A breathtaking skyline is usually one of the things that big cities can brag about. Beautiful skylines may be seen worldwide, not just in well-known places such as New York. In truth, the world is flooded in skylines adorned with brilliant lights, impressive architecture, and gigantic structures.

Furthermore, beautiful skylines are testaments that human engineering is not only limited to highly industrialized countries. To learn more about these wonders, here are ten of the world's best skylines that everyone should see as soon as possible.

10 Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has an unwavering dedication to the contemporary skyline, with over 43 structures standing 200 meters high, and 15 of these are among the tallest buildings in the world. The metro's dense, elevated landscape may not be liked by anyone, but for metropolitan enthusiasts, it's a dream come true. What truly distinguishes this city is its setting, with the artificial buildings and mountainous peaks surrounding it. Additionally, Hong Kong is a prominent financial hub and serves as a business center of Asia.

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9 New York, USA

New York is famed for its vibrant nightlife and gigantic billboards in Times Square, which add to the skyline's splendor, especially at night. The stunning Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building highlight the New York Skyline during the day. It also has 47 constructions that are higher than 200 meters. Furthermore, the city's skyline has been famous due to its appearance in many Hollywood films.

8 Chicago, USA

It is well-known that the United States enjoys cramming its metropolises with towering structures, especially Chicago. The city deserves special recognition as the origin of the contemporary skyline. Its first high-rise was constructed in 1885. The city has grown in popularity since then, with 19 skyscrapers over 200 meters in height, making it one of the best in the world. The John Hancock Towers, the Willis Tower, and the Trump Tower are among the structures that border the Lake Michigan shoreline, creating a breathtakingly beautiful skyline.

7 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, the world's most heavily inhabited mega-city, is home to a sea of blazing neon lights in high-rise constructions that stretch skyward beneath the range of Mount Fuji. The city is unable to construct gigantic towers due to its vulnerability to earthquakes. However, they still get to construct the Tokyo Skytree. This transmission tower stands at 2,080 feet and is the second tallest structure in the world. Furthermore, some of the world's exciting architecture comprise Tokyo's skyline.

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6 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has a luxurious drive and determination that has brought them to this point. Dubai's skyline is comprised of over 33 towers, all of which are taller than 200 meters. The Burj Khalifa, which is 828 meters high, outstripped all competitors as the tallest structure globally. Furthermore, the city is showing no signs of slowing down. The Dubai City Tower, which is planned to be 2,400 meters tall, is now under construction.

5 Sydney, Australia

Sydney's skyline is not just simply about its gigantic structures, as the well-known Opera House in the city's harbor gets the entire picture. The famous landmark contrasts nicely with the pristine blue seas and majestic towers that surround it in the harbor. MLC Centre, AMP Tower, and the Centrepoint Tower are only a few of the city's skyscrapers. Furthermore, one of the primary aspects contributing to Sydney's ranking as the best skyline is the enormous arch of Harbour Bridge.

4 Toronto, Canada

Toronto's architecture is a fascinating mixture of eras and styles, with numerous structures transporting visitors back to the mid-nineteenth century. With the well-known architects who constructed the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto is predicted to rise quickly, just like Dubai. The CN Tower, which stands over 553 meters tall and has the world's highest viewing platform, dominates Toronto's skyline and the First Canadian Palace, which stands at 72 floors.

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3 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Unlike the others on our list, Kuala Lumpur's skyline isn't the most heavily populated, as this would only underline the city's attractions. Only ten of its skyscrapers are higher than 200 meters. Still, they include the world's tallest twin towers, the Petronas Towers, and the 420-meter-high Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower. As a result, the twin towers contribute to Kuala Lumpur's skyline, thanks to the architect of the Petronas Towers' decision to make the skyscraper look like a rocket.

2 Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is also not densely packed as it only boasts five skyscrapers that exceed the 200 meter-high mark. Among these gigantic towers include the Commerzbank Tower, which is widely popular for its usage of 'sky-gardens' and ecologically friendly technologies. The Europaturm viewing tower, which is 331 meters in height, and the 257-meter-high Messeturm pyramid summit are also among the skyscrapers. Furthermore, despite the city's towers clashing with various factors, it is still among the cities with the best skyline.

1 Singapore, Singapore

With mostly light-colored structures and extensive swathes of greenery around the city's center, Singapore is regarded as a prominent highlight of the Southeast Asia region. The city is an excellent example of a beautiful skyline developed within the constraints of a metropolitan planning framework. The city is distinguished by its well-thought-out urban architecture, including a 280-meter skyscraper height limit. Furthermore, the city's skyline is a combination of old and contemporary structures, and the Marina Bay Sands provides a unique perspective of it.

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