The Cuban sandwich is a ubiquitous staple of Miami food culture—a delicious mix of ham, cheese, pork, mustard, pickle (and sometimes salami) on deliciously thick (preferably Cuban) bread, it is, quite possibly, one of the city’s most signature dishes. While South Florida’s Cuban population is largely to thank for this toasty goodness that can be found everywhere from Miami International Airport food courts to street vendors and food trucks; it has long been a bone of contention as to whether the sandwich itself originated in Tampa—or in Miami, as so many claim. Wherever its origin, the Cuban has long been associated with Miami and is considered the créme de la créme of its eclectic food scene.


However, while no one can doubt the Cuban’s undeniable magic, it’s not the only sandwich on the scene in Miami. After all, the city is famed for its global cuisine; often heavily influenced by its multi-cultural population that adds flavor and flair to an already exciting food city. And the sandwiches are no exception; they are as diverse as the city itself. Below are some of the best sandwiches for travelers in Miami looking to try the next best thing between sliced bread.

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An Italian Classic From Boie De

During lockdown in 2020, the restaurant was forced to switch to a more to-go friendly menu—thus their version of the supremely delicious Sicilian sandwich the muffuletta was born. Stuffed with Italian meats, provolone cheese, and house-made giardiniera, Boie De’s version of this classic sammy quickly became a hit. Sadly, it can now only be ordered during the restaurant’s Sandwich Sunday—however, it is well worth the wait to get a (big) bite of this beauty. 5205 NE Second Ave. Miami

A Cuban With A Twist At Kush Hialeah

Who doesn’t love a delicious deli-style Reuben sandwich? Piled high with corned beef, swiss cheese, pickles, and sauerkraut, it’s only one of the best sandwiches ever—and it’s hard to imagine it getting any better. But, as the saying goes, when in Rome…In this case, when in Miami, and at Jewish deli Kush Hialeah, that means a super delish mashup of the best part of a Cuban: juicy roasted pork—which is then added to a classic Reuben to create the epic Newman’s Jewban. 1000 E. 16th Street, Hialeah

A Real Deal Steak Sandwich From Enriqueta’s Steak Shop

The Miami sandwich shop Enriqueta’s Steak Shop is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike and is often described as one of the best genuine Cuban spots—a true staple of the city. And with good reason. Serving up amazing sandwiches (including a top-notch Cuban), Enriqueta’s is also known for their mouthwatering Pan con Bistec—thin, juicy fried steak served on toasted Cuban bread with lettuce and tomato. Pure perfection. 186 NE 29th St. Miami

Pulled Pork Pandemonium At Proper Sausages

A Miami butcher shop specializing in delicious meats, Proper Sausages is proper good. Not only does their butcher shop have a wide array of meats to choose from; they also offer specialty and grocery items—and, of course, sandwiches. And while they do have an absolutely fabulous sausage sandwich, it’s their Pulled Pork that steals the show. Dry rubbed and slow-roasted pork shoulder stacked on a Portuguese muffin and topped with tangy iceberg slaw—it may sound simple, but the tender meat and crunchy slaw combo definitely speak for itself. 9722 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Shores

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A Super Short Rib At Mr. & Mrs. Bun

This Peruvian sandwich shop’s menu is chock full of delish goodies inspired by South American flavors—so it’s darn near impossible to choose the best. However, the Braised Short Rib came out on top because of its simplicity—tender, mouthwatering short rib topped with chimichurri and horseradish mayo on a homemade bun, it’s truly a standout gem on this eclectic menu. 15572 SW 72nd St. Miami

A Childhood Classic With A Twist At Ms. Cheezious

A popular food truck empire turned brick and mortar location, Ms. Cheezious still serves up one of the best comfort foods, out there—grilled cheese. But these aren’t just any old grilled cheeses; they are specialty sammies crafted with love and care to form some of the gooiest, most delish melted creations around. While it’s hard to pick a clear winner, the Crabby Cheese Melt is one of the best on the menu—fresh-made, real crab salad, topped with melted cheddar and served on sourdough bread, it’s truly a bit of heaven in every bite. 7418 Biscayne Blvd Miami

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Fab Fried Fish Sammy At La Camaronera

This list of Miami’s best sandwiches would not be complete without a fried fish offering—and the Pan con Minuta from Little Havana’s La Camaronera is one of the best in the city. Freshly caught snapper fried to perfection and topped with raw onion, ketchup, and tartar sauce, all on a fresh Cuban bun, the Minuta is the king of fish sandwiches. Want to mix it up? La Camaronera now offers the OG Minuta in a loaded version with alternate toppings—a fresh twist on the original. 1952 W. Flagler St. Miami

While an authentic Cuban sandwich is an absolute MUST when visiting Miami, visitors should definitely explore the city’s other exciting sandwich options. From classic faves with a twist to tried-and-true authentic bocadillos, Miami’s sandwich scene is top-notch—delightfully diverse, and dangerously delicious.

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