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Whether exploring Italy with a group or as a solo traveler, there is so much to see and enjoy. From the rolling hills and vineyards to the rich history and art to the many magnificent coastal towns, it feels nearly impossible to see it all! One thing visitors will quickly realize is just how crowded those well-beloved cities get, especially during the heights of tourist season and the heat of summer. If you are looking to get outside of Rome, Venice, Pisa, and Florence, to explore or stay in some gorgeous Italian towns, here are a few special Italian cities to consider!


Enjoy The Stunning Hills Of Tuscany In Arezzo

Florence may be incredibly known as a historical home to artists and more, but the museums and city centers bring a bustle of crowds every day. Take the train just an hour south of Florence to get into the hills of Tuscany in this quaint little town with plenty of charm and plenty to do! Arezzo is a historic city, dating back to even before the Roman Empire. The city is surrounded by walls and "four gates", providing less traffic in the city center than its neighboring tourist destinations.

There are plenty of opportunities nearby to experience the cuisine and fine wine that the rolling hills of Tuscany have to offer. Booking through Airbnb experiences is a great way to find both wine tasting and intimate cooking classes near this historic and quaint destination.

If you stop in Arezzo, you absolutely must try the most incredible pastries in all of Italy from the lovely and family-owned Pasticceria Bruschi.

See The Colors Of Cinque Terre In Vernazza

Vernazza is a picturesque town and likely the best place to see the stunning colors and views of the sea from Cinque Terre. Vernazza is one of the smaller of these "Five Lands", it is fully walkable with a small beach area, and plenty of restaurants and shops, making it the perfect place to stay! There are some amazing boat tours to take travelers out to see all five of the famous coastal cities. Travelers inclined to hike can purchase a Cinque Terre card to hike and train freely between the different towns.

Cinque Terre has been popular for decades as tourists come to see these colorful fishermen's towns tucked in the hills of the western Italian coast. While they can become quite crowded, it is worth a visit and a dip in the water during the hot summer months. If you are looking for a less crowded area, consider staying a bit outside the cities at this charming hotel in Viareggio or further south down the coast at the beautiful beaches of Cala Violina.

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Island Life Outside of Naples: Ischia

Naples draws large crowds of tourists every year and seems to be on the higher price point of budgets for travelers. One good option for visitors wanting to experience the famous pizza of Napoli but avoid the money-spending arenas and crowds is to take the ferry to the smaller island of Ischia.

Ischia is eighteen nautical miles from another popular tourist destination, the island of Capri. This location will give visitors the best of both worlds and access to these tourist destinations, with fewer crowds and perhaps cheaper opportunities for lodging, meals, and souvenirs!

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The Magic of Romance: Verona

Rome may be known as the Italian city of Romance, with the word being present right in the name. However, in the north of Italy is a city that may rival the meaning. If you're not familiar with it, Verona is the birthplace of one of the most epic romance tales of all: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette. While this tale draws tourists and hopeless romantics to the charming town, it is still not as busy as some of the other tourist destinations in this wanderlust country.

Verona is an amazing place to visit for travelers wanting to experience fairytale sights. Like its big sister city of Rome, Verona includes a "mini Colosseum", called the Arena de Verona. This Roman amphitheater was built in 30 A.D. and, unlike the one in Rome, is still in use today! Visitors can still experience large-scale opera performances there, in one of the most well-preserved ancient structures of its kind.

Travelers wandering through Centro Storico are sure to find some amazing gems including the famous Juliette's house and balcony. "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" ... Probably somewhere in the thousands of tourists that cram into this small courtyard! But, it can still be worth it to see the structure and the hundreds of "Letters to Juliette" that line this brick wall: from travelers leaving wishes of love and light and all things romantic.

Wherever you end up in Italy, visitors are sure to enjoy some of the most wonderful food and beautiful views one can imagine. It truly is one of the most romantic destinations in the world!