Nothing gets a person ready to take a trip quite like a movie does. There's an inspiration that comes from watching a film on TV and wishing to have that same wanderlust in one's own life, especially when it comes to road trips. Thankfully, there are plenty of movies out there that will inspire, enthuse, and convince even the homebody-est of homebodies to get out there on the open road.

Whether it's the sights and sounds of a cross-country trip or the spirit of friendship and camaraderie along the way, these are sure to have one's mind thinking about their ultimate road trip.

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10 Easy Rider

Although Easy Rider came out in 1969, its road rules still apply to this day and still spark a sense of wanderlust. It features one of the breakout roles of Jack Nicholson, so that's an automatic 'good movie' rating for anyone who has yet to see its magic. With scrolling scenes of the American Southwest all the way to New Orleans, this entire film embodies what it is to take an all-American road trip. And, as with any good movie, the soundtrack is perfectly fitting for a road trip, as well.

9 Thelma & Louise

Arguably one of the greatest road trip movies in existence, Thelma & Louise is a classic that should be seen by everyone, road trip enthusiast or not. A tale of the unbreakable bonds of friendship meets good 'ol road trip trouble as the pair take on quite the adventure. Greena Davis and Susan Saradan are exceptional in their roles, and Brad Pitt even makes an appearance. The film was even inducted into the National Film Registry by the U.S. Library of Congress for cultural and historical significance.

8 National Lampoon's Vacation

What begins as a seemingly innocent, typical family road trip to one of the country's greatest theme parks takes a turn for the hilarious in National Lampoon's Vacation. This movie is a classic and has likely been the inspiration for many a road trip, particularly those with station wagons. The hilarity ensues as a family - with a slightly higher level of dysfunctionality than most - goes from enthusiastic to altogether crazy over the course of a week.

7 The Sure Thing

A young John Cusack takes on the role of a boy with a dream, specifically that of a girl who's considered to be a 'sure thing' (hence the title). This classic 80s film follows Cusack's character of Walter Gibson as he makes his way from one coast to the other in search of the potential for true love. There's something about Cusack's 80s roles and the idea of falling in love that's so innocent and unassuming, and, combined with a road trip, becomes altogether magical.

6 Tommy Boy

The mid-90s was a wild time and Tommy Boy was an embodiment of that. David Spade and Chris Farley together make for an undeniable charismatic and hilarious pairing, and their road trip antics had views rolling off their rockers when this movie premiered. To this day, it's questionable whether a road trip-themed movie has ever incited that much laughter - and the answer is usually no.

5 Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe directed this coming-of-age movie, featuring a high school journalist who's still wet behind the ears taking on the story of a lifetime. When he gets the chance to follow an up-and-coming rock back around the country, his life changes in more ways than one. It's a classic story of love and romance, and also the harsh realities of life, all combined with a road trip as the driving force.

4 Into The Wild

This emotional tale follows the true story of a man named Christopher McCandless as he makes his way across the country and through Alaska. Inspired by the book that goes by the same name, it's wrought with emotion and features moments that, if one didn't realize the story was true, they'd otherwise be perceived as great fiction. It stresses the importance of survival skills while also sparking a sense of wanderlust for the country's greatest wilderness areas.

3 Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is an award-winning movie and despite its dysfunctional family dynamic, it's quite enduring. With an all-star cast and scenarios that couldn't be made up in one's wildest dreams, this movie should be on the list for every reason, not just its unusual road trip situation. From engine problems to family blow-outs, this movie has it all and presents it in a way that's easily relatable.

2 Elizabethtown

With a little bit of heart and a lot of soul, Elizabethtown inspired many people to make up their own personal road trip books. Following the footsteps of a man who recently lost his father, he meets a woman who happens to change his perspective - and his life. The road trip showcased at the end of the movie is perhaps one of the greatest itineraries to date, complete with landmarks, things to do, and even a flawless soundtrack.

1 Nomadland

This 2020 award winner is the most recent inspiration for those looking to just pack it up and hit the road. In today's day and age, roaming across the country with all that one can fit in a car and not much else is not all that taboo, and Nomadland highlighted how life-changing it can be. This emotionally-packed film won't only inspire viewers, but it'll also change their perspectives on their own lives, too.

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