For a traveler interested in exploring Canada by road, there is no better place than Nova Scotia province. It is the perfect road trip route as it offers scenic views of the ocean and the landscape alongside. It is also a very safe, entertaining route and has many centers to stop over and enjoy which is why it is popular among tourists.

The Nova Scotia route has many attractions and activities a traveler can enjoy using. Notably, there is room for beachcombing, watching whales, fishing, enjoying seafood, and exploring the maritime culture along the road. However, finding the right starting point can be a challenge.

10 Halifax

Halifax is the most popular and most preferred starting point for a road trip to Nova Scotia. Many people begin their road trip here, for it is the capital, there are many amenities and many arrive there first. With Halifax having many amazing waterfront attractions, views, and restaurants, it makes sense why. It is a city with many attractions to tourists and one of them is the Canadian Museum of Immigration. It is a museum that showcases the history of immigration in Canada and it is found along Halifax Harbourfront. Visitors can visit the popular place in Halix while on a road trip.

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9 The Annapolis Valley

The Annapolis Valley is yet another interesting place to start the road trip to Nova Scotia. It is a region known for being rich in agricultural activities and is found on the western side of the coast. What is found here are small villages and towns full of farm landscapes, fields, and vineyards. It is also an interesting view and experience to start the road trip. Although the number of days to stay at a place all depends on the visitor, 2-3 days would be enough for a person to explore Annapolis Valley as much as possible. Within those days, a visitor will have visited all the attractive areas and done many interesting activities.

8 Dartmouth

Dartmouth is yet another place to start your road trip to Nova Scotia as it is cheaper than Halifax. When starting at Dartmouth, one gets a chance to have great views of Halifax as well. It is just a 20-minute boat ride from Halifax. When starting a road trip at Dartmouth, the process is very simple and life is affordable. One can stay between 1 and 2 days since it is not a large center.

7 Peggy’s Cove

Peg's Cove is another place to start a road trip to Nova Scotia one can use. Peggy's Cove is not as popular as other places but is very much worthwhile because it offers an amazing environment, and it is inexpensive. When starting a road trip to Nova Scotia by use of Truro, one can start at Peggy’s Cove for 1-2 days.

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6 The Bay Of Fundy

To take a walk on the ocean floor, it is now necessary to drive directly to the Bay of Fundy from anywhere in the province of Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy has the world's highest tides, which are measured in feet, and is known as the "Tide Bowl." It transports hundreds of billion tons of water every six hours, on average! In fact, it exceeds the total amount of freshwater flowing through all of the world's rivers put together. The tides can rise to a height of up to more than ten meters depending on the season, perfect for visitors who want to see high tides while on a road trip.

5 Parrsboro

When visitors first arrive in town, there are no immediate ocean views to be had, but there is still plenty of art to be seen in this thriving artist community! Beyond the numerous galleries and pieces of eye-catching art that can be found throughout the city, there are far too many photo opportunities to keep track of on Instagram. This place is a good stop if visitors want to appreciate the art of this location.

4 Tatamagouche

Residents of Tatamagouche can attest to the fact that this small town has recently blossomed into its own tourist destination, even if only for a stop at the Train Station Inn. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the buggy rides and modern brewery located downtown as well as the many restaurants and shops that the area has to offer.

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3 Cape Breton Island

Even though some people drive the Cabot Trail in a single day, visitors will surely not have enough time to enjoy the beaches, coastal hiking trails, or fill their stomachs with freshly caught seafood and locally brewed beer. It is good for tourists to consider taking some time to take in the sights and sounds of Cape Breton as they can roam around the Pleasant Bay, which also has a cool-looking art gallery, or go to Timmons Folk Art Studio. Meanwhile, in terms of gifts, the best souvenirs that tourists can get are those that are made by hand, so make sure to purchase one before leaving to bring back home. .

2 Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore in Nova Scotia is hailed as a surfer's paradise all year round, as it has been the site of Nova Scotia's greatest sandcastle competition for nearly half a century and many surfers gather here because of good current. Lawrencetown Beach is a short drive from Halifax and is accessible by car or on foot. This cold and atmospheric coast of California, on the other hand, has recently seen a resurgence of interest from tourists. Visitors can also visit Taylor Head Provincial Park's white sand beaches and hiking trails as this has been a popular place for people who prefer camping and kayaking.

1 Baddeck

When staying in Baddeck for a while, it is recommended for tourists to take a leisurely stroll through the small communities of Baddeck as they will be able to see more stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean as they make their way along the coast. If you have the opportunity, they can even stop and go whale watching. They can take part in a whale watching adventure with Ingonish Whale Watching excursions for the chance to see pilot whales, humpback whales, and other marine mammals in their natural habitat.

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