When we picture Japan, we think of cherry blossoms and delicious sushi and tea. We might not immediately think that there are ski resorts here but there are various times during the year when this country gets some snow. Japan Guide says that February is a very snowy month and this kind of weather can happen from November until May.

With a few different ski resorts to choose from, which will make for the best stay? From comfort to the slopes to the food, there are various expectations that guests have, and a few resorts have totally delivered. There are many guests who have posted their experiences and talked about some details of their vacations.


Keep reading for the ski resorts in Japan that have the best reviews on Trip Advisor.

Niseko Northern Resort An'nupuri Is A Great Pick

One ski resort in Japan that has great reviews is Niseko Northern Resort An'nupuri, which has a four-star rating out of 464 reviews. It was Trip Advisor's "2019 Travelers' Choice." It's close to a restaurant called Lucky Fingers, along with some others. The hotel has a spa and also a laundry service.

According to one review, you can rent skis at a store that is close to the Annupuri slopes, and it was super convenient because the hotel has lockers where you can leave everything until you need it the next day. You can take group ski lessons (but those will be in Japenese) so if you want to splurge, you can take a private English lesson.

The reviewer finished with, "I can’t describe how much we enjoyed this hotel and have to give it 5 stars. I could totally recommend beginners and intermediate skiers to enjoy this ski-in/ski-out resort!" They also shared this photo of the snow out of the hotel window, which looks incredibly beautiful.

According to another review from two parents traveling with two young kids, the king bed was really big, they enjoyed the food, and it was easy to buy all the equipment (even clothing for their little ones) that they needed. Since one of their kiddos was younger than six years old, she ate dinner and breakfast totally free of charge, which is awesome.

Other reviewers liked the breakfast offered at this hotel, including the buffet at lunchtime. One guest posted, "Lunch buffet is always worthwhile in there. Udon and Soba highly recommended." There is also the Forester Lounge where you can get dessert and cocktails.

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You'll Also Be Pleased With Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention

With a four-star rating out of 772 reviews, Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention is another ski resort in Japan with the best reviews. It has the number one "Best Value of 21 Ski Resorts in Japan" on Trip Advisor. Guests have commented that the rooms are clean and nice, and you'll find a flatscreen TV and fridge in your room. There is also a pool, which will appeal to people traveling with children.

This hotel is good for families and as one parent wrote on Trip Advisor, "My family enjoyed our stay here. We rented ski equipment and went skiing. There’s a children’s area where they can use sled and tube however chargeable at 800yen per person.

There are lots of convenient/ souvenir shops within the resort. The kids played at the game arcade."

It's not very common to see a carousel at any kind of hotel, let alone a ski resort, so this is definitely something that sets this place apart. Guests can go on it free of charge, which is really cool and gives the whole place a magical element.

Another parent was really pleased with this ski resort in Japan as it's peaceful and there aren't that many people, which isn't the case at other ski resorts. They wrote, It's truly ski-in ski-out, having a ski locker, ski hire and you can find many English speaking instructors for both ski and snowboard. And the best thing is it's so less crowded than Niseko." They said a few times, they spent a morning skiing alone and they loved that.

Another guest stayed here back in 2018 and praised it: "The resort is a one-stop area with a great selection of food and shopping selections. The food is amazing at the ski lodges and at great prices. The snow was amazing with 2 feet of fresh powder during our stay."

If you're looking for an incredible ski resort to stay in Japan, look no further than these two suggestions which have gotten very positive reviews on Trip Advisor. People love the food, skiing, snowy atmosphere, and the nice clean hotel rooms.

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