Food is unquestionably the best approach to someone's emotional core. But it must strike a balance between something soulful and nutritious. Shabu-Shabu or "hot pot" provides all of this to tourists by heating noodles, meat, vegs, and other ingredients in a pot. In addition, shabu shabu is a Japanese idiomatic phrase that refers to the fast spins in the soup used to heat the finely diced meat. To learn more, here is a list of the best 'shabu shabu' restaurants in Asia:

10 Ganso Shabuway, Philippines

Ganso-Shabuway is a California-based restaurant situated in the Philippines, that serves Japanese-style shabu shabu. Their nutritious approach to shabu-shabu is particularly distinctive, providing only organic beef, raw vegetables, as well as a selection of pasta, and various shabu shabu ingredients. Ganso also has several combo packs in standard, big, and small sizes. Furthermore, regardless if a diner prefers meat or is a health-conscious eater, there is something for everyone, including Japanese beverages. Lastly, the restaurant offers shared tables or countertops for seating.

  • Price: $25

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9 Asakusa Wakashika Shabu Shabu, Japan

This famous shabu shabu establishment situated in Tokyo has always been producing several of the greatest shabu shabu foods within the Asakusa district for about two centuries. Aside from the standard beef, they also serve wonderful meat in a rich dashi stew that pulls out the innate savory flavor of the flesh as it begins to boil. Wakashika, furthermore, delivers a highly selected variety of exquisite wines that complement each diner's cuisine and particular tastes.

  • Price: $46

8 Gazan Garden, Japan

Gazan Garden, headquartered in Azabu Juban, is among Tokyo's most affluent areas, specializing in Yonezawa beef. This beef is famous for its beautiful blend of thin, marbled flesh because it is smoothly raised for almost three years and given a diet of unique Yonezawa grass. In addition to the diner's greater hot pot, Gazan Garden serves sukiyaki, a dish that includes delicate beef cooked in a flavored seasoning stew and covered in scrambled egg upon consumption.

  • Price: $100

7 Roppongi Onohan, Japan

Onohan, situated in a secluded portion of the affluent Roppongi district, excels in hot pot cooked from Kagoshima-produced pig meat, Japan's most well-regarded kind. This top-quality meat is admired in both Japan and worldwide because of its sweet and rich taste. Diners will also undoubtedly like Onohan's soybean yogurt shabu shabu, which pairs well with the soft, smoky pork's affluent, delicious taste. This restaurant also serves authentic Japanese kaiseki banquets, with each meal rotating monthly to reflect the shifting periods.

  • Price: $126

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6 Echikatsu, Japan

Echikatsu is among Tokyo's longest shabu-shabu establishments, and it's no wonder that this ancient business is unparalleled when it relates to high-quality meat and superb eating. Diners can enjoy a beautiful view of Japan’s landscape while filling up on the excellent quality wagyu beef. Furthermore, Echikatsu is a highlight in a town of exquisite establishments for individuals who value heritage, culture, and exquisite flavor to complement the setting.

  • Price: $100

5 Megan’s Kitchen, Hongkong

Megan's Kitchen, located within a humble facility of Wan Chai, is a fantastic place for a typical shabu shabu encounter with current touches. Diners may immerse their tasty food in a range of inventive handcrafted broths, like crab stew and tomatoes with a souffle touch and vibrant lobster bowl stew. They will then be spoiled for selection with an abundance of fine fresh veggies, meat, and seafood. Megan Kitchen also serves two inventive vegetarian buns that are ideal for conscious shabu shabu enthusiasts.

  • Price: $20

4 The Drunken Pot, Hongkong

The Drunken Pot, famous for its sleek urban ambiance and inventive treatment of shabu shabu components, is frequently referred to as among Hong Kong's finest shabu shabu restaurants. The restaurant enjoys delivering a one-of-a-kind selection of specialties such as handmade crabmeat and shrimp dumplings with truffles, fried tofu as well as seaweed wraps, all of which pair well with the distinctive Drunken Pot. In addition, customers should not miss out on certain delectable foods such as steaming steamed buns and sushi.

  • Price: $24

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3 Dong Lai Shun, Hongkong

Dong Lai Shun became a Nobel prize restaurant which has consistently been a crowd favorite. The exquisite restaurant is famous for its internal Mongolian meat hot pot, which is a great choice for mutton aficionados. Also, everything consists of bright thin pieces of internal Mongolian dark-skinned mutton as well as a wide range of broth foundations, such as the calming silkie chicken along with palm soup and the spicy and savory broth mixed with Chinese chilies and bamboo stalk. They also make handmade meatballs with sichuan hot sauce.

  • Price: $31 to $50

2 Coconut Taste, China

This fashionable shabu shabu establishment employs a foundation of chicken simmered with palm milk to produce a rich, subtly sweet, as well as a savory stew that matches nicely with the veggies, sirloin, and other ingredients that simmer inside. Also, its dipping condiment is equally delicious, consisting of a red chili mixture and zingy soy sauce mixed with lime citrus to provide vibrancy to each and every taste. Furthermore, the décor is rather gorgeous and contemporary, giving this a nice setting in which one can chew away and enjoy.

  • Price: $25 to $26

1 Elixir Health Pot, China

This shabu shabu restaurant provides broth that guests may sip right directly from the bowl since many people across Asia helped in creating this elixir with great medicinal and facial benefits. Although it might look like one of the strangest Chinese delicacies, however, its white collagen stew is very nutritious, produced from meat bones including knuckles which were cooked for hours till the stew is rich and aromatic. Afterward, Chinese medicines such as ginseng, goji berries, and others are used in the healing process. Furthermore, this is a shabu shabu restaurant that both rejuvenates and warms the stomach of every guest.

  • Price: $25 to $27

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