Ohio might be known for many things and, sure, 'lovers' is one of them. But even more enticing than the idea of romance is the idea of a cool swimming hole on a hot summer's day. With Ohio's scenic landscapes, it's easy to see why the summer months are such a big deal in this state - when the sun is high in the sky, it's time to pull out the swimming trunks.

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Throughout the state, there are many swimming holes and lakes to choose from but the most alluring are those which exist in old quarries. Quarry lakes are yet another thing Ohio should be known for if it's not already because these are often the least known by visitors, and the most loved by locals. If you're seeking a place to cool off this summer, these quarry lakes should be the first up on your list of swimming holes.


Centennial Quarry

When it comes to the best-kept secrets by the locals, the Centennial Quarry may just be one of them. This quarry is quite unlike the others and has some extra added perks to those who find it, including a beach on which visitors can lounge and sunbathe. It's not often that a quarry lake will have these options since many lakes are without beachside access, or a beach, at all.

This quarry offers so much more, though, for those who are truly adventurous. Fans of water sports will be happy to know that this lake also offers a diving platform, log roller, water toys, and even swim rafts. There's no shortage of things to do on land, either, with a volleyball court and a basketball court to choose from. Centennial Quarry is essentially a one-stop shop for any and all summer day needs.

Natural Springs Resort

Natural Springs Resort is so expansive that it's deserving of an entire weekend, at least. The quarry was once known as the Stone Quarry before being transformed into a family-friendly vacation spot for those who enjoy waterside getaways. Now, families come from all over Ohio to appreciate its natural spring-fed lake and access to camping, among other recreational activities.

Canoe, paddleboat, and kayak rentals are also available here, making it a great destination for a day trip, as well, for those who just want to take in its gorgeous surroundings from the water. Not far from the lake, visitors can also find a heated pool and two water slides - talk about fancy!

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Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park might not have beach access but with such beautiful surroundings, you won't miss a single thing about the beach. This quarry lake is a popular one during the summer and for good reason; not only is it set against a stunning landscape, but it's also deep enough in some spots for both snorkeling and scuba diving.

Swimming is permitted in weather that's above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, and on non-festival days during the summer. Visitors will need passes to swim at this quarry lake but they're not expensive, averaging between $5 and $12 per person depending on the day of the week and age group.

Gilboa Quarry

Yet another quarry that has become a well-known destination for those who enjoy snorkeling and scuba is the Gilboa Quarry. Over the years, it has also become a popular destination for those who simply enjoy swimming, as well, with its scenic views and easy-access docks. It's also fairly cheap to get a day pass for this quarry, as well, with the price sitting at a firm six bucks for the day.

While a day trip to the quarry is fun, many people take advantage of the campgrounds and RV access that this quarry provides, making a weekend or a week-long trip out of its destination. Cottage rentals are also available for those who aren't keen on camping and don't own an RV.

White Star Quarry

White Star Quarry is an attractive destination to many - once they find out that it exists, that is! What was once a sapphire quarry has now become a beloved local spot in Sandusky County, which is well known for many other attractions but not necessarily for its quarry lake.

This area is a prime destination for diving and in the summer, there are areas roped-off specifically for swimmers. The beach nearby is also available to visitors with fees that are the most affordable of any, starting at two dollars for ages three to 12, and four dollars for ages 13 and up.

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