There's something special about tacos. Pizza is always going to be favorite comfort food, whether we love a pie piled high with pepperoni and sausage or we're all about veggie toppings. And it's true that burgers and fries are delicious. But tacos offer the unique opportunity to have a super flavorful meal all in one package. Meat, bean, cheese, veggies, avocado, salsa, hot sauce, and spicy mayo are just some of the toppings that might be added to a taco. The sky really is the limit and people can get super creative with this menu item.


L.A. is a city famous for its delicious tacos, and it would be a shame to go there and not try a few different spots to see which one is your favorite. Let's take a look at the cool spots we can check out on a trip to California. Here is a guide to the best tacos in Los Angeles.

Sonoratown Has Incredible Tortillas

You can't have good tacos without amazing tortillas, and that's exactly what's going down at Sonoratown. Many Trip Advisor reviews note the tortillas which are made here: one says, "We loved the grilled steak tacos, pollo tacos, and burritos and they were very flavorful with awesome homemade tortillas." Another customer wrote, "Saying these are the best tortillas would be an understatement."

The tortillas are made from flour and the protein options include carne asada, chorizo, or chicken. So many people praise the tortillas: a review in the LA Times says the tortillas are "stretchy, buttery and vaguely powdery." From the photos, it looks like this place really piles on the toppings and ingredients, and taco fans can't miss trying the food at this spot.

According to Eater Los Angeles, people definitely have to go to Teddy's Red Tacos Venice. LA Taco says that the restaurant opened in January 2019. Almost two years before that, Teddy Vasquez, the owner, was an Uber driver who started selling tacos. It went really well and people started noticing on social media. As he told LA Taco, "It’s not just about me, anymore. Now I’m providing jobs for more people. So we have to keep moving forward with the thought of, ‘If we can help this many people get work with three locations, imagine how many more we can help.’ And we’re just getting started.” That's so inspiring.

Being able to try a variety of tacos sounds like living the dream, as it's so hard to choose just one type to try (and what's the fun in doing that, anyway)? You can order the Deluxe Plate if you can't make up your mind. People really enjoy the tacos here: according to one Yelp review, "this place lives up to the hype. Our first order was 3 tacos, 3 cheese tacos. Let me tell you, this was the best taco I ever had." Another review mentions the broth that is included: "My favorite item was definitely the quesadilla, with a perfect balance of cheese, onions, cilantro, and meat. I dipped everything into the broth which enhanced the yumminess."

Try Margaritas And Tacos At Calle Tacos

If you're in the mood for a great margarita that is also super affordable, head over to Calle Tacos on a Monday because the popular cocktails are $5. Tacos and margaritas? What could be better than that? From the Trip Advisor reviews, it sounds like this place has food, service, and atmosphere all down: "Cute setup, looks like a taco truck. Good food and lovely staff." Another customer loved the fish tacos: "Awesome team! These guys know what a great taco should be. I ordered one, then had to order more."

Want spicy fish tacos? This is the place to come because you can order Chipotle Fish Tacos. You can also get the shrimp tacos which have pico de gallo, cotija cheese, shredded lettuce, and chipotle sauce, which sounds delicious. The menu also includes all kinds of burritos (shrimp, fish, or surf and turf which comes with shrimp and carne asada). The location is really cool, too: the restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard actually has a taco truck. It's a great indoor/outdoor combination with an awesome vibe. Owners Javier and DorianVillaseñor are a married couple and according to the restaurant's website, their whole family is involved in the restaurant business.

Craving some tacos? These are the best places to enjoy this delicious and very popular food in Los Angeles. From classic ingredients like fish and carne asada to homemade flour tortillas, these spots are going to impress us, and we can't wait to try them.