Thailand is one of the best tourist locations in Southeast Asia. It is most renowned for its stunning beaches, magnificent temples, and contemporary metropolitan developments. It offers nonstop activities from day to night and boredom is never an option. From outdoor to indoor activities, tourists could never get enough. To get to know more about what to do in this breathtaking country, here is the list of things that every tourist may enjoy in Thailand.

10 Experience Thai Massage

Thailand's massage differs from many other forms of body massages in the world. it is perfect for tourists who are not fond of showing their skin because this body massage does not need any application of oils or undressing. Thai massages are given while the individual is fully dressed, and rather than laying on a massage table, it is done on a carpet or on the surface. Thai massage not only provides a soothing treatment but also long-term advantages.

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9 Sunset Viewing At Sky Bar In Bangkok

Sceneries on the beaches are spectacular, but seeing them from Bangkok Sky Bar is much more amazing. Bangkok's nightlife has long been a draw for visitors. Sky bars with stunning views and beverages have advanced and are now on the must-do lists of every tourist who wants to visit Thailand. A panoramic and breathtaking view of Bangkok at nightfall, with a tropical drink and companions, is a must-try experience in Thailand.

8 Street Food Escapade

One of several highlights of having a vacation to Thailand was the opportunity to taste excellent, tasty, and diverse street cuisine from all throughout the region. Food sellers coexisted with stalls selling handicrafts, arts, and apparel in several major markets, but street food establishments are the ultimate favorite of every tourist. Enjoying local delicacies in Thailand is the best way to experience a wide range of cuisines at each meal without spending so much.

7 Wat Arun Trip

Thailand is known as the home to over 31,000 Buddhist temples, and one of these is Wat Arun. This temple is dedicated to Aruna, the Deity of the Dawn. The temple lies in the district of the Chao Phraya River and is amongst the most beautiful sights in the area. Because of its riverbank setting and spectacular beauty, Wat Arun is undoubtedly Bangkok's most beautiful temple. Furthermore, the most stunning view of the sparkling monument is from the east bank of the river at sundown.

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6 Tuk Tuk Ride

Thailand’s popular mode of transportation is a tuk-tuk and riding one is a must. It is more popular than taxis and, depending on your negotiation abilities, it could be less expensive. Upon stepping in, it is important to negotiate on the fee because many drivers may charge more than usual. Tuk-tuks provide tourists with a fascinating way to see Bangkok's hectic downtown streets. Taking a rough ride through all the humid and loud streets allows visitors to get up close and personal experience of the busy life of the civilized country.

5 Doi Suthep visit

Due to its relic, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is regarded as one of Thailand's most revered pilgrimage sites. Doi Suthep is a 5400-foot-high mountain and there are two reasons why tourists must visit. first is the giant white elephant monument that has its own tale that visitors may learn about while in there. Secondly are the numerous tourist attractions that an entire day of sightseeing around the mountain is not enough.

4 Have A Trip To The City Of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. When visiting Thailand, many tourists who love history are found here. This area of the city has been conserved as a historical monument and is well worth visiting. Tourists may also visit stone statues, temples, and palaces, and the bulk of the remains are free to the public. The island is densely packed with temples, some of which are still functioning but the majority of them are in ruins.

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3 Visit The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the most visited tourist attraction in Thailand. It is packed with tourists for worthwhile purposes. It features complex yet stunning buildings and the history of monarchy in the country. Tourists ought to be aware that the Grand Palace has strict dressing standards that must be followed to be able to enter. Most temples in Thailand are free, but not this one. Tourists must present an identification for admission and tickets which costs 500 baht or $16.

2 Experience And Enjoy Saduak Floating Market

There are many other floating marketplaces in Thailand, but Saduak is the largest and most well-known. There are sailboats traveling up and down the waterways offering various cuisines like Pla Pao, a grilled fish crusted with salt, and coconut pancakes. A tour of this marketplace will provide tourists with a true sense of how activities were done decades ago. For others who enjoy taking photographs, the tight canals and modest wooden floating houses will provide plenty of opportunities. There are fees within the market, but relatively cheap for only 1,500 baht or $45 for a group of 6 people.

1 Island Hopping

Exploring Thailand's beautiful beaches will never miss the list. They have around more than 300 islands that are worth seeing. Get a chance to experience its pristine limestone islands, the serene private beaches, as well as activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. One thing about beaches that must not be forgotten is the crazy nightlife and Thailand is the best country to experience it.

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