The best time to visit Japan is a question without one specific answer because the country is a year-round destination with incredible attractions and celebrations. When to explore this beautiful Asian nation depends on several factors, such as the busy times, affordable months, the season, or the most crowded moments of the year. One must consider the specific attractions and events they wish to catch in Japan. While the destination is a lifetime opportunity for many travelers, knowing when to explore is essential if having the best vacation experience is the goal. These are 10 of the best times throughout the year to visit Japan.

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10 Visit Japan In March

March is one of the greatest times of the year to explore the best of Japan, and experiencing Winter and Spring is a sure bet. At the beginning of March, travelers can still enjoy snow-related events and activities, including snowboarding and ski boarding. Towards the middle of the month, the temperature rises, and it's time for the country to gloriously welcome Spring, the cherry blossoms season. This is when the cherry trees start to flourish, and the whole nation turns pink. Who would want to miss the numerous cherry blossom festivals that come with special events and mouth-watering dishes? If one is looking to experience the picture-perfect cherry blossoms, then March is one of the best times of the year to visit Japan.

9 Explore Japan In April

April features warmer temperatures, and visitors can engage in some interesting outdoor opportunities like hiking (don’t worry, the weather won’t be too hot for hiking). While much of the country is urban, a few places are not, and the locals also go hiking sometimes. Places like Tama-Kai National Par and Nikko have spectacular hiking trails. For a remote hiking experience in Japan, try the Japan Alps and the Island of Shikoku. April is still within the cherry blossoms season, and the related parties and special events are still on. Another event not to miss in April is the Golden Week, occurring from April 29 to May 5; Showa Day, Constitution Day, Greenery Day, and Children's Day.

8 Visit Japan In May

With warm, comfortable weather, May is one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activities in Japan. The country is still colorful with spring flowers and wisteria, attracting many foreigners in the country. The beginning of May is part of the Golden Week, one of the country's major draws. This means that most tourist places get extremely busy, making the beginning of May not a good time for visitors looking to avoid crowds. There is more to enjoy in May! It is the best time to view M.t Fuji at its most spectacular. Also, May is the season for the green tea plantations, and they are best experienced before their leaves are picked.

7 Visit Japan In June

Japan’s summer begins in June, which is also the rainy season, starting in the middle of the month and ending in early July. June features moderate temperatures and high humidity, with many rainy days. While most travelers avoid the country because of the rains, it is great to avoid crowds, and the country is still brimming with attractions to explore. Hydrangea blooms colorfully in June, followed by glorious celebrations and festivals, including the Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival.

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6 Visit Japan In July

July is the best time to visit Japan for nature lovers, as the natural environment is at its most impressive. The snow melts in July, and greater outdoor opportunities await. This makes July in Japan worthy of exploring and one of the best times for touring the country. For beach lovers, July is definitely the best time to explore Japan’s gorgeous beaches. July is also the time for scuba diving as the coral reefs are splendid, and travelers can best view sharks, turtles, and other sea creatures. Some of the most interesting summer sports happen in July, featuring world-famous athletes and gymnasts.

5 Visit Japan In August

August is Japan’s most festive month and the most exciting time to explore the country. August is when the majority of fireworks festivals are held, usually on weekends. There are many food stalls offering traditional summer street foods, including Wata-ame (cotton candy) and Yakitori (Chicken skewers). Some of the festivals not to miss in August include:

  • Nebuta: this is the country's most vibrant festival held in Aomori Prefecture, and it runs from the second to the seventh of August, attracting almost three million travelers every year .
  • Awa Odori Festival: this is the biggest traditional dance festival in Japan, and it occurs in Tokushima Prefecture.
  • Summer Sonic: summer sonic is a huge music festival in Japan, happening for two days in Osaka and Tokyo.

4 Visit Japan In September

September is a great time of the year, and visitors get to enjoy both summer and autumn. One can still go to the beach during this month and engage in several outdoor opportunities while preparing for the welcoming of a new season. One of the things not to miss is the Higanbaga flower, the symbol of Japan entering early autumn. The largest field growing this flower in Japan is in Saitama Prefecture, just about an hour from Tokyo. Tsukimi, a festival involving the Japanese celebrating the autumn moon, is one not to miss. The festival features incredible decorations and offerings to appreciate the beauty of the moon.

3 Visit Japan In October

October is one of the most splendid times to visit Japan, as it features moderate temperatures, making it comfortable to explore the best the country has to offer. The temperatures average at 15 degrees Celsius, and there are very minimal chances of experiencing rain. This is one of the cheapest months to visit Japan because the attractions are less busy, making airfare and accommodations way cheaper. The Rail Pass ticket also gives limitless rail travel for an extended period, giving visitors more opportunities to explore the best of Japan. For travelers looking to visit the country on a budget, October is the month!

2 Visit Japan In November

Japan in November is great, making it one of the best times to visit the country. The maple trees’ leaves turn red, and ginkgo trees become yellow, creating an incredibly vibrant fall in Japanese. The humidity is great as the country transition from rainy to dry season, and there are more sunny days. Some cities like Osaka and Hiroshima experience higher temperatures, while places like Tokyo become colder. Several shows and festivals occur in November, including the Ohara fall festival and other enjoyable musical and artistic events and celebrations.

1 Visit Japan In December

December features several events celebrated in Japan, and there is doubt that it’s one of the best times to visit the nation. One of the month's top attractions is winter illuminations, which come with numerous illumination events held across the country, running till Christmas and some after the new year. Several Christmas Markets are held in Tokyo, and travelers can have the best time eating some of the most delicious foods and buying Christmas decorations. One festive activity not to miss is ice skating, and it’s good news that Tokyo hosts several outdoor ice skating rinks. Don't miss Chichibu Night Festival, occurring from the first to the sixth of December every year.