Out of all the bars and clubs on the equatorial island of Jamaica, we have narrowed down the top ten best options of places that have a good reputation. Below is a list of well-vetted selections to provide a wide range of sports bars, lounges, nightclubs, beach bars, and more to help one scout Jamaica nightlife themselves.

Montego Bay (MoBay) has many beach bars that one can explore, but Pier 1 is the perfect place to be during the day and at sundown when it changes to a nightlife spot. Since vacation is temporary and one can't try all the nightlife spots, here are the best ten spots to experience Jamaica's nightlife. These spots promise an outstanding experience and a flavor of the island that one can't afford to miss.

10 Tilted Kilt

It's located in the Montego Bay area. It is an Irish pub offering chicken wings, fish and chips, and burgers; it's only at Tilted Kilt with red snapper. There is always a game on one of the many screens, and Guinness is on a tap. A gift shop is next to the bar, and one can watch cruise ships and boats. There is a beach near Tilted Kilt, and the bar has customers all the time coming and going, and one should expect tourist prices.

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9 Runway Sports Bar And Grill

Runway sports bar has six flat-panel televisions and a giant one displaying major sporting activities which make it a perfect place to watch a game. The bar also has darts, a swimming pool, two pool tables, nightly entertainment, and casino-style game boxes. The restaurant serves international and local dishes on the third-floor rooftop with stunning views.

8 The Jungle

The Jamaican dancehall attracts tourists and locals by bashing reggaeton beats and cherished jams. There are assorted bars where one can order drinks, and there are different areas to choose the type one’s preferred type of music to dance up to the wee hours. There are also snacks and mixed drinks are available.

7 Margaritaville Sports Bar & Grill

Margaritaville represents beach nightlife with bikini contests, live music, frosty tropical drinks, and a 110-foot water slide readily available. Margaritaville is a tourist trap, but it's fun. Sports lovers also get to watch big games on flat televisions, and those that love margarita don't struggle to get one since there are four open-air bars.

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6 Floyd's Pelican Bar

Floyd's Pelican Bar is a rickety shack floating on water. Even if it attracts the tourist crowd, it's a unique place that one can't miss. People can only access the bar through taking a boat and will be in a different world once they arrive as there are fresh dishes and shallow water snorkeling all nearby.

5 Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records

Usain Bolt is a legendary sprinter referred to as the fastest man globally, hence the nickname "Lightning Bolt" after he won many Olympics. Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records music and sports concept is a modern venue that combines old-school Jamaican culture and present-day audio-visual experience. It has hi-tech booth seating, retail shops, balcony VIP areas, restaurant, and bar areas. There are 45 flat-screen televisions for watching live sporting activities.

4 Collette's Bar

Colette is the bar owner and makes her visitors feel at home. Her sweet soul and energy make people return to her place again and again. Her drinks are pocket-friendly, strong, and cold and allow people to relax, talk and laugh around the bar. Reggae music is the order of the day, and there are many locals around chatting with the tourists. The vibe ultimately demonstrates the "one love" Jamaican lifestyle. The kind of positivity that one gets here lingers with them even after the vacation is over.

3 Pier 1

Pier one holds the most phenomenal party in Montego Bay on Friday night. Sponsors wait until 10 pm when the locals come in to dance the night out. An in-house DJ makes the place wild by converting a seafood restaurant into a thumping dance hall. Pier 1 offers tropical drinks, and many musical events happen here, drawing over 1000 people. It has a high rapport for accomplished musicians and an exceptional view of the bay. It also holds special events like open-mic night, Appleton-sponsored parties, and fashion shows.

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2 Rick's Café

Rick’s café is located in the west end cliffs of Negril, and it's known for live reggae music, cliff diving, and sublime sunsets- right from the restaurant and bar. There is a platform jump that is 35 feet where local divers show off their diving skills, such as stunt dives and backflips. The patrons at the bar get to enjoy the thrill of the jumps into the aqua water. The main stage hosts international and local bands and" Ricks After Dark," with an upscale lounge escapade next to the pool. Their menu comprises tropical salad and chicken, blackened tuna, and broiled lobster.

1 Blue Beat Ultra Lounge

Blue Beat Ultra Lounge is a bar that is more oriented to dancing, so when visiting, one should ensure that they are not in the wrong attire (i.e. flip flops, tank tops, shorts, etc). Some other nights Blue beat holds live jazz music and comedy shows that provide a small escape from a well-versed Jamaica's reggae.

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