Travelers will cover about 80 miles from Denver to Breckenridge, taking approximately one hour and 30 minutes. However, with numerous stopovers, the voyage can take about two hours and 30 minutes. This is a perfect road trip for adventurers as it has stunning attractions such as Indian Hot Springs, Winter Park Resort, and South Park City Museum. Here are incredible stops travelers should make along the way.

10 Matthews /Winters Park

Situated a short drive from Denver, Matthews/Winters Park boasts an exceptional trail network that extends into the tracts of land at the bottom of the Rocky Mountain foothills. Hikers craving more adventure can use the trail loop to access the famous Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Mountain bikers will appreciate the available trails, such as the Dakot Ridge South Trail. Top-quality outdoor gear and cycling shops are available around this area.

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9 Idaho Springs

Idaho Spring is a common stopover for travelers using the 1-70 route, to and from the mountains. Initially, this picturesque site was a miner town founded during the mid-19th century. It was later revamped into a tourist destination. Travelers can soak in the views, take photos, and indulge in other sporting activities. Adventurers can go fishing at River Clear Creek, Colorado's most recognized commercially rafted river. Travelers traveling around mid-May through August can also raft Clear Creek.

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8 Denver Museum Of Nature And Science

Initially, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was known as the Denver Museum of Natural History. The museum has a lot to offer for history buffs. Here, travelers can learn about the inherent history of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Travelers can also enjoy numerous displays, exhibitions, interactive activities, and educational programs. Fortunately, educational programs in this museum cut across all ages, thus making it a downright perfect destination for travelers with kids.

7 Mt. Evans Wilderness Area

Mt. Evans Wilderness Area is a desirable stopover for travelers who adorn adventures and open roads. Travelers can take a scenic drive through the area while enjoying expansive views and dramatic landscapes from the area. Travelers who mean business can drive up to parking areas close to the summit of M Evans and the turquoise waters of Summit Lake. Adventurers can get out of the car for hiking in the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area. Hikers can enjoy seeing wild animals such as small rodent relatives like pikas and marmots, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep.

6 Denver Zoo

Situated in the City Park, Denver Zoo is home to diverse wildlife and has a plethora of hiking trails for nature lovers. The Zoo was established in 1896 with only one orphaned black bear cub. Today, it has gone through a dramatic shift. It has marketed itself as the most notable attraction hosting species from all over the world. At the Zoo, travelers can see primates, pachyderms, carnivores, reptiles, birds, and fish. It hosts a variety of habitats and animal enclosures such as Bear Mountain, Primate Panorama, Predator Ridge, Giraffe House, and Bird World.

5 Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens was started in 1951. Situated in the Cheesman Park Neighborhood, travelers can stop on their way and catch a refreshing walk in nature. It can also provide travelers with a charming oasis in the heart of this Rocky Mountain city. It is an incredible opportunity to catch a glimpse of the theme gardens, a glass-enclosed conservatory, and a sunken amphitheater. The garden has a vast array of gardens and collections that indicates an ever-expanding diversity of plants from all corners of the world.

4 Red Rocks Park And Amphitheater

Located just a stone's throw from Denver, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater boasts numerously hikeable and bikeable red-stone cliffs. The trails are intrinsic but adequately safe. Red Rocks is famed for its star-studded concert roster, inherent acoustics and ambiance, and impressive and unbelievingly beautiful scenery. Here, travelers can access interactive educational displays and a short film on its geologic and musical history.

3 Roxborough State Park

With more than 3,000 acres, Roxborough State Park boasts awe-inspiring rock formations, unique plant communities, and diverse wildlife, including black bears and mule deer. This park is undoubtedly a delightful surprise for travelers new to the outdoors or even outdoor enthusiasts. Travelers can indulge in hiking activities, wildlife viewing, trail running, and bird watching.

2 George Town

Located along the charming glacial runoff waters of Clear Creek, Georgetown was formerly a silver mining camp. Full of natural beauty and an abundance of sophisticated homes designed in Victorian style, Georgetown boasts a range of charming attractions that are just begging to be explored. Most travelers are drawn to the Georgetown Loop Railroad, which takes visitors on a round-trip steam train ride between Georgetown and Silver Plume. Hikers can find hiking trails such as Guanella Pass.

1 Grays And Torreys Trailhead

Although perceived as a ‘difficult’ trail, it is a great place to halt for the day and enjoy hiking. Even travelers that do not adorn hiking might enjoy participating in a short two-mile round trip hike. Other more exciting activities include birdwatching and wildlife viewing at the Arapaho National Forest. Travelers can as well be accompanied by their pets for the ultimate adventure.