08Surfers are attracted to waves of different kinds. They can be simple peaks or giant swells that are only attempted by seasoned surfers. Australia is one of the prominent tourist spots for surfers across the world. It is considered a surfer’s paradise where all come to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach and surf.

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With thousands of miles of coastline that covers the coasts of Australia, it is no wonder that it ranks among the top destinations for avid surfers. Choosing different spots based on your capabilities is also very easy in Australia with plenty of surf spots around.

10 The Pass at Byron Bay

This is one great place for all surfers to enjoy some great surf time. Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore surfer, you will find something spectacular at The Pass. Byron Bay is in the east of the country and has some of the best breaks on the planet. It is also great for novices who want to try their skill level and be one with the greats.

You can have right point breaks with about 400 m rides. Since it works on all tides, it is great for any skill level surfer. Check out this place between April and September for the best surfing days.

9 Snapper Rocks at Gold Coast

Some of the surfing greats have tried their skills at Snapper Rocks. With right-hand point breaks, this surfing destination will keep you glued to the action. It is one of the longest points and has multiple sections and therefore is ideal only for experienced surfers. This is the reason why Snapper Rocks host some of the major surf competitions, including the world championship.

The experience that surfers get here is like no other as the maximum distance you can travel is right up to 2 km, passing through Little Marley Point, Rainbow Bay, and Greenmount Point. The best season to be here is between February and July.

8 Noosa at Queensland

A newbie’s destination, this surfing location is particularly loved by beginners. It has more of an old-world charm to it where the biggies of the hippie era were made famous. It has a right-hand point break with the tide being low to mid. With the low tide, it’s safer for the intermediate crowd to try their hands at surfing as the rocks below are too close to the surface.

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This is another great place to come between February and July. Choose to try your luck at Tea Tree where the peaks will be steeper and the fun more so.

7 Angourie Point at New South Wales

Looking for something more scenic along with your surfing experience, then head to Angourie Point. This beautiful destination in Australia has a national park around it and is considered one of the best photogenic spots. Here, the swell direction will determine what kind of waves you can score. You can get a right-hand point break on all tides with the wind direction being mostly south-westerly.

For the experienced surfers, this is a great spot, especially when a tropical cyclone swell is near. This is, therefore, a surf spot for intermediate surfers and above, depending on the swell size. Check out this stunning locale for a complete package.

6 Bells Beach at Victoria

This is the beach where surfing started in Australia and is just the spot for advanced surfers. The size of the breaks here is the stuff of legends and this is why it is a dream destination for avid surfers. Check out the breaks that are divided into three sections from Rincon to Bells Bowl.

You are sure to get one memorable ride that will last you a lifetime and will keep you coming back for more. With the water temperature in the chilly region, it is advisable to wear a wet suit. Come here anytime from April to October and the ride the wind with pros from all over the world.

5 Main Break at Margaret River

A surfing spot for the pros, Main Break will show you what strength nature has! Here you will find some of the biggest waves with heavy hollows, bumps as well as bowls. All-in-all, this is one place that only the adventuresome surfers — or, kamikazes, as they are called — attempt. Even then, Main Break is considered dangerous and so wearing some protective gear is always advised.

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You will find the swell all year-round, but if you are looking for the biggest swells, then the best time is from June to September. A vantage point here is a great spot for beginners and novices to see how the greats perform.

4 The Point at Queensland

The Point in Australia offers surfers of every level something to enjoy. This stunning locale is the best for beginners and loved by the pros too. It is this reason why The Point is always considered on the top 5 surf destinations in Australia. You get sand bottom, right-hand point breaks here with all tides. The Point is also great for surfers when all other locations are filled to the brim.

From February to July, you will find a steady stream of surfers that come here to try their luck at winning the waves. The draining tubes here are some of the best and this is what makes The Point stand out from the rest.

3 Kirra at Gold Coast

Another surf spot in Australia that is home to the pros is Kirra at Gold Coast, Queensland. This destination has sand-bottom and right-hand breaks that make the crowds go wild. The tubes here are powerful and heavy and you can ride a really great length of wave. Be ready for whatever nature has to throw at you. The greats come to Kirra to experience something magical and powerful.

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With westerly winds and swells from North-East to South, this is the dream destination for all advanced surfers. Hit the beaches here anytime from February to July and more preferably from March to June for an awesome experience.

2 Black Rock at New South Wales

One of the best-advanced surf spots in Australia, Black Rock is known by many other names, including Wreck Bay. With a name like that, it’s no wonder that it’s the dream spot for most kamikazes. This is a beautiful place that has amazing scenic views. The area is best suited for advanced surfers because of the surprise element that is associated with it.

Only the pros can handle the shifts and the rocks that are just in reach below. Pros can come here anytime from March to May and feel the adrenaline rush. With mainly left reef breaks, be ready for some action on the waves.

1 Caves at Cactus Beach

Looking for that supreme surf spot for an expert surfer? Then this is the best place to be. Caves is magnificent and truly surfing heaven for the kamikazes. You can get right-hand shallow reef breaks with tides from low to mid. The great winter storms bring in swells that only the pros can handle.

So, it is greatly advised that all other surfers stay out of the way. You will find waves of extreme heights here that will come dashing down and take everything in its path. For all advanced surfers, the best time to come here is from April to October.

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