When in doubt, it seems like Reddit is the place to go when it comes to unanswered questions. The forum brings together a wide range of opinions that often offer different views of the problem, for example, road trips.

Many people have an opinion on the best hacks, how to avoid driving exhaustion, what to do to alley boredom, when and for what to make stops. The difference, though, is that Reddit often gives us advice we never would have thought of - and, to be honest, it's likely readers will never take a road trip the same way after reading what Reddit suggests.


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Reddit Says: Prepare For A Road Trip By Doing This

From reliable directions to preparing for those long highways full of practically nothing, Reddit has an answer for prepping. After all, it's better to be prepared right off the bat, right? Right.

It's true that travelers live in an era when some kind of internet or WiFi connection is automatically expected, but taking one for granted is exactly what can land a road tripper in trouble. Rural parts of a country can mean long expanses with little to no cell phone signal which can, occasionally, affect the data being downloaded from the GPS.

There's also the issue of a phone charger not working or - gasp - even worse: forgetting to bring one. In this case, having a paper map can literally save a trip. Go the extra mile and manually map out the route in a pencil so that if necessary, changes can be made during the trip.

Apps such as Spotify make it incredibly easy to make and download playlists for offline listening, and the same can be done with podcasts. This eliminates any stress over those potential awkward silences when the signal disappears, which is inevitable at least once during a road trip.

Many Reddit users also swear by audiobooks, which take up hours at a time and keep all passengers entertained while on the road. These are also great if there are any kids in the car!

Reddit Says: While On The Road, Do This

Sometimes, it's better to determine who will drive when prior to starting the road trip. Many times, drivers will insist on pushing themselves as far as possible without realizing they're getting fatigued - switching at every 100 miles or so will prevent this. It'll also give every driver in the car a fair warning before their turn is up, so deciding on a predetermined driving mileage is the way to go.

It's easy and expected to pull over at rest stops but why do that when there are so many parks available? Many of these even have restroom facilities so if that's a concern, do a quick Google search prior to pulling over. The scenery of a lakeside or mountain range is far more pleasant than that of a truck stop!

Reddit Says: Note These Road Trip Hacks

There are some things that drivers just won't think of on a road trip, such as these hacks. Reddit users overwhelmingly recommended avoiding the road trip rush which, essentially, is driving as far as possible without stops. By definition, a road trip is intended to allow travelers to enjoy both the destination and the journey.

Additionally, an emphasis was made by Reddit users on who drivers will be taking a road trip with. Something not many people think of is how compatible they'll be in the car with their best buds and it's not until they've complained for the tenth time that everyone realizes a mistake has been made. At times, there could be days where eight hours or more are spent on the road - don't get stuck with someone who can't appreciate the drive as well as the destination.

Let's talk battery life. Those who have older phones or chargers that are not intended for long-term use while a phone is being used should consider their charging station situation. Reddit users recommend going with a brand such as Xiaomi, which uses Samsung technology, to keep their electronics fully charged. Additionally, brands such as Jumpbox or Halo were mentioned for charging purposes, both providing more than enough power for everyone in the car plus their phones.

Another helpful tip in regard to food was mentioned by one Reddit user, who suggested stopping at grocery stores for snacks rather than gas stations. While gas stations are convenient, they're also very limiting when it comes to foods that will provide road trippers with a solid meal. Grocery stores also have the added bonus of restroom facilities (that are often less crowded), seating, and coffee from the in-store bakery, if any.

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