Though a land vacation looks like the typical vacation for many of us, a vacation on a cruise ship, on top of blue, clear waters, touring remote, secluded islands—can actually be a more thrilling summer adventure. And when it comes to cruises, the Caribbean Islands are unrivaled. There’s nothing like living on a yacht or a sailboat while savoring the insanely beautiful islands— and watching dolphins dramatically leap through the air at just an arm-stretch distance.


Still, Caribbean cruises can be pricey. For a solo traveler, a week’s cruise to the Caribbean can cost as much as $1,500 on average. That’s the reason anyone would want to know how to score the best summer deals. And for couples, it’s not just the price. There are many other things to consider before choosing a cruise.

Which Cruise Lines Offer The Best Caribbean Summer Vacation Deals?

One important tip for saving money via deals is to understand that there are quite a number of cruise lines. These cruise lines target different market segments. There are at least five cruise line levels. At the base of the pyramid are contemporary cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and MSC cruise lines. At the other end of the spectrum are Luxury, Ultra-luxury, and Specialty cruise lines. Of course, for budget travelers who are looking out for the best money-saving packages, the focus would be on contemporary cruise lines. And when we look at the price packages, Carnival Cruise Line, in our view, offers the best Caribbean summer vacation deals—on the dollar. At Carnival Cruise Line, a ticket can go for as low as $100. And honestly, that sounds like a fine deal. Carnival Cruise Line even has a four-day deal at only $171.

The next best cruise line is likely to be Royal Caribbean International. Our research shows that with $184, one can squeeze a three-day vacation to the Bahamas. Of course, for about the same price range, Norwegian Cruise Line and the MSC also come close. However, a balcony view may be off the cards. And still, to get the best price deal on Carnival Cruise Line, other factors will come into play. For starters, a person who’s been on Carnival before—will likely get better rates than a first-timer. It also depends on the specific cruise that one will book. Some ships may not have these offers. Also being in Carnival’s Loyalty Program will likely boost one’s odds of getting a fine summer vacation deal. The same goes for being in their Casino program and in their mailing list. Finally, logging into one’s account when searching or booking can make a big difference. For family-friendliness, Royal Caribbean is the best cruise line followed closely by Disney.

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Which Websites Should One Check To Get The Best Caribbean Cruise Deals?

The best website to check to get the best Caribbean cruise deals is But there are other competing websites that are legit and from which one can also secure a pretty fine deal. These include, Costco (especially for those who have a membership), and Still, one can never go wrong with booking directly from the cruise website. Aside from fetching what—in most cases—is the best rate, cruise websites are also pretty legit.

However, even if cruise websites offer some of the cheapest deals, these other websites and travel agents may offer you the baseline rate from the cruise website—in addition to some exciting offers and perks like onboard credits (OBCs), upgrades, Wi-Fi, and the like. Still, it’s usually reasonable to first check out the cruise’s own website before looking up other websites. This will give one an idea of what to expect.

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Why One Can Get A Good Caribbean Cruise Deal Through A Travel Agent

Travel agents are usually entitled to some commissions based on what they are able to sell out. Based on these expected commissions, a travel agent may decide to give more incentives and perks knowing they’ll be able to recoup some of these from their commissions. And sometimes, it’s not just about price. Dealing with the cruise line directly may be frustrating. Some people don’t like being put on hold, dealing with different staff members— and stuff like that. On the flip side, travel agents usually provide a single point of contact without unnecessary red tape.

There’s also the element of personalization. After working with a travel agent for a while, he or she will get to intuitively know what a traveler likes and what she doesn’t. These include the preferred price range and desired rooms. As a result, the travel agent will be in pole position to secure for a Caribbean cruise traveler the best summer deal. Still, it’s a fine piece of advice to verify the legitimacy of an agent. Otherwise, it’ll be time to learn cruise etiquette and enjoy a brash with dolphins—surrounded all around by spectacular ocean vistas.