Every single corner of the globe offers up a chance for you to explore new cultures, take in different sights and generally expand your own horizons. Today, though, we're going to focus on a continent that provides you with all of that and so much more: Africa.

We all think that we know what it'd be like to travel to such a remarkable destination, but until you put that theory into practice, you can never know for sure.

It's time to send everyone reading this into a frenzy as they desperately search for the quickest and most efficient way to get over to Africa.

10 The Local Markets

While your own local markets in whatever country you may be from could be a lot of fun to visit, they pale in comparison to the kind of content you get over in Africa.

Everything is just so colorful and different, to the point where you’ll be trying a million different things that you never would’ve thought to in the past.

Every country has something unique to the other, and that’s what we all like to see. If every destination you went to was the same, what would be the point?

9 Understanding The Struggles

We live in a very different world to the millions upon millions of individuals that make up the continent of Africa, and that much is just a given. However, you really can’t appreciate it fully until you’ve seen it with your own eyes.

Once you understand the struggles from the first-person point of view, you’ll start to really embrace and enjoy everything you have in your own life.

It’s humbling in the best of ways, and it truly does give you the time that you need to think and reflect.

8 Safari

If you’ve never thought about what it’d be like to go on an African safari, then we’d highly suggest you go and check it out for yourselves.

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It’s the kind of experience that money just can’t buy and while that sounds a little bit odd, you need to be there in order to feel it. From the heartbeat of everyone animal to their beautiful natural surroundings, it feels so raw and real – which is an emotion that is hard to come by these days.

This, in essence, really is where they belong.

7 Explore The Pyramids

This one is specific to Cairo, Egypt, which interestingly enough, a lot of casual travelers forget is in Africa. Believe us when we say it is, though, and also believe us when we say that it is one of the finest wonders you’re ever likely to see.

When you sit there and think that human beings actually built this, it really does take your breath away. It serves as the pinnacle of Egyptian joy and pride within their culture, and it’s something that will stick with them until the end of time.

6 Vibrant People

They’re just fabulous, aren’t they?

We can’t sit here and say that every single African male and female on the face of the planet is nice, but what we can say is that they are a fantastic group of individuals that remain loyal to their roots and incredibly proud of their culture.

They have the kind of infectious personality that makes them so much fun to be around, and they have the kind of talent and stories that we could sit and watch or listen to for days on end.

5 Love Of Sports

It doesn’t matter whether it’s long-distance running, soccer or another sport, because the African people love to get behind their own in every way, shape, and form. They enjoy the art of being faithful supporters, and we personally love seeing what stems from that.

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A love of sports is one thing, but they really do have a commitment, unlike many others. It doesn’t matter whether or not they win or lose, because they are always on hand to lift their athletes back up in time to go again.

Case in point: Cool Runnings.

4 The Fantastic Beaches

The same could be said of many different destinations around the globe, but it’s worth reiterating that Africa is crammed full of sensational beaches from head to toe. The best part is that they often aren’t that busy, either, which serves as a direct contrast to many European alternatives.

Everything is much more secluded (aside from the penguins you see pictured here), and we love that. Every beach needs a different identity, and in Africa, they’re much more chilled out than most.

Oh, and surfing is actually pretty great there, too.

3 Helping Others

Volunteering isn’t something that everyone has to do or should feel compelled to do, but if it’s a decision you bring upon yourself, it’s certainly worth noting that the majority of people who do so often come back and feel like their life has been turned upside down.

Whether it’s contributing to getting clean water in villages or helping to build houses in those villages, every little helps, and we truly do mean that with all sincerity.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Words to live by.

2 Mount Kilimanjaro

At around 5,895 meters above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in all of Africa. There are many great images of African animals with the mountain top in the background, but even those don’t do it justice.

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Reaching the pinnacle truly does give you a greater appreciation for mountains and areas of that nature, because you get to know what your body has to go through in order to accomplish such a feat.

It’s not for the light-hearted, so even if you don’t want to climb it, looking at the spectacle from below is so refreshing.

1 The Music

When you hear a great African beat, it’s virtually impossible to not move your hips and start dancing the night away. Traditional African music comes in many different forms, but above all else, it encourages us to get up and really feel the rhythm of the beat.

It comes from the heart and it speaks to an incredibly special place, which is what we love so much.

The people produce this music and the people live through it, regardless of what kind of genre it may be.

It really is magical.

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