10 Commonwealth

Commonwealth is a rooftop bar in Downtown Vegas just off Fremont Street. It's hard to miss since it's decked out in a classic brick facade with a giant LED sign announcing its name.

On the inside, you'll see the joint keeps up with its old-timey aura with chandeliers. Once you make your way up to the roof, you'll have a streamlined view of the downtown excitement where you can enjoy a martini or an old-fashioned cocktail.

9 Foundation Room

From its unique vantage point atop the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Foundation Room gives you a panoramic view of the Vegas Strip. It's a cocktail lounge that has more of a club vibe than anything else with its rotating DJs and springy light show. Naturally, it's open every day of the week, and the music doesn't stop pumping until the early hours of the morning (about 3 a.m.).

If you decide to check this place out, come dressed to impress and ready to dance. The Foundation Room isn't super strict with its dress code, but if you show up in jean shorts and flip flops, you might stick out.

8 Drai's Nightclub

Drai's Nightclub on top of the Bally not only gives you insight into some of Vegas's more spectacular views, but you'll also find prominent musicians here pretty much every weekend. It is a rooftop hotspot that offers late-night swimming, dancing, and all-night partying.

The club is split between their beach and nightclub and each one has their own set of dress codes. Inside, you'll be expected to come fashionably dressed, but either way, come prepared for a wild night out.

7 APEX Social Club

Located on top of the Palms Resort, APEX exudes a sense of tranquility. This small bit of personal space is decked out in some interesting pieces with seats available to enjoy your bottle service.

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At 55 stories high, you can't expect to see a greater 360-view of Vegas. So while you're there, sit and enjoy the view. If you're looking for a party that's a little more intense, the Palms also has their KAOS Nightclub parties where the likes of performers such as Cardi B are likely to show up.

6 Beer Park

The Beer Park in Vegas has that backyard bar type of vibe so that you instantly feel at home. This Budweiser-sponsored spot is a place that people go to watch sports, play games, and meet new people.

It's strictly casual, even though it's perched on top of the Paris Hotel. Domestic beers are their specialty, but you can still find a few select crafts to satiate your taste buds. If you get a beer, you'll definitely have to try it with their signature sausage. You'll find that time simply melts away in this coveted rooftop space, with games like Jenga, Connect Four, and foosball available to help pass the time.

5 Voodoo Lounge

This swanky spot on top of Rio has an atmosphere that is very different from the others on this list. It's a business casual attire nightclub that doesn't open until 8. But once you're inside, you won't want to leave.

They have flair bartenders that work their magic brewing up some of their classics such as the Witch Doctor. This gigantic, smoking rum cocktail is must if you plan on partying 51 stories above the streets of Las Vegas.

4 107 SkyLounge

Being 107 stories above the strip gives this DJ-fused lounge its name. The Stratosphere Tower, without a doubt, has the most unique city skyline views and their drinks aren't bad either. Considering their high-end martinis come from award-winning bartenders, you should expect nothing less than the best that Vegas has to offer.

Most of the DJs that spin on this rooftop bar are female, giving them a salient step-up from the other nightclubs in Las Vegas. Even if thumping music isn't your thing, you'll still be able to find a quiet spot to enjoy the evening.

3 The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room is associated with the Commonwealth bar in downtown Las Vegas. However, there is a trick to getting in. Like most speakeasies, this one can only be accessed by way of a secret passage. This one, in particular, can only be found via text message. Their website has explicit details, but there's no telling right away if you'll be able to get it.

If you do get the chance, you'll be entranced by the Laundry Room's attention to detail and vintage feel. In a place that's known for its zealous libations, you'll feel especially detached from reality at this themed rooftop bar.

2 Inspire

Inspire is a rooftop bar, lounge, and nightclub where you'll get a different taste of atmosphere throughout the day. Before the sun drops, you can enjoy a nice sunset view and a relaxed evening, but at night you'll be greeted with dance-level music and high-energy bartenders.

It's riddled with bright neon lights to match the strip below, but its lively atmosphere is unlike anything you'll find at the bars on the ground floor.

1 The Roof

It's been said before, but honestly, the Roof at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas probably has the largest sweeping view of the city. You can find this birds-eye view bar on top of the Inspire Theater complex on Fremont Street.

But here's the catch: their drinks are served in bulk, meaning you should probably take a group of friends here. Their sharing-sized cocktails and beers are also limited, with only four brews on tap. And the Roof is only open three days a week, so make a stop here while you can!