The 10 Best Steakhouses In San Francisco

America has always been a country with a craze for good food like no other. And when in San Francisco, steak is always a good idea. Myriad restaurants and steakhouses cropping up every day in the city is the proof. No matter whether it is a celebration, gathering or simply an evening hunger pang, indulging in these juicy delicacies is the best way to treat yourself.

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The glamorous city of San Francisco is a paradise for meat lovers and you will never leave disappointed if you are looking for a feast. Here is a list of 10 best steakhouses in San Francisco that deserve a visit.

10 Harris’ Restaurant

The award-winning menu includes the signature Porterhouse Steaks and bone-in New York Steaks, which are absolutely praiseworthy. It also offers a selection of enticing wines that are bound to make your evening exceptional.

9 Bobo’s

The premium steaks are aged four to six weeks and cooked medium rare to enhance the flavors. The garlic and rosemary complement the flavors of steak to perfection, making it the most delicious steak you will ever have. You will get a glimpse of unbelievable innovation in almost all the dishes at Bobo’s, but the porterhouse deserves a special mention.

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8 Leatherneck Steakhouse

The blend of modern and traditional approaches in cooking is the secret behind its vast success. The Broad Dinner menu includes prime rib and rib-eye, which are listed as a favorite by many of its guests. The classy restaurant has won the well-deserved Diner’s Choice Award in 2018 and hopes to exceed the guest’s expectations every time they visit.

7 Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse

Starting from the signature sirloin steak to the robust flap steak it offers a range of 14 cuts of flavored and juicy meat. Even Brazil’s national liquor cachaça is put to use brilliantly in the Brazilian Mojito and Capirinha which is extremely refreshing. Indulging in the Brazilian style creamy custard after the steak is a perfect way to treat yourself.

6 Morton’s, The Steakhouse

The genuine hospitality and the high-quality steaks have to be credited for its success. The USDA prime-aged beef is custom cut according to the specifications of Morton’s and it never disappoints. The steakhouse justifies its tagline – “the best steak anywhere.” The Alaskan King crab legs and colossal shrimp top the chart of its lip-smacking seafood menu.

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5 EPIC Steak

The environment-friendly practice of using only organic local produce, without any hormones or antibiotics is inspirational. The A5 Wagyu Tasting, featuring Imperial, Miyazaki and Snow beef cuts is the most popular dish on the menu. To double the joy, they even have happy hours with exciting deals.

4 House of Prime Rib

Unlike many other steakhouses, the House of Prime Rib equally appeals to children as they are offered a special menu topped with ice cream and milk. The traditional décor creates a cozy ambiance for a perfect evening.

3 5A5 Steak Lounge

A memorable dining experience is guaranteed in the dome-shaped restaurant as they offer a souvenir of the steak you had. With cocktails starting as low as $9 the happy hour is the ideal time to visit the 5A5.

2 John’s Grill

The restaurant gives a glimpse of historic architecture with its dark paneled walls and period furnishing. The walls display portraits of several influential individuals from the world of politics. There is a room inspired by the Hammett classic, The Maltese Falcon and features the statue of the famous bird itself, which is a major attraction.

1 Roka Akor

The Michelin Guide recommended restaurant has a wide range of gluten-free and vegan-friendly choices too. The award-winning choice of whiskeys at Roka Bar is beyond excellence.

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