'Tis the season to decide to make cookies until we realize that we're too tired to stand in the kitchen long enough to find the flour. So instead, most of us end up making it to the cabinet that the chocolate chips are in and eat them while we ponder picking up a package of premade cookie dough. And that's okay because it's a perfectly human thing to do... especially when readers realize what we're about to tell them.

Believe it or not, there are some great quality cookie doughs out there right now. While the trend on social media has been sharing recipes for the best cookies of all time, we decided that it's time to give a little love to the premade dough that always makes us think twice when we walk past it in the supermarket. Granted, half of it doesn't make it to the oven because the allure of uncooked cookie dough is just too hard to fight but when it does, boy is it delicious. Grab one of these next time you want your house to smell like heaven and want your stomach to be happy.


It's been voted, overall, unanimously, by both chefs and consumers, that Nestlé wins it all with its chocolate chip cookie dough. There's simply no substitution for a classic and Nestlé has no yet managed to be outranked by the likes of any premade cookie doughs that sit next to, above, or below them in the refrigerator aisle.

There's just something about the perfect ratio of sugar to texture and chocolate chip in each of these cookies, and when they're cooked, it's practically a religious experience to break them in half and find a perfectly-melted layer of chocolate chips.

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A close second, Nestlé's sugar cookie dough is also second to none. Despite all of the premade holiday cookies that are out there, already cut and ready to slide into the oven, this brand is pulling out yet another winning recipe.

The log of premade sugar cookie dough has so much allure to those who would rather roll out their own and decorate cookies from scratch, and also opens up a wide variety of options in terms of baking shapes, textures, and uses.

However, Pillsbury is nothing to shake a stick at (neither are any of these other doughs - they are the best of the best, after all). This chocolate chip cookie dough is a good, solid option if you can't find Nestlé or just prefer an easier option.

It's also incredibly affordable in terms of cookie dough and allows bakers to simply slice and bake cookies, as the dough comes in a pre-formed roll rather than in a large tub.

With so many healthier and lifestyle-friendly cookie doughs out there, we had to include gluten-free and vegan options, as well. Immaculate Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough made multiple lists and tastes the best out of any other store-bought dough that's available.

The proof is in the way it bakes up, though, which is where many gluten-free doughs falter in terms of success. These cookies hold their shape and taste amazing, which means it appeals as both a healthier option as well as a very dependable one for those who can't have gluten.

Similarly, vegan cookie doughs can often be dry or bake up into cookies that are rather unrecognizable. Eat Pastry has perfected its recipe, though, creating a cookie dough that's both delicious and vegan-friendly.

It also comes in a tub container so the servings can be as small as a few cookies for one or a dozen for multiple people. With a price of less than six bucks, this vegan cookie dough is more than worth its weight in chocolate chips.

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Peanut butter cookies (especially peanut blossoms) are one of the most popular cookies around and they can be made pretty easily with premade dough. The hard part is finding cookie dough that's peanut butter-flavored, but that's no longer a problem thanks to Pillsbury.

Pillsbury's Reeses Peanut Butter Cookie Dough has the perfect balance between peanut butter and sugar and tastes nutty without being too overwhelming and if we didn't know any better, we'd probably think these cookies were homemade.

Believe it or not, Great Value Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is definitely one of the top contenders in terms of off-brand cookie doughs.

Found at Walmart, this cookie dough holds its own with a nearly perfect ratio of chocolate chips to cookie dough and when these cookies bake, it smells divine. They taste just like something you'd remember eating after school with milk, therefore it's worth it.

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