Denver is best known for its landscapes, river canyons, and a snow-covered wonderland of the Rocky Mountains. It is an oasis to its otherworldly mountainous beauty. Denver is Colorado's capital city, and it is also the largest among the others. Colorado is also home to the world's best skiing and snowboarding resorts because of its heavy snowfall and striking mountains. Conveniently, these beautiful ski resorts are situated not far from Denver.

You don’t need to travel far from Denver to find a good ski resort. Below are the best ski resorts near Colorado’s capital city.

10 Echo Mountain Resort

The closest and affordable ski resort to Denver is the Echo Mountain Resort. Just about 36 miles away from downtown is the smallest resort in the south of Idaho Springs. The new terrain has only one available chair lift and runs nine times, which is why visitors could not freely enjoy it all day. However, the resort offers night skiing and it is one of the few ski resorts in Colorado that allow night rides.

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9 Loveland Ski Area

About 56 miles away from Denver is the Loveland Ski Area, featuring almost 100 trails and around 1,800 acres of terrain. The entire resort consists of Loveland Basin and Loveland Valley, wherein the latter is for seasonal skiers. Loveland also offers ski lessons in their ski school, also located at the Loveland Valley. Visitors will learn the basics of skiing, something on many travelers’ bucket lists! The closest towns are Georgetown and Silverthorne.

8 Eldora Mountain Resort

Eldora Mountain Resort is 48 miles away from the northwest of Denver with 700 acres of skiable terrain. It serves as a ski area for the locals and is great for beginners. The best time to visit the resort is during the early mornings or if possible, during weekdays. The place becomes crowded during weekends, and you might find it hard to look for space. Despite being small, there are still restaurants and shops featured on other bigger resorts.

7 Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

A-Basin features 1,400 acres of terrain, also considered as one of the smallest ski resorts near Denver. It is 63 miles away from downtown and is known, especially to veteran skiers. Over 150 trails encompass the resort with very extreme slopes because of its summit elevation of 13, 050 – the highest skiable place in North America. Moreover, it is known for usually having the longest ski season in the state. Additional amenities are the limited restaurants, shops, and good parking lot.

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6 Winter Park Resort

The oldest operating ski resort in the state is Winter Park Resort, 66 miles away from downtown. It has a unique history and has undergone several expansions since 1940. Currently, the resort operates with over 3,000 skiable acres and 166 trails. This Grand County features more trails, especially for veteran skiers. The Mary Jane section of the resort has runs even for experienced skiers.

5 Keystone Ski Resort

Located in the east of Breckenridge and Loveland Pass is the Keystone Ski Resort, 69 miles away from Denver. The resort offers a more extreme experience with over 3,100 skiable acres and six peaks. Things that would make the veterans fall in love with are the bowls, chutes, and three runs on the peaks. There are also different terrains available for beginners. This resort caters to all. To experience more of Keystone resort, night skiing is a must.

4 Copper Mountain Resort

With an hour and a half drive from Denver, you will reach a big mountain that offers a variety of terrains. Experience everything on Copper Mountain through the fast groomers, steeps, bumps, cliffs, chutes, cornices, and many more. You can easily learn every trail because of the wide area and the least crowd. The village consists of three bases, featuring restaurants, bars, shops, and even recreational activities like rock climbing. Everything is being offered here, at Copper Mountain Resort.

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3 Beaver Creek Ski Resort

Located on the south of Avon and about 109 miles from Denver is one of Colorado's most famous and luxurious ski resorts. Featuring over 1,800 acres of skiable terrain with picturesque views of the Vail Valley. The resort is surrounded by peaks and a variety of top-notch ski hotels. It boasts terrain for all ability levels from the easiest way to the most intense slopes of the peaks. After the rigid activities, visitors may relax in the luxurious spas or indulge in the restaurants.

2 Vail Ski Resort

Almost 97 miles from Denver is the biggest resort on the list, with over 5,300 skiable acres and incredible mountain villages. Vail Ski Resort is also a luxurious ski destination with a justifiable cost. It is inspired by an Australian-style ski village, the Vail Village and Lionshead Village. Aside from the snow sports, the resort also offers non-winter activities such as white water rafting, hiking, camping, fishing, and mountain biking.

1 Breckenridge Ski Resort

Located in the mountains in the south of Dillon and is 81 miles away from Denver, Breckenridge is a town that is home to various ski resorts. The town itself is a destination with its preserved historic buildings and picture-perfect Main Street. Breckenridge Ski Resort has nearly 3,000 skiable acres and terrain suitable for all skill levels. Aside from various snow sports, the Imperial SuperChair of the resort is named as the highest chair lift in North America.

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