South Carolina’s Charleston has drawn so much attention than any other town – thanks to the beautiful waterfront views, stunning restaurants, and grand mansions. These features make this enchanting town an adorable destination, deserving to be on every traveler's bucket list. But South Carolina has other small picturesque towns that deserve as much attention. With spectacular beaches, splendid climate, magnificent mountains, great hospitality, and good food, enchanting towns are what South Carolina is all about. And these towns are not just beautiful; they are actually thriving – and are perfect destinations for lovers of nature, architecture, and history. These small South Carolina Towns are full of charm.

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8 Beaufort

Every traveler thinks of this small town whenever they pay a visit to South Carolina. Being the state’s 2nd oldest town, this small but thriving town has a rich beautiful history - and a lot more to offer than visitors may realize. With a stunning waterfront, plenty of enjoyable water sports and other adventure activities, and a vibrant culture that includes numerous festivals – Beaufort is nothing but perfect for almost any type of adventure.

  • Best hotels: The Beaufort Inn, City Loft Hotel, Best Western Sea Island Inn
  • When to visit : Spring and fall

7 McClellanville

Founded in the 1860s, McClellanville is a town consisting of numerous historical buildings, which are on the list of the national register of historic sites. Known to be a charming village with fishing as the main activity and source of food and livelihood, this town used to have numerous beautiful plantations. This coastal charming village town is a lovely destination – and being a major fishing spot, the taste of seafood is second to none.

  • Best hotels: Hampton Inn, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn Express Hotel
  • Cheap Accommodations: Motel 6 Charleston, Day Inn

6 Pendleton

Mounted in Anderson County, just a few minutes from Lake Hartwell, Pendleton is a true town full of charm. Also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, one would say this town is all about preserving the history of South Carolina. The town has over 50 buildings that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries as well as a picturesque art gallery containing artwork done by the locals, a trendy venue for some cool bluegrass music, and a woodwork shop.

  • Accommodation: travelers have a single option for accommodation in Pendleton; the Liberty Hall, a beautiful bed & breakfast mounted in the town center.

5 York

Situated on South Carolina's northern side, just a short distance south of the North Carolina Border, York is an enchanting town with a rich history dating back to the 1750s when the very first settlers inhabited the area. Most of the town's inhabitants migrated from Pennsylvania and Virginia. The Catawba Indians called this place home before the migration took place. Some of the most impressive spots in this town include beautiful windy hills, the Sylvia Theater, peachtree orchards, and the McCelvey Center.

  • Best Hotels: Mount Royale, Grays Court, Middlethorpe Hall Hotel and Spa
  • When to visit: March-May (Spring)
  • Best accommodation: Magnolia House & Gardens, Waterfront Lake Wylie Home

4 Edisto Island

Though mostly undeveloped, Edisto Island offers a rich cultural heritage, picturesque beaches, and incredible wildlife, making it a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. It is a perfect spot for visitors who love spending peaceful moments, mostly evenings, along the coast. The food here is also amazing; whether one is looking for fresh seafood, shrimp, or a Philly cheesesteak, there are many dining options to choose from. Previously inhabited by American Indians, Edisto Island offers an extremely exciting, yet humbling travel experience, and every traveler should explore it at least once in their lifetime.

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  • Accommodation: Travelers can only stay in rental homes because retail development in this area is very minimal.
  • When to explore: November to escape crowds. Edisto Island tourism is busiest in July, March, and June. Things are expensive at these times of the year – from flights to hotels and accommodations.

3 Clemson

Looking for an incredible opportunity of reconnecting with Appalachian culture and enjoy the great outdoor adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than South Carolina's Clemson! Mounted in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, along the shores of Lake Hartwell, Clemson avails a combination of different lifestyles; lake, mountain, and urban lifestyles. Some of the outdoor activities that travelers can enjoy in this fine town include paddling, hiking, night tours, and attending the fantastic events that make Clemson so lively.

  • Best Accommodation: the Abernathy Hotel, James F. Martin Inn, Courtyard Clemson
  • When to visit: Mid-March-Late May

2 Anderson

Anderson is known for being the friendliest town in South Carolina - thanks to the locals' warm and welcoming nature – no wonder it is also referred to as the City of Hospitality. With beautiful things to explore - Anderson is a true definition of a vibrant community. It is a collection of fine shops and dining restaurants serving some of the most delicious local foods made from scratch. Being a historic town, there are plenty of museums, gallery exhibits, and theatrical productions, Anderson is a perfect destination for art lovers and historians.

  • Accommodation: Bleckley Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Suites
  • Best time to explore: October

1 Bluffton

Known as “the South’s last true coastal village,” Bluffton is nothing but an enchanting town mounted between the Interstate 95 and Hilton Head Island, along the May River. It is home to historic sites, artisan shops, and beautiful restaurants. The incredible views of the May River will leave every traveler in love with this mind-blowing community. Bluffton is a perfect destination to enjoy nature's beauty at its best.

  • Accommodation: Montage Palmetto Bluff, Stoney Crest Plantation Campground
  • Best time to explore: May through September