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There’s nothing like a weekend escape from a big city, driving through smooth, scenic highways—as the wind gushes through the car—while at the same time, beautiful views open up in the distance revealing picturesque vistas that would make one for a moment get lost in the charming visual reverie. And to max out on the experience, some favorite album from the car’s stereo—and that at the right volume—would make the trip acquire many heavenly attributes. Such is a weekend trip from Dallas.


Also, it goes without saying that such a trip should be a day trip. Peering through the dark and staring at forms of ghostly silhouettes— isn’t anyone’s idea of a road trip. In this article, we look at three-weekend day trips from Dallas that are worth hitting the road for. The following are our best picks.

Enjoy Oklahoma City’s Quirky History

This is a road trip of about 3 hours—all on Interstate 35 that cuts through America’s scenic heartland, connecting such cities as Dallas, Oklahoma, and Minneapolis. This route will see vacationers passing through some major towns like Forthworth, Grapevine, and Arlington. There are also several stops on this road that travelers would want to explore, like the Winstar World Casino and Resort. The Winstar World Casino and Resort is a world-famous casino that’s known to be having the highest number of games of any other casino in the world. Located in Thackerville, it’s also the largest casino in the country.

Other beautiful stops where one can spend a few minutes (or hours) while making his way to Oklahoma include Turner Falls in Davis, which, dropping from a height of 77 feet, is one of Oklahoma's tallest waterfalls. For some mind-blowing pies, a detour at Arbuckle Mountain Pies should be compulsory. Oklahoma City itself has many elements of historical interest that would delight and enthuse all lovers of history. For instance, its Museum of Osteology, one of only two in the United States, provides a visual feast of skeletons ranging from tiny ones like those of mice—to that of a huge, 40-foot humpback whale.

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  • How Much Is The Entry Fee To Oklahoma’s Museum Of Osteology? The entry fee is $12 for adults 12 years and older. Those aged 3-11 will pay $10.

Also, the American Banjo Museum is the only one in the country, perhaps even on the globe, dedicated to the preservation and display of banjos. That’s not even all. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is home to one of the largest collections of Chihuly glass in the world. Still in the city, The Oklahoma City National Memorial honors the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing that took place on April 19, 1995.

Step Back In Time To The Rhythm Of McKinney’s Historic Downtown

McKinney is a distance of 31 miles from Dallas via US-75N. While the town is increasingly putting on a look that’s more modern and trendy, the Historic Downtown just manages to preserve its old charm and small-town allure. It’ll be practically impossible not to fall in love with the town’s cobble-stoned sidewalks as well as her antique shops, boutiques, and fine restaurants. Though definitely not a huge place, Mc Kinney has a lively and upbeat look; and exudes an ambiance that’s charmingly relaxed and casual.

Many of the buildings in McKinney’s Historic Downtown are old, with quite a number dating back to the 19th century—especially along Main Street—known for its authentic hometown feel. The town particularly comes alive on weekends when those in the town get to dance—or clap their hands—in response to the beats of live music ranging from the old rocks to quiet, melodious acoustics. Food and wine are usually in plenty. For arguably the best scones as well as mouthwatering smoothies, coffee drinks, and sandwiches in McKinney, visitors should trace the contacts of McKinney's Sweet Spot, a fine downtown restaurant that has since gone mobile.

  • Where’s The Best Place To Stay In McKinney, Texas? Tripadvisor’s best pick of the 24 places to stay in McKinney is La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham McKinney.

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Drive Down To Fredericksburg For The Sweetest Wine In The Region

The name of this city in central Texas that’s famous for its wineries—is an easy giveaway as to its origins. It was founded by German settlers in the 19th century. While we tend to stereotype Germans as incurable beer devotees, and perhaps, as with most stereotypes, there could be a grain of truth in it; many Germans prefer the grape.

  • How Far Is Fredericksburg From Dallas? From Dallas to Fredericksburg is 261 miles (4 hrs and 25 minutes)—on-35 S

And this is their legacy at Fredericksburg, a town that’s arguably the epicenter of Texas winery. One of the best places to sample Fredrick burg's wine culture is Barons Creek Vineyards. Aside from the carefully curated wines, Barons Creek Vineyards have elegant villas and an outdoor pavilion where couples come to tie the knot.

That’s it. A weekend getaway from Dallas will leave one refreshed, entertained, and revived. And the three-weekend trip destinations that we’ve shared—are some of the area’s celebrated gems.