Best Snacks In Disney's Magic Kingdom, Ranked

There are so many snack options at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. This park was the second park ever built following Disneyland grand opening in 1955. Since Magic Kingdom opened its doors in 1965 in Bay Lake, Florida, it has had decades to come up with new and exciting innovations to treat their guests with. And when it comes to snacks, there is no other theme park that can top Disney.

Magic Kingdom in particular acts as the guinea pig as it will be the first park to introduce a new snack. And because there are almost too many options to pick from, this list ranks the best of the best snacks in Disney's Magic Kingdom!

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10 Mickey Pretzels

Obviously, the Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels are a hot ticket item when it comes to Disney snacks. They're cute, they're portable, and most importantly, they're huge! These pretzels are typically be served with the melted cheese sauce for maximum flavoring. This Mickey Pretzel is popular because it is comparable to any standard soft, baked pretzel that you would find a concert hall, a baseball stadium, or even the movie theater. Disney kicked it up a notch by theming it will their park and cooking it up to a shareable size. It's a go-to, but far from the best when it comes to snacks at Magic Kingdom.

9 Candy Apple

Like all things Disney, their candy apple selection goes to infinity and beyond. There is no cap on what character-themed apple guests can pick and the same goes for the apple's dipping and topping choices. Some apples are coated in a candy dressing, some are dipped in chocolate, while others are layered in rice crispy treats. You can add sprinkles, fruit, marshmallows-- you name it!

Guests of Magic Kingdom can find candy or chocolate covered apples around just about any corner. There's also usually a viewing window so you can watch the decorating process happen right before your eyes!

8 Micky and Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundaes

The cool thing about these Magic Kingdom snacks is that it comes with a souvenir! These sundaes are completely customizable. Guests can choose from ice cream flavors such as vanilla, mint chocolate chip, or strawberry for the base, and top it off with sweet treats like hot fudge or caramel. You get two scoops of ice cream, your choice of hot drizzle, and a healthy dose of whipped cream and cherries on top. After digging into your kitchen-shaped bowls, you get to take them home!

7 Churro

Another theme park special is the churro. People can never go wrong in choosing this soft baked cinnamon bite of heaven.

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Disney has been serving churros at its parks since the beginning, but of course, they've worked to find new and innovative ways to serve up this snack. You can find the churro ice cream sandwich in Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

6 Lefou's Brew

Lefou's Brew is Disney's version of Harry Potter's famous Butterbeer. Except instead of a butterscotch-flavored snack, Magic Kingdom visitors can enjoy a nice refreshing apple cider concoction. The drink can be served in a souvenir Gaston stein, a Belle goblet or a plastic cup. These no-sugar-added drinks can be found in Gaston's Tavern in New Fantasyland. The drink is described as a frozen apple blend with a hint of toasted marshmallow. The whipped topping is made up of an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.

5 Casey's Hot Dogs

Batter up boys and girls, because Magic Kingdom is pitching up the best hot dogs this side of Main Street. Coming straight from the heart of Magic Kingdom's Casey's hotdogs are a mouth-watering snack that most visitors can't pass up. From the Bacon Macaroni & Cheese All-Beef Hot Dog to the Chili-Cheese All-Beef Hot Dog, it's hard to decide which American classic is best!

Casey's Corner even serves a Plant-based Loaded-slaw Dog for vegan friends. This dog is a plant-based sausage that is topped with pickled slaw, BBQ Vegan aïoli, complete with roasted corn relish. all hotdogs are served with french fries or apple slices.

4 Mickey's Celebration Donut

One Magic Kingdom snack that is booming in recent Instagram posts is the new GIANT Mickey Mouse shaped donut. Labeled as the Celebration Donut, it comes in three different glazed flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

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Each giant masterpiece is topped with sprinkles and comes in a pizza box because it is that big. These donuts run at about $9 each and can be found at the Cheshire Café in Fantasyland and The Lunching Pad.

3 Nutella Waffle

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In a perfectly curated sweet bundle of joy, Disney's Magic Kingdom is offering Nutella Waffles for passersby in Sleepy Hollow. This Liberty Square snack simply cannot be beaten when it comes to stuffed Disney treats. The waffle comes loaded with the delectable hazelnut spread with fresh fruit stuffed into the pastry like a taco. The berries and banana blend is then topped with powdered sugar to complete this sickeningly sweet work of art.

Foodies would be missing out if they didn't make a pit stop to try this one-of-a-kind snack that you can only find within the walls of Magic Kingdom.

2 Turkey Leg

The mother of all Magic Kingdom snacks: the Turkey Leg. Literally, everyone who is a fan of Disney knows that these giants mounds of meat exist within Disney parks. They are the one snack that outdoes itself, with 1.5 pounds of meat wrapped around a single post.

Most people pick one of these up for its sheer novelty or for a chance to brag that they took on this notorious Disney snack. It's not healthy by any means, with many eaters commenting on its massive salty taste. Despite this, you will still see many a Disney-goer munching on this mammoth meat stick as you make your way through Magic Kingdom.

1 Dole Whip

It's hard to narrow down exactly why Magic Kingdom's Dole Whip is so popular. Initially, the soft serve treat was only served in pineapple flavors, but its unprecedented success forced Disney to come up with more creative ways to serve its most popular snack. Disney offers themed Dole Whip creations throughout its lands, including a lime flavored Peter Pan cone and the most recent lemon-lime Dole Whip Swirl available at Storybook Treats.

Disney's most recent announcement revealed that they will now serve rum-infused Dole Whip at their parks! Now there is absolutely no reason why travelers won't enjoy this fun and versatile sweet snack at Magic Kingdom.

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