beaches. A delicious lunch is also served onboard the boat with a variety of refreshments.

  • Price: The Cruise around Bodrum bays price starts at USD 26.76

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7 Discover Pamukkale And Hierapolis On A Full-Day Tour From Bodrum

People visit the famous Pamukkale natural site named 'the cotton castle' in Turkish because of the minerals-thermal water cascading white travertine terraces and enjoy dipping in the hot springs pools, known to be beneficial for the health and home to Roman ruins. Afterward, the tour will land at Hierapolis, an ancient Roman city where one can visit the historical museum, the Roman amphitheater, and the Cleopatra pool. Before going back, it is recommended to pass by the Karahayit nearby village to see 'Kirmizi Su,' a red color healing thermal water coming from the travertines. Finally, a Turkish dinner is available onboard before heading back to Bodrum.

  • Price: The Pamukkale And Hierapolis Tour price starts at USD 56.82

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6 Explore Etrim Village On A Private Tour From Bodrum

One can discover the village of Etrim, situated in the South of Turkey, on a private tour from Bodrum. Etrim is the perfect place to find a wide selection of handmade products, including carpets, pottery, and soap from all around Turkey. The aim is to spread Turkey traditions and heritage to visitors.

On this tour, one can have lunch at a local restaurant in this vibrant village featuring many cafés, carpet workshops, and more.

  • Price: This tour price starts from USD 103.27 per group (up to 6)

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5 Cruise Along The Dalyan River And Watch Sea Turtles

One can go on a cruise along the Dalyan River, followed by a stop at Iztuzu Beach, a famous breeding site for the endangered sea turtle species. The boat will cruise through the Peninsulas’ scenic view and the river’s thermal pools before stopping at the Lycian necropolis tombs once built for ancient kings and queens. In charming Iztuzu Beach, visitors enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and connecting with the cute turtle creatures along the shores. Lunch is also included in the tour.

  • Price: The cruise along Dalyan River Tour price starts at USD 49.01

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4 Experience Bodrum Turkish Bath And Spa

Rare are the people who leave Turkey without experiencing its famous Hammam. Since the Ottoman period, the traditional Turkish way of bathing has become popular worldwide. Inspired by Roman bathing practices, the Turkish Bath will let one feel completely relaxed and stress-free. A professional masseuse will start rubbing one’s body using a special washing glove and then take the body’s dead skin off. Guests will lie down on hot marble, enjoy a foam and oil massage and let go mentally and physically.

  • Price: The Bodrum Turkish Bath and Spa price starts at USD 31.28

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3 Explore Bodrum’s stunning Bays On A Pirate Boat Cruise

Another way of exploring the peninsula’s natural wonders is by hopping on a pirate boat cruising along the stunning bays of Bodrum. The boat will float around camel beach, one of the nicest beaches in the area, and also the home of camels, the Aquarium bay, famous for its crystal clear water that is perfect for swimming in, and the famous black island known as Kleopatra cave. People also have the chance to ride up and down camels along the beach. A delicious lunch will also be served on board the pirate boat.

  • Price: The pirate boat trip cruise price starts at USD 46.92

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2 Explore Bodrum's Highlights On A Semi-Private City Tour

One can discover Bodrum’s highlights by taking a minibus tour that will stop at historical landmarks and monuments, such as the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, which survived several earthquakes, and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Moreover, people visit the Bodrum amphitheater, one of the oldest stone theaters in the ancient world, Bodrum castle, or castle of St. Peters, and end the tour with a panoramic view of the city at the Windmills of Bodrum.

  • Price: The Bodrum semi-private city tour price starts at USD 195.43 per group

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1 Explore Bodrum's Peninsula Onboard A Jeep Safari Tour

A fun way to discover Bodrum’s peninsula is onboard a Jeep tour led by an expert. During the journey, one will experience offroad rides and connect with nature, looking at scenic views and passing by magnificent forests and mountains. At the very top of the peninsula, one can be reminded of Bodrum’s culture by looking at the breathtaking panoramic sea view. The Jeep will stop at Camlik village, known for traditional stone houses, for people to experience the rural life at the farm by riding donkeys and feeding chickens before hitting the beach on the Ciftlik Gulf, where one can swim and relax for the rest of the day.

  • Price: The Jeep safari Around Bodrum Peninsula Tour price starts from USD 41.71

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