As solo travel becomes more and more popular among people in the United States, they are looking for amazing getaway spots only a few hours away. Well, much to solo travelers' delight, there's no shortage of destinations in the good old USA that are ideal for a party of one. Of course, to be considered the best spot for a solo vacay, a location should typically offer visitors the following: a wealth of cultural, historical, and recreational activities, convenient transportation, a high level of walkability, ample accommodations, as well as seemingly limitless opportunities for much needed R&R. That said, here are the nine best solo travel destinations in the US.

9 San Francisco, California

There are more than a few spots in Cali that make for out-of-this-world vacations, but none are quite like San Fran. Not only does The Bay Area have a unique culture and an overall inviting atmosphere, but the BART system is also easy to navigate, making seeing local attractions a breeze. The city itself promises postcard-worthy fun and is a multicultural haven. While visiting, put your wellness first, try a yoga or meditation class in the park, have a fancy dinner, see some murals, take a boat cruise, and hop on that streetcar at least once.

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8 Seattle, Washington

Yet another great place to visit solo is Seattle. With an abundance of entertainment options, it is virtually impossible to get bored by your lonesome. Like other nearby locations, Seattle has a good mix of city and outdoorsy activities, which means you can choose your own adventure. So whether you are looking for some relaxation or the perfect recreational spot, you will have ample things to do. Notably, this city has several nature trails, parks, gardens, and cycling paths for avid runners, bikers, skaters, and walkers.

7 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston may surprise many solo Wanderlusters because though it is a major city, you'll feel you've stepped into your favorite college/small town once there. With so many historical sites, walking tours, and public transportation options, it is hard not to fall in love with Boston. Boston is also a perfectly safe solo traveler destination due to its low crime rate. So, while in town, brush up on your American history and learn about Paul Revere's famous ride, walk the freedom trail, enjoy lunch in the financial district, and kick back in historic B&Bs. Better still, travelers can catch a game at Fenway Park and marvel at sailboats in Boston's harbor. As a bonus, you can easily see many of the other east coast staples like Washington, DC, and New York by simply jumping on the Go Buses for less than $30 round trip.

6 Boulder, Colorado

For the solo adventurer in us all, Boulder is a great destination. Here, visitors can spend days soaking up the gorgeous scenery, delving into the mountain life, and getting in touch with nature. One of the easiest ways to do this is by checking out any of the stunning state parks located just minutes away from downtown Boulder. You can start your wilderness retreat by exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Brainard Lake Recreation Area, or Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Boulder also has a bustling downtown scene brimming with shops, restaurants, and bars—when you are ready to emerge from the wilderness, that is.

5 Salt Lake City, Utah

Known for its friendly locals, Salt Lake City offers solo travelers a slower pace vacation. Surrounded by mountains, the open expanse of the Great Salt Lake, and Antelope Island State Park to the west, visitors can take it easy and enjoy the simple life, if only for a little while. The food here is another great selling point for those looking to eat good while away too. Overall, Salt Lake City is touted as the place to go to snack, sip, and stroll, which sounds like the makings of really any good solo trip, to be honest.

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4 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is one destination that doesn't get as much credit as it deserves. This Midwestern wonderland has some of the best architecture in the country, which means visitors can spend hours wandering through the city simply enjoying the view. But that's not all; Minneapolis boasts 52 must-sees—everything from shopping to museums to festivals to kayaking and more—on their municipal city page. If you do nothing else here besides wander around in awe, at least check out this city's lakes/rivers, and drink some local brews.

3 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago continues to be a great solo destination thanks to its top-notch museums, ample parks, and user-friendly public transportation system. What's more, there are many accommodations with first-rate amenities, onsite spas, rooftop bars, and nearby shopping along the Magnificent Mile—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There is always something going on in the Chi, whether it's a weekend festival, museum exhibition, restaurant opening, sports game, or comedy special (check out Second City and The Laugh Factory). So for travelers looking for some much-needed me-time, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself in this big rich town.

2 Charleston, South Carolina

For foodies and art lovers alike, a solo trip to Charleston is a great excuse to check out over 50 galleries and taste the rainbow. In between gallery openings, museum exhibitions, and boozy art classes, indulge yourself at Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar, The Glass Onion, Snob, or even the Tattooed Moose—to name a few must-try eateries and restaurants. A true feast for all your senses, Charleston can be your next eat, pray, love, or just a chance to check out a famed city in the Carolinas.

1 Nashville, Tennessee

Of course, if you prefer to immerse yourself in a legendary music scene and mingle with fellow music lovers, then a solo trip to Nashville is definitely in order. Start your vacay with a walking tour and see the musical sights. Next, sample the local cuisine while listening to live music from every genre. Visitors can also see where celebrities stay when on tour, catch a live band or two at the Grand Ole Opry, plus get up and personal with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.