Hot dogs, hamburgers, and coleslaw are all popular summertime foods that bring up the best memories. We all love having a barbeque in the backyard with our friends and family, and hopefully watermelon is involved. But there's another summer tradition that also involves good food: going to the state fair.

America is famous for many foods and state fair food is up there in terms of deliciousness and nostalgia. Many people living in the U.S. don't take many vacations but going to the local fair is an easy thing to do. You'll want to eat the food at these American state fairs. Read on to see the yummiest options.


Deep-Fried Buckeyes Are Sold At The Ohio State Fair

A lot of American fast food is unhealthy but when you're attending a state fair, you totally have to embrace this type of fare. Check out the deep-fried buckeyes at the Ohio State Fair. According to the Food Network, the Bulk Candy Store creates a batter for the buckeyes, deep-fries them, and then tops them with powdered sugar and chocolate. They look like a really fun treat.

Wondering what a buckeye is? According to Food Network, the "state tree" in Ohio is called a buckeye, and that's what these chocolate peanut butter delights look like. It's a ball of peanut butter with a chocolate coating... and sounds like the perfect treat any time of year. Taste Of Home says that they also look like chestnuts. The ingredients include butter, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and confectioners' sugar. We're definitely going to have to try making them at home if we haven't had any before (but we might skip the deep-frying part).

Enjoy The Funnel Cake Fries Burger At The Kentucky State Fair

The Kentucky State Fair sells a funnel cake fries burger. Yes. Let's just think about that for a moment...

This sounds very intense... but also delicious. According to, a burger chain called Rally's started selling these at the Kentucky State Fair in the summer of 2018. Each burger has a bun with funnel cake fries and two beef patties with cheese on top. Powdered sugar goes over everything, too. According to, funnel cakes are a very popular treat at state fairs and always involve fried dough that is then covered in powdered sugar. It sounds like this burger is a new, creative take on the classic American state fair food.

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New Hampshire's Hopkinton State Fair Serves Apple Cider Donuts says that a vendor called Pat's started selling apple cider donuts at the Hopkinton State Fair in New Hampshire.

According to The Dish Wisconsin, the Doughnut Corporation of America promoted apple cider donuts at the beginning of the '50s as part of a marketing campaign. Before that, people in the colonial United States used animal fat to make fried apple donuts. These are an iconic treat that many Americans enjoy in the fall when apple picking. But now we know that these donuts are also sold at state fairs in the summertime. We'll take apple cider donuts in the summer and also the fall, thank you very much.

We really want to try the foods at these fun American state fairs. From apple cider donuts to a unique burger with funnel cake fries to deep-fried buckeyes, these treats will be perfect to enjoy while walking around the fairground.

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