The iconic Oregon state located to the north of California and south of Washington welcomed in 2018 alone more than 29 million overnight visitors. With countless scenic tourist attractions, luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, and marvelous coastal landscapes, one could spend their whole life touring and enjoying the magical state of Oregon. Portland, the largest city in the state, is known for its welcoming culture and hosted in 2019 almost 9 million overnight person-trips. With its unique gems such as rose gardens, immense bookshops, and art museums, Portland is known internationally for its beauty and rich culture. But there's more than natural beauty and Portland in Oregon.


The state has various other attractions, including fantastic national parks, majestic rivers, magnificent forests, and iconic towns. The multiple features of the state prompt many people to take epic road trips in Oregon, giving them the chance to witness several points of interest while enjoying a long drive.

Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, January 29th, 2022: Taking a road trip around Oregon is as magical and enchanting as can be, where people can witness marvelous natural wonders and partake in unique activities. This article was updated to include the best things to do when stopping in the iconic city of Portland during an epic road trip in Oregon.

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What To Know Before Taking A Road Trip In Oregon

The most beautiful road trip one can take in Oregon is the Seven Wonders drive, which allows visitors to witness the most fascinating scenic marvels that Oregon has to offer. However, before hopping on that trip, one must plan for the lengthy drive. Renting a plug-in hybrid car would be a good idea to save on fuel consumption. One can charge the car's battery at Airbnbs, rest stops, and campgrounds. One should do the drive during September to ensure taking the road trip during sunny days with no snow and fewer crowds. A reasonable number of days that will allow visitors to behold all the seven wonders during the Oregon road trip is ten at the very least.

In what is related to accommodation during the road trip, camping is highly recommended. However, reservations must be made up in advance. To research and book campgrounds, it is essential to use online apps and websites, such as The Dyrt,, and Campsite Photos. It is better to purchase A National Parks America The Beautiful pass and an Oregon State Park Pass ahead of the road trip. An America The Beautiful Annual Pass will allow access to Crater Lake National Park and other National Forest trailheads in Oregon. An annual Oregon State Park grants access to the state's parks such as Smith Rock and other locations along the Columbia River Gorge and the Coast.

  • Cost: An America The Beautiful Annual Pass costs $80, while the entrance fee for Crater Lake National Park costs $30 per vehicle. A Northwest Forest Pass costs $30. The last two won't be needed if one purchased America The Beautiful Annual Pass. The Oregon State Park Annual Pass costs $30, while the daily entrance fee to an Oregon state park is usually $5.

The Wondrous Oregon Road Trip, A Magical Tale

The first wonder of Oregon to stop at during the road trip is the Smith Rock State Park, which boasts a winding river, unique basalt columns, and impressive towering rock spires. Smith Rock State Park is a geological wonder that highlights the history of volcanic activity in the region. The next stop on the list is at The Painted Hills, where people go hiking, Stargazing, and enjoy a scenic bikeway.

At the northeastern corner of Oregon lie the iconic Wallowa Mountains, known as Little Switzerland. Touring Wallowa Lake, backpacking, hiking, boating, and mountain biking are activities people undertake at the Wallowa Mountains. Next on the trip comes the most iconic and tallest mountain in Oregon, Mount Hood. Spending the afternoon at the marvelous Trillium Lake, visiting the historic Timberline Lodge, and poking around the government camp are some of the things to do in Mount Hood.

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The Never-Ending 7 Wonders Of Oregon's Road Trip

The largest National Designated Scenic Area in the United States is the Columbia River Gorge. The region boasts hundreds of fascinating waterfalls, world-class wing and kite surfing, spectacular trails, and breathtaking views. At the Columbia River Gorge, visitors seize the opportunity to behold the scenic views at the Rowena Crest Viewpoint, visit the famous Bridge Of The Gods, hike the Multnomah Falls Trail, and chase magical waterfalls. The most impressive coastline in the United States comes at the next stop, the Oregon Coast.

Visitors spend the most time in the towns lying on the Oregon Coast when going on a road trip in the state. Those towns include northerly magical Astoria, the charming Cannon Beach, relaxing Manzanita, the cheese town of Tillamook, the Pacific City and Neskowin, the Lincoln city, the historic Newport, the town of Yachats, picturesque Florence, Coos Bay-North Bend, charming Bandon, Port Orford, and the remote town of Brookings. The last and seventh wonder to visit on the Oregon road trip is the unique Crater Lake National Park, where hiking, swimming in the lake and exploring the Wizard Island are a must.

Here's What To Do When Stopping At Portland During A Road Trip In Oregon

People are recommended to spend two days in Portland when stopping at this iconic city during the road trip. If the latter was less than 7 days long, then people can spend one day in the city instead of two.

Some of the things visitors to Portland will enjoy during that short time in the city include indulging in the most delicious meals in the food capital on the west coast, witnessing the world's largest bookstore, Powell's Bookstore, and beholding the beauty of the Japanese Garden, among other activities and attractions.

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