Idaho is full of beautiful places, and making a list of them would be nearly impossible if the goal is to include every stunning landscape in this state. It is basically a vacation paradise with so much to offer, including spectacular rivers, magnificent lakes, picture-perfect mountains, and numerous outdoor adventures, thanks to its incredible wilderness areas. The Gem State boasts breathtaking waterfalls, deep valleys, and charming small towns worthy of exploring. It’s hard to decide where to start visiting out of all the wonderful destinations, but here are 10 of the most beautiful spots to visit in Idaho.

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10 Boise – The Capital And The Largest City

Also known as the city of trees, Boise is undoubtedly one of Idaho's most delightful spots one can ever explore. Travelers will find the same vibe here as in a big college town and incredible historical and cultural attractions. There is a lot to see and do in Idaho's largest city and capital, including a fantastic food scene, art & culture, and breathtaking natural scenery. Vacationers will enjoy spending time in its beautiful deserts, canyons, rivers, lakes, and mountains while taking advantage of all sorts of outdoor activities. The place is perfect for sightseeing, and tourists will appreciate every adventure they go through in the capital of Idaho.

9 McCall – A Small Mountain Town Offering All Sorts Of Activities

McCall is a haven for outdoor lovers, offering everything from incredible water sports, including paddleboarding, kayaking, and boating, to hiking, picnicking, and camping. The place is always brimming with local visitors who enjoy being around water and entertainment, as several arts and music festivals happen here. In winter, McCall turns into a skiing paradise, but visitors can also go snowmobiling and probably attend Winter Carnival, a festival running for ten days that features lots of fireworks, live entertainment, and life-sized sculptures.

8 Bear Lake – Praised For Its Incredibly Turquoise Waters And Gorgeous Sandy Beaches

Bear Lake’s beauty is second to none! Having incredibly turquoise waters and gorgeous sandy beaches, there is no better place to be in Idaho than Bear Lake. This place feels like some magnificent tropical place in the Caribbean. Situated right on the Idaho-Utah border, Bear Lake covers 109 square miles, and it's excellent for camping, swimming, fishing, and boating, among others. Known for its spectacular scenery, scenic drives are a perfect way of exploring the beauty surrounding this place. Don’t forget to lounge on one of its stunning beaches.

7 Sawtooth Mountains – Ideal For Travelers Into Rugged Wilderness

Praised for their size and elegance, the Sawtooth Mountains are perfect for travelers who are into wild adventures. Here, vacationers will find incredible hiking trails, fast-flowing magnificent rivers, and breathtaking mountains and lakes. Alice Lake is the most famous in the wilderness, and hiking its surrounding is the best way of meeting the spectacular scenery of this place. Whether one is looking for a wild adventure or just an exciting place to have fun, Saw Mountains will suit every interest.

6 Stanley – A True Recreational Paradise

Having a population of just about 69 people, Stanley is a true recreational paradise and is easily one of Idaho's most scenic spots, if not in the entire nation. It is found on Salmon River banks and is bordered by an unspoiled nature waiting to be explored. Stanley has a western-like ambiance that makes it so charming. The fresh mountain air in this quaint town is like no other, and every visitor is definitely going to fall in love with this place.

5 Thousand Springs – An Incredible State Park With Lots Of Units To Explore

Comprising seven magnificent park units, Thousand Springs is truly a place to behold. The park is also called the Magic Valley, and it's not hard to understand why; the uniqueness and diversity of the park tell it all. Located near Hagerman, Thousand Springs' breathtaking view of water flowing down the cliff will leave every visitor in awe. Including Malad Gorge, Ritter Island, Box Canyon Springs, Crystal Springs, and Niagara Springs, this place cannot be missed in the list of the 10 most beautiful spots in Idaho.

4 Snake River – One Of Idaho’s Most Scenic Rivers

Idaho is home to several magnificent rivers, but the Snake River, one of North America's largest, is one of a kind. Running 1,078 miles, the Snake River empties into the Pacific Ocean and is the largest tributary of the Columbia River. Visiting this river is one of the best things to do in Idaho, especially witnessing it as it runs through the country's deepest gorge, the iconic Hells Canyon.

3 Idaho State Capital Building – The Most Iconic Neoclassical Building In The State

Located in the capital, Boise, the Idaho State Capital Building is located at the end of Capitol Street and is one of the most beautiful spots in Idaho. There is a lot to experience in and outside this stunning building, including amazing architecture influenced by the U.S. Capitol Building and a long, rich history of how its construction came to being. Built in 1920, the Capitol welcomes visitors looking to explore the building, but they must note the legislative sessions.

2 Yellowstone National Park – A World-Famous Natural Attraction With Outstanding Scenery

Almost every traveler has heard of Yellowstone National Park because it is one of the most famous on earth. It is partly located in Idaho, making it one of the best things to do when touring the state. Covering about 3,500 square miles, this place boasts magnificent hot springs and geysers, thanks to its location on a volcanic hot stop. Travelers will also experience beautiful forests, rivers, steep canyons, and incredible wildlife, including wolves, bears, elk, and more!

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1 Table Rock – Offering Magnificent Views Of The Surrounding Areas

Regular travelers are aware that they don’t have to be in the middle of some wilderness, perhaps at the peak of a mountain, to enjoy an incredible view. Mounted right outside of downtown Boise, Table Rock guarantees breathtaking views and is a popular hike among the residents of the city. The hike takes visitors to a flat top spot with the most iconic city view, making it a must-stop when visiting downtown Boise. It is also the most impressive spot to enjoy the state's spectacular sunsets.