Visiting New York City is something everyone should do. It is a stunning city and full of things to see and do. Not matter how long one visits the city, one can not possibly see everything that this city has to offer. Still, here are some must-see things in NYC if one only has 24 hours.

New York City is one of America's oldest, richest, and largest cities and is unusual in that one does not need a car to live there (unlike Los Angeles for example). But when should one visit this iconic city? Here are some reasons why the fall just might be the best time to visit the Big Apple.


The Temperature

In the summer months, New York City can be a little hot, while in the winter it is certainly too cold. The autumn is a great time for being just nice and pleasant. The summers are not only hot, but they are also humid, by the autumn the humidity is disappearing. The temperature can be a little chilly, but not too much so. The temperature is generally around 50-75 degrees during this time and the air is dry and crisp.

In the winter is it offer too cold to comfortably walk around and enjoy the city. In fact, on bad days the winter days can be downright brutally cold.

Spring is nice for much the same reason that fall is, but on the downside, it is often rainy.

September: Average High-Temperature 75°F, Average Low-Temperature 61°F

October: Average High-Temperature 64°F. Average Low-Temperature 50°F

November: Average High-Temperature 55°F, Average Low-Temperature 41°F

  • Summer: Summer Is Hot And Humid (Reaches Mid 85s In Summer)
  • Winter: Winter Is Cold (But There Is Fun Ice Skating In Central Park)
  • Fall: Fall Is Just Nice (May Be Ice Skating At The End Of Fall)

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The Sunset

Everyone enjoys a stunning golden-colored sunset. And it just so happens that the sunsets are prettier and more colorful during this time of year. For those wanting to see a stunning autumn sunset in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is a prime location. Here not only can one see the historic Brooklyn Bridge, but also the Manhattan Skyline and even the Statue of Liberty. For an even better view get a rooftop bar like 230 Fifth, Westlight, or the Crown.

  • Where To See The Sunset: By The Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Rooftop Bars: Bars With Sunset View, 230 Fifth, Westlight, The Crown

Central Park

One of the most famous city parks anywhere in the world is of course Central Park of NYC. The trees here are deciduous and shed their leaves in the fall. Accordingly, they turn a stunning golden color in the autumn months. This is one of the great must-sees of visiting New York City in the autumn to see the golden and red colors of this season. An added bonus is that the park is generally less crowded during this time of year. That being said one should always visit Central Park regardless of the time of year. For activities and events in Central Park see here.

  • Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla: In October See NYC's Iconic Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla In Harlem Meer
  • Vinyasa Yoga Class: One Of The Yoga Classes In Central Park For As Long As Weather Permits
  • Horse & Carriage Rides: One Of The Fun Things To Do In Central Park In The Fall

One of the best things to do in Central Park during the fall is to cycle one's way all-around this stunning park. Other things include picnicking, walking, jogging, going to the zoo, shopping at the markets there, and being amazed by the sheer number of wedding photoshoots going on there all the time. See here for a guided walking tour of Central Park to see all the best parts.

Hiking In And Around New York City

For much the same reasons as above, hiking is also the best during this time of year. Be sure to hike upstate along the Hudson River and just be amazed and the stunning amount of colorful foliage. The cool temperature makes the outdoors ideal at this time of year. The humidity of summer and the rainfall of spring can make those seasons less pleasant. See NYC Parks for a list of hiking trails in NYC.

  • Hiking: Arguably The Best Time For Hiking  (For Full Trail List See Link Above)
  • Bronx Park: Bronx River Forest Trail
  • Van Cortlandt Park: Cass Gallagher Nature Trail
  • Pelham Bay Park: Kazimiroff Trail

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Halloween In New York City!

Halloween runs deep in the veins of Americans all over. And where else is more epic for Halloween than in the Big Apple? New Yorkers famously take their Halloween season very seriously and the Halloween Parties are the definition of fun. Even if one is not going to a Halloween party, just walk around see the large number and super impressive costumes of everyone. It is not uncommon for New Yorkers to even go so far as dressing their doggies up for this special occasion (probably to the bewilderment of these friendly canines).

  • Halloween Parade Date: 7 pm October 31, 2021
  • What It Is: Holiday Parade and Street Pageant On The Night Of Halloween
  • The Numbers: 50,000 "Costumed Participants" And 2 Million Spectators

One thing that is not to be missed is the stunning and unforgettable Halloween parade. This is held in lower Manhatten and is usually held on the 31st October from 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

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