Over 13 million tourists travel to Vermont each year, thanks to its beautiful landscape, colorful foliage in fall, white ski trails in winter, and its all-time famous maple syrup. Lake Champlain preserves the town’s fishing culture while the wineries make its history alive. Modern Vermont provides a perfect atmosphere for business meetings, group bonding, and art lovers to work while still relaxing. It would be infeasible to see all Vermont offers on a day’s visit. Therefore, the city has the most intriguing accommodation mode, tiny house rentals, for guests to stay a few more days. Here are unique tiny house rentals worth every penny.

8 Container Cabin In The Catskills

These Cabins provide the most epic friends or family getaway, surrounded by a ten-kilometer forest cover on Overlook Mountain. The cabins give a therapeutic atmosphere during the day and a thrilling one by night as various birds and creepers fill the place with melodies. There is a well-furnished kitchen, a fireplace to warm the nights, an office space, comfy beds, and a shared sauna in the container cabin. There’s also a parking space, a fire ring, and a compost toilet for maximum convenience.

  • Cost : From $226 per night
  • Location : Saugerties, New York

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7 Sterling Ridge Resort Cabins

The Sterling Ridge Resort property provides extensive amenities for tourists in northern Vermont. Among the most attractive assets are its private log cabins located in its artificial forest. The resort has studio cabins for two occupants, a one-bedroom cabin for two to four guests, and three-bedroom cabins for four to six occupants. The cabins offer a fully equipped kitchen, queen-sized beds, a Gas log or wood stoves, and a whirlpool tub. For an epic outdoor experience, there is a covered porch, an outdoor grill, and a picnic table. These cabins are a perfect getaway for a group of friends, colleagues, or families.

  • Cost : From $165 per night.
  • Location : 155 Sterling Ridge Drive Jeffersonville, Vermont

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6 Stowe Waterfalls Cottage

This charming little cottage located directly opposite the Stowe waterfall gives an adventurous vibe, with space enough for two occupants. It is equipped with a cozy queen-sized bed, a tiny kitchenette, a compost toilet, and a cold shower tap. The fire ring on the outdoor allows guests to warm their bathwater as they grill some meat steak. The waterfall noise soothes visitors at night, while the river below offers a great fishing spot. In addition, the forest surrounding the cottage provides perfect hiking and biking grounds.

  • Location : Stowe Vermont
  • Cost : $113 per night

5 Cabin In The Woods VT

This tiny cabin in the woods of Vermont is a hideaway for anyone seeking serenity and tranquility since it’s surrounded by nature. The space includes two beds, with the main floor bedroom having a bed and sofa. It comes with a fully-equipped kitchen with all the necessary equipment. In addition, the house has an indoor bathroom, Wi-Fi, and AT streaming television services.

  • Cost : $168 per night
  • Location : Montgomery Center, Vermont, United States

4 The Green Mountain Tiny House

This tiny house is the ideal escape even for most city-slicking visitors. The house has a complete kitchen with an oven and a four-burner gas stove. It also includes an electric fireplace, butcher-board worktops, and a cottage sink. There are internet-connected air conditioners that allow guests to regulate the cooling system straight from their phones.

  • Cost: From $209 per night
  • Location : Jamaica, Vermont, United States

3 Sugar Maple Treehouse

Looking for a place to destress and relax? The Sugar Maple Treehouse is an excellent pick since it’s covered by the wilderness and a magnificent mountain forest. A microwave, refrigerator, and a Keurig are some essentials included in the treehouse. A fireplace pit and a barbecue area with a naturally fueled gas grill are available just up an incline from the treehouse. A biodegradable toilet and a bathroom are also provided.

  • Cost : From $168 per night
  • Location : Hancock, Vermont, United States

2 Tiny House at Stony Brook Farm

Tourists who would like to go on a family-friendly vacation will relish a chance to stay in a pleasant and cozy little cottage with a breathtaking view of the nearby mountains and slopes. Everything a guest needs in the tiny house is provided, and all the enjoyment of being on the farmland house without having to do any hard jobs. In the front yard of the house, there is a gas grill and a fire pit with lots of wood. Tourists may also participate in enjoyable activities such as horse riding and pet feeding.

  • Cost : From $85 per night
  • Location : Hyde Park, Vermont

1 Whimsical Stone Abode

This dome home mimics the Aegean Islands' architecture. The inside layout seems to have been entirely carved out of stone, giving it a spectacular feel. The domes include an all-inclusive oven stove, a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, and single-serve coffee maker. Visitors may relax by the thermostatically regulated natural gas-fueled wood fireplace whenever the weather turns chilly. The bedroom has a queen-size bed, which also contains a unique and complete bathroom with a tub, hairdryer, and a heated tile floor.

  • Cost : $271 per night
  • Location : Sandgate, Vermont, United States