Texas is rich in size and beauty. It boasts its many natural tourist destinations through various activities held within the state. It is also home to stunning hikes with unique landmarks at the peak. Hence, it receives adventurers every year just to take the challenge of its heights and check out the spectacular views. Try these adventurers with the list of the top ten spectacular heights in Texas.

10 Guadalupe Peak

Standing 8700 feet high and 4 miles long, Guadalupe Peak offers a rugged experience to anyone who dares try it. Although the trail is relatively convenient because it's well maintained. One of the reasons for many hikes is to personally see the stainless steel cap placed by American Airlines in the 1950s which serves as an aid for its navigation. One other reason is the spectacular view of the terrains from the peak. Being the highest peak, hikers would feel like floating along the sky.

  • Entrance Fee: $5

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9 Amon-Carter Peak

This peak is one of the most popular hikes in the Chisos Mountain Range. It stands at 5,800 feet high and is most ideal for camping. It is not recommended to hike it in the hotter seasons because temperatures can be excessively high. Hence, in fall, spring, and tolerable cold in winter are the best times to hike it. Moreover, once at the peak, the picturesque view awaits every hiker. Chisos Mountain is known as the most photogenic terrain in Texas, thus, one can expect a perfect photo of the experience.

  • Entrance Fee: $20

8 Anthony’s Nose

With a view of beautiful flowers and vegetation, it almost feels like it's not a hiking destination. As the second-highest peak in the mountain of Franklin, it's pretty popular to the locals and tourists. It is 6900 feet high and the peak is visible from the nearby towns of El Paso and Las Cruces. The peak resembles the shape of a human nose, hence, where it is named after. After six to seven miles of the hike, hikers can stand and take a photograph on Anthony’s Nose. The fields of flowers are much more beautiful from the peak.

  • Parking Fee: $5

7 Bush Mountain

Another attraction in Guadalupe Mountain is Bush mountain. The trail is open all year long, but since Texas could get extremely humid, it is not recommendable to trail in summer. This has one of the highest peaks in Texas standing at 8,600 feet of elevation. For more aggressive hikers, there is an alternative route than circling around the base of the canyon. Many would find the trail less attractive because it's much similar to other trails in the country, but it features the beauty of Texan wilderness.

  • Fee: $5

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6 Capitol Mesa

Capitol Mesa of Palo Duro State Park is the Grand Canyon of the south. The 120 miles state park features the 3,300 feet deep peak which holds 250 million years of history. Capitol Mesa has the state park’s unique features of hoodoos, which are a type of rock formations that are mostly large in size and have narrow bases. It is considered a romantic trail as the sunset at the peak is unlike anything one has ever seen. Endangered species roam around the state parks, hence, tourists might be lucky to run across these animals, but always remember to be cautious.

  • Fee: $5

5 Cerro Castellan

This height is located in Big Bend National Park and it has its own lavender fields, which definitely add more colors to the spectacular view. This canyon is 3,200 feet in elevation which offers various routes for specific hiking skills. The longest route is 3 miles long but it's all worth it once hikers reach the peak. Fall and spring are the most recommendable seasons to climb unless hikers are healthy and well-equipped to hike during summer. From the top, hikers will grasp over the purple fields and the stunning view of the park.

4 Chinati Peak

Chinati peak is the highest peak in Chinati mountains at 7,700 feet. The peak is high enough that it can be seen from neighboring towns. Aside from being the most challenging, it is also the most beautiful trail to hike. It features a green landscape, an arid atmosphere, and a dramatic vibe when hikers reach the peak. But before they even reach the peak, hikers have to go through a rugged trail, which only seven people made as per record. Hiking gears and equipment are advised to be packed in case of emergency.

  • Fee: Free

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3 Eagle Peak

This 3,100 feet high peak is located in Eagle Mountains. It sits on privately owned land which keeps hiking traffic low, but that doesn’t stop hikers from accessing it through the backcountry roads. Before hikers could even begin the trail, getting through its gate is already an adventure. The trail is relatively easy compared to other hikes in Texas and it is perfect for group hikes. The peak also has the most beautiful sunset that reflects on the terrains, which makes the view ten times better.

  • Fee: Free

2 El Capitan

El Capitan is considered unique for various reasons. The first is because it is the tenth highest peak in Texas that stands 8,000 feet high. Secondly, it is located near a ghost town called Salt Flat. Third, the peak sits on limestone and its structure is particularly challenging to hike. But for enthusiasts, it's just one of the many trails they’ve been through. Lastly, it is 4 miles long and the summit no longer has a trail. Hence, hikers gotta climb to break the final peak.

  • Fee: $10 to $45

1 Fresno Peak

Fresno Peak is far from civilization, perfect for adventurers who want to enjoy nature as it is. Its elevation is as high as 5,100 feet and the trail should trek with caution because the rocks in Fresno are steep and crumble very easily. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Once at the top, get mesmerized by the retro view of the brownish mountain ranges.

  • Fee: $3

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