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Famous for its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking natural attractions, Barbados is one of the most striking destinations in the Caribbean. Music, culture, sports, food, tropical sunshine – Barbados checks almost every tourist’s boxes. The island is situated at the Caribbean's southern end and has everything one would love to experience on a Caribbean Island. Whether it is festivals, celebrations, a laid-back atmosphere, sightseeing, and splendid weather, one can never miss something impressive in Barbados. Every season on this stunning tropical island presents its unique attractions and vibes. Depending on travelers' interests, this is the best time to explore Barbados.


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Weather In Barbados

Barbados is stunning year-round with plenty of sunshine and warm weather. December to April is the time with the highest number of dry, sunny days with temperatures averaging 20-30 degrees Celsius. The heavy rainfall arrives on the island from July to November, with September and October being the months with the least number of sunny days, but high humidity. Though unlikely to occur because the island is found in the eastern part of the Caribbean, there is a high risk of the area experiencing hurricanes during this wet season. The area does not witness non-stop rain like other regions during the wet season. The wet season in Barbados involves storms of short downpours, usually followed by sunny weather.

The Peak Season In Barbados

The peak season on the island starts from mid-December to mid-April, and it is the most popular time of the year to visit Barbados. Most travelers travel in the high season to escape the cold winter in Europe and the United States because the island's weather is always splendid in winter. Because of the high demand for exploring the island during this time, travelers must book accommodation, restaurants, and excursions they would love to be a part of early enough. However, this is not the travel season for visitors looking to stay on a tight budget as it characterizes a hike in prices of flights, accommodation, dining, and tours. If one has to stay on a budget and travel in this season, then they have to ensure they arrive at least before mid-December, before more vacationers start to arrive. It is also important to check the internet for better flight deals.

  • Why this is the best time to travel: milder temperatures
  • Why it is the worst time to travel: crowds, hike in prices

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Exploring Barbados in December

December is the beginning of the high season when visitors travel to Barbados. The month is accompanied by events, traditions, and festivals to look up to. The celebrations on the island are always colorful. One of the iconic events happening in December is the Run Barbados Marathon Weekend, which has been celebrated since 1983. There is Christmas and Boxing Day, celebrated globally, but more impressive in Barbados.

  • Event: Run Barbados Marathon Weekend, Christmas, Boxing Day

Exploring Barbados In January

January is a good time to explore Barbados, as it has 9 daily hours of sunshine, with temperatures averaging 29 degrees Celsius. This means that January in Barbados features pleasant temperatures without the island getting too hot. Nights in January are cooler, with temperatures ranging from 22 to 23 degrees Celsius. The most iconic event happening in January is the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series, a boat sailing race. The island also celebrates Errol Barrow Day on January 21st in remembrance of their first prime minister.

  • Event: Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series, Errol Barrow Day, Barbados Film Festival

February In Barbados

February is considered the height of Barbados' dry season and guarantees some of the best weather. The month experiences the least amount of rainfall, with up to 29 degrees Celsius temperatures. It is the perfect time to explore the Hunte’s Gardens located amidst the island. There are interesting events to catch in February, including the Holetown Festival, held every February, a celebration of the first people to settle in Holetown. February is the island’s coldest time of the season, but all travelers need are light jackets.

  • Events: Holetown Festival, Agrofest

March In Barbados

March is the onset of spring, and the weather is sunny and dry, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius. The prices for traveling to Barbados are still high; reflecting those of the high season. However, travelers can get great deals on accommodation and airfare. The World Surfing League Barbados Surf Pro, celebrating the island's magnificent surfing conditions, is interesting even to look up to when visiting Barbados in March.

  • Event: The World Surfing League Barbados Surf Pro

April In Barbados

The beginning of April is still part of the peak tourist season in Barbados. After mid-April, those looking to stay on a budget can now explore the island. Catch the Easter celebrations, involving families and relatives gathering together for the celebration. April is the Oistins’ residents gather to celebrate their annual Fish Festival, which features Caribbean music and feasting. While the fish is the main dish during the celebration, the locals prepare other types of meat, and sold to travelers, along with side dishes and drinks.

The Shoulder Season In Barbados

The shoulder season is the perfect time of the year to visit Barbados for sightseeing. The crowds depart, followed by a fall in the cost of travel. There are plenty of outdoor opportunities for a less expensive vacation. Crowds leave Barbados in mid-April, and the island remains calm till July. November welcomes another shoulder season when the rainy days are coming to an end. The shoulder allows travelers to explore beautiful sightings on the island without the interference of crowds.

Barbados In May

May ushers in the shoulder season, when everything is calm on the island. Gospelfest Barbados is a major festival happening this month and is the best celebration of the gospel genre of music. Being the first month of decreased travel costs, it is the ideal time to visit Barbados or book before the onset of rains in June. The Sol Rally Barbados also happens in May, a perfect time for fast car and automobile lovers to explore the island. The event was started in 1990 and is the largest of all motor events in the Caribbean.

  • Events to check out: Barbados Gospelfest, Sol Rally Barbados

Barbados In June

In June, travelers will still enjoy the good weather, low travel costs, and the calmness of the island. While there is a high risk of rain falling this month, there are plenty of sunny days to still visit the beach and enjoy swimming or snorkeling. The winds are strongest in June, and there is a festival tourists wouldn't want to miss; Barbados' Crop Over Festival, which starts this month, and runs until early August.

Low Season In Barbados

Running from July to November, the low season is the best time to travel for visitors staying on a budget. This is also the hurricane season, which continues up to November, but Barbados does not experience serious troubles since most storm systems pass to the north. Rain occurs, but cannot stay in the middle of making travel plans to this beautiful island. The temperature is still good enough to go to the beach. Tourists traveling on a budget will have discounts on almost everything, from accommodation to airfare.

Barbados In July And August

July and August are the perfect time to explore Barbados for visitors looking to experience the culture of the locals and catch the lively celebrations. There are endless celebrations during this time. July is almost similar to June in Barbados, but the rainfall becomes more noticeable, with 169mm being the monthly average amount of rainfall. The daily temperature averages at 30-31 degrees Celsius. The celebrations of the Crop Over festival continue in August.

September And October In Barbados

In September, the locals on the island break from the intense celebrations in August. The island transition into the fall, the onset of the peak wet season. Travelers who love swimming should definitely visit in September as the sea temperature averages 29 degrees Celsius. October sees another set of events and festivities, including the Barbados Jazz Excursion & Golf Weekend and the Barbados Food and Rum Festival.

  • Events: Barbados Jazz Excursion & Golf Weekend, Barbados Food and Rum Festival

Barbados In November

With about 83% humidity, November records the highest humidity of the year, which means visitors should carry light clothing. November is the last month to enjoy great travel deals before the prices hike in December. Many cultural events are also held during this month, including the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts, launched in 1973.

  • Events: National Independence Festival of Creative Arts

Barbados is beautiful year-round, and the best time to visit depends on what travelers want to experience on the island.