The wild, rugged state of Colorado is a skiers heaven, with mighty mountains and shimmering snowy slopes in a season that attracts ski-lovers of all skill sets time and time again. Whether one needs a lengthy retreat, a weekend snowy getaway, or a fantastic day trip, nobody needs to venture far from Denver in order to get their skiing fix. With several world-class ski resorts on the capital's doorstep, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for a quick slope-sliding escapade. However, these remarkable resorts featured that are a stone's throw from Denver might just fit the bill.

10 Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort truly stands out thanks to its impressively long cruisers comprised over three mighty mountains. Boasting 20 lifts, a gondola, and almost 20 feet of snow a year, guests have all they need to enjoy a winter wonderland irresistibly close to Denver. The resort is very well laid out, with the most challenging terrains at the farthest end, and the easiest close by. Seasoned skiing veterans will love Outback Mountain, which is only challenged by the most skilled and strongest of skiers who come to tackle tree skiing, moguls, and steep cruisers.

Those who aren't quite ready for the most difficult runs have North Peak Mountain, which is a little less intimidating though still boasts plentiful runs that are just as fun, but slightly less challenging. On the other hand, Dercum Mountain is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers, and those who simply want to enjoy cruising along easy runs while taking in the shimmering snowy vistas. And if all that variety wasn't enough, night skiing is on offer for an entirely different skiing experience after dark. Finally, when it comes to après ski, Keystone Village is the place to be with its superb restaurants and lively bars serving up a fantastic social scene.

9 Vail Mountain Resort

Vail Mountain resort is an easy contender as one of the world's best ski resorts and is as awesome as it is large with something on offer for everyone. Boasting long blues, vast and wide easy greens, tree skiing, and amazing bowls across several mountains, Vail Mountain is truly one of the top ski spots to add to the bucket list.

Getting around is easy with the resort's 31 lifts and two gondolas, and with a combination of excellent snow-making facilities along with superb quality natural snowfall, the skiing here is second to none. The snow season is also long, with one of the earliest ski seasons in the region (beginning in mid-November), through February and March are some of the best snow months.

It's not just skiing and snow that brings visitors to Vail either - Vail itself is home to tons of non-snowy activities and attractions to keep the whole family entertained. There are plenty of scenic roads and villages, tempting restaurants with beautiful patios showing off incredible views, and no lack of shops selling the latest and greatest ski gear.

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8 Beaver Creek Resort

Just 20 minutes from Vail is Beaver Creek, with its entirely different vibe and more laid-back atmosphere. The resort boasts 23 lifts, easy escalators to transport guests to the base area, and a friendly entourage of helpful staff who can't seem to do enough to assist visitors with their gear. There are also fantastic beginners and intermediate areas as well, providing both newbies and skilled skiers with loads of terrain to explore.

But don't let the easy-going aura fool you - there's no shortage of action-packed slopes, terrains, and epic events going on at Beaver Creek. The resort actually hosts the men's and women's Alpine World Cup downhill races, which is a must for any thrill-seeking skier to attend. Let's not forget about Beaver Creek itself either - the magical alpine village is heaving with shops, restaurants, galleries, a fun ice rink, and more to keep visitors happy during days off the slopes.

7 Winter Park Resort

Winter Park is a mere 67 miles from Denver and is very easy to reach. With over 27 feet of snow, every year spread out across over 3,000 acres of skiing terrain, this is one of the best and closest resorts to Denver that promises an all-around top-tier skiing vacation.

Here, slope sliders have long, wide beginners slopes, long groomers, and world-class tree runs along with six terrain parks promising lots of variety for all experience levels. What's more, the resort's base area is ideal for après ski, with lovely winding streets featuring cutesy quaint shops and restaurants. Top tip: don't skip out on a visit to Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge - a favorite for skiers here who simply want to kick back and enjoy the sweeping snowy panoramas.

6 Arapahoe Basin

Known for having the longest ski season of all Colorado resorts, Arapahoe Basin - also known as A-Basin - has a very long season starting very early and finishing even later. The resort with its 30 feet of snow per year is situated very high up, where guests ski at an elevation between 10,000 and 13,000 feet - which explains the area's unbeatable and uninterrupted views enjoyed by skiers as they zoom along the spectacular runs.

As Arapahoe Basin is situated significantly higher up than many resorts, it does mean that it lacks modern base village amenities. However, this is more than made up for with its magnificent wide-open skiing spots and absolutely breathtaking scenery that simply cannot be compared.

Furthermore, a high altitude means outstanding snow quality, which is some of the very best snow that Colorado has to offer. Come the end of the season in spring, many other resorts suffer the dreaded wet slush, but at Arapahoe Basin, it remains light, fluffy, snowy, and still prime for skiing.

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5 Breckenridge

Breckenridge, also known as Breck, spreads out over five mountains and offers visitors 34 lifts - amongst which is the highest chairlift in North America at a stupefying 12,840 feet-high. The resort's elevated mountainous areas feature challenging runs for seasoned skiers to get their adrenaline fix, with the added bonus of jaw-dropping tree and bowl skiing on offer. Descend down the mountain, and guests have less daunting runs and ski areas, with plenty of wide and open easy greens and gentle blues that appeal more to beginners and those with less experience.

Breckenridge also benefits from good snowfall in season, with over 30 feet of snow falling on average - with spring skiing serving up equally as epic slip and slide opportunities for those who can't resist a challenge. For a day off the snow, Breckenridge town is fascinating and beautiful to visit. The town's historic mining activities are apparent, and there are lots of shops and restaurants with mesmerizing views for visitors to enjoy while dining on sumptuous dishes.

4 Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain welcomes guests to explore over 140 incredible runs that vary in difficulty. From easy green runs suitable for beginners and families to steep trails that fulfill the adrenaline cravings of seasoned skiers, there's truly something for everyone at Copper Mountain. An average of 25 feet of snow per year along with 364 acres of snowmaking facilities installed on hills makes this resort a top candidate amongst all Denver ski resorts. Plus, with 24 lifts and an eight-passenger gondola, getting around is overly easy and convenient.

At the large base area, there are three villages aptly named Center, West, and East. Center is home to most of the shops and restaurants, where guests can buy almost anything they would ever need for their stay all in one place. Throw in abundant car parking, and Copper Mountain is a brilliant choice for people seeking out a day trip from Denver.

3 Eldora

Just 47 miles from Denver is Eldora, with its 680 acres of beginner, intermediate and advanced ski zones to tempt all levels of slope sliders - including snowboarders. A Woodward facility also sits on the mountain here, boasting eight parks with rails, jumps, and other fun obstacles spread across the slopes. 10 lifts allow guests to easily get around, no matter which runs they seek to challenge next. The resort even sees 25 feet of snow each year, with the added top-up of snowmaking across the whole mountain to allow for a superb ski season.

2 Echo Mountain

Echo Mountain is teeny tiny, offering visitors great skiing on a small mountain amidst a relaxed vibe. Despite being small, Echo Mountain with its brilliant facilities and 23 feet of snow each year provides guests with a memorable time. The resort itself is an incredibly fun place to ski, with one chair and two conveyor lifts servicing 13 runs - but this is all part of the intimate, quiet draw of the place.

Most of the runs are intermediate level, but there are a few greens suitable for beginners and some tree skiing for those with experience. Add in exuberant snow tubing and fun night skiing, and this small resort with its private and quiet charm more than makes up for its pint-size with excellent variety and all-around amazing snow opportunities.

1 Loveland

Loveland sits at the top of the Continental Divide at only 53 miles from Denver, acting as a magnet for any snowfall in the area. The resort sees a whopping 35 feet of snow per year, which is more than any other resort in and around Denver. Loveland is comparatively smaller than many other resorts in the region and is much more casual in nature. What sets this resort apart from the others, in particular, is its hardcore following of repeat guests and fans, along with its excellent ski area just for beginners - charmingly named Loveland Valley.

Whilst the resort only has 94 runs and 11 lifts, it does offer guests plenty of varied terrains suitable for all skill sets - not just beginners. In particular, The Ridge area is perfect for skiers who enjoy deep, fresh snow and wide bowls. Another bonus? Guests can try their hand at CAT skiing completely free of charge.

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