People are always looking for an excellent place away from the busy city life and for this wish, islands are a perfect locale. There are many islands throughout the world to visit Key West, Fiji, Bermuda, or Jamaica. and these are places pretty much everyone knows. But more obscure island destinations are being unveiled every day, for instance, Cucarao, a Caribbean getaway that no one knew about five years ago but today welcomes over fourteen thousand tourists per quarter.

Not all secrets will stay that way forever, so here’s a list to get your hidden island adventure going!

10 Apulit Island, Philippines

Apulit Island is a tiny island with a small population, and it doesn't have shops, restaurants, or bars. All that exists is crystal clear waters full of fish and pronounced limestone cliffs. Apart from El Nido's attractive beach, a section of Powderly sand is not far away from the beach, and tourists can sunbathe and swim virtually by themselves.

One can also do sea kayaking, snorkeling, climbing, and rappelling, usually arranged at the hotel. An on-site PADI allows scuba diving trips to a shipwreck and coral reefs during the day.

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9 Water Island, U.S Virgin Islands

Water Island is the latest main island in USVI. It has around 160 occupants, and it's under 500 acres. The island has countable restaurants but no chain stores, large hotels, or public transportation. If one wants to visit this destination, the Virgin Islands campsites are not situated on the beach though one can walk for 10 minutes on a woodsy trail to access a small beach. Honeymoon beach is an infamous, picturesque beach that is also 10 minutes away on foot.

8 Nikoi Island, Indonesia

To visit Nikoi Island, one needs to book first as a guest of this minute private island. All that exists in Nikoi Island is the Nikoi resort, where guests/tourists can stay for a tranquil getaway. It is located fifty miles from Singapore and the East coast of mainland Indonesia. Nikoi is infamous among couples that need a romantic vacation.

7 Stocking Island, Bahamas

Stocking Island is very remote. There are no roads or cars on the island, and only a few people live here. It is accessible using boats. The commutation is miles of exclusive, hidden nature trails and sandy beaches.

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6 Mirihi Island, Maldives

Mirihi Island is among the tiniest islands in the Maldives, and to get there, one needs to board a seaplane for a 30-minute journey from Male. Or one can fly to a nearby resort such as Conrad or Aganga Maldives and then embark on a ten-minute trip on a boat to Mirihi Island Resort which is most suitable for small groups and couples. There is a bonus for those fascinated with fishing the world's largest fish.

5 Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

Little Palm Island is only accessible by seaplane or boat. It is an exclusive island home to wild key deer, and a splendor resort named after key deer is found there. It incorporates thirty splendor suites and several complete waterfront verandas. It is a preferred destination for celebrities since it provides a private place to escape the world. Note that utilization of technology is highly discouraged here.

4 Desroches Island, Seychelles

Desroches is a private island located in Seychelles that one can access by taking a 40-minute flight from Mahe Island. It is surrounded by tropical vegetation, palm groves, and white sandy beaches. Other facilities include a pool, full-service spa, kids' club, and restaurant. Spacious villas and suites attribute beach-chic décor and a group of facilities that include kayaks and bikes; villas contain private Miele kitchen and infinity pools.

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3 Koh He, Thailand

Also referred to as Coral island. Koh He is located off the Southern shore of Panwa Cape. The water is ideal for scuba diving and diving, and the beach is fantastic. Koh He Island is infamous for day tourists stopping by from Phuket. The disadvantage of this place is that a generator supplies the power hence the high frequency of power cuts which translates to no lights, hot water, WI-FI, or Air conditioning at that specific time.

2 Con So'n, Vietnam

Con So'n is the biggest amongst the 16 islands of the archipelago. It remains undetected regardless of being a 60 minutes flight from Ho Chi Minh City. Here it is all about the untarnished nature. (picture: turquoise waters, windswept sands, and granite cliffs). There are no bars or shops. The luxe gives over-the-top perks that ensure that one is occupied. Private guides give guests a tour of the island's crystal-clear lagoons and hilltop lighthouse without forgetting a serene spa and personal butlers.

1 Skopelos, Greece

Greece has over 226 inhabited islands across the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Yet Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos always get to the spotlight all the time. To get to Skopelos, one must embark on an hour's journey on a ferry from Skiathos. Skiathos is less crowded and equally beautiful and has pleasant blue-roofed tavernas, Byzantine-era monasteries, and a spoiled coastline.

One can rent a private Villa at Adrina Resort and Spa. The quaint village of Glossa provides the finest water vistas, mostly at Agnanti, whose hillside deck is the ideal location for Greek classics such as stifado (beef stew) and kleftiko( leg of lamb).

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