Studded with a gorgeous topography, where one can bask in the majestic views of the canyons, and rock mesas, Colorado is a blissful haven for outdoor lovers. To beat the heat in summer consider unwinding at Colorado’s stunning rivers. These rivers are perfect for indulging in a myriad of fun water activities such as tubing and white-water rafting. Thanks to the wide range of rivers in Colorado, outdoor enthusiasts can choose to tube down the river in a relaxing mode or in an exhilarating way. Consider our list of 10 places to find Colorado’s best rivers for tubing.

10 Colorado River, Palisade

Blessed with magnificent views of the nearby Mesa County, colorful rock plateaus, and verdant bushes, the Colorado River is an excellent spot to enjoy a leisurely floating trip on a tube. Many outdoor lovers come here in summer to spend some fun time with family. Thankfully the wide size of the river can accommodate many people. One can start tubing at the Riverbend Park and will be able to exit at Corn Lake State Park or Redlands Parkway. Note that there are plenty of kayaks and paddle boards for rentals but not for tubes. So, it is recommended to bring one along.

9 Clear Creek, Golden

Cast off the daily stresses of life and consider a fun tube ride at the Clear Creek White Water Park situated at the west end of 10th street in downtown Golden. The park is known to be one of the best places to experience a lazier float. Simply choose the right stretch of Clear Creek and lay in a donut-shaped rubber tube, while enjoying the balmy weather and the surrounding views. One can also enjoy thrilling ripples, waves, and drops. For an optimum relaxing mode, it is advisable to bring a tube with a net to lounge all day and appreciate the wild setting. For parking, one needs to head to the western end of the Clear Creek Canyon Road, and to Vanover Park along the Water Street. It is also recommended that children under 13 wear a life jacket.

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8 Yampa River, Steamboat Springs

Planning to take a free-flowing river in Colorado, then don’t look further. The Yampa River is a perfect destination to indulge in a floating trip with no obstacles. The river meanders about 250 miles through the northwestern part of Colorado, including a 10-mile stretch through the heart of Steamboat Springs. Start the exciting trip above the town, where the river is fringed by verdant trees on both sides, and pass through the downtown area where there are plenty of riverside stops.

7 San Juan River, Pagosa Springs

The 383-mile-long San Juan River winds down through three states notably from Archuleta County, Colorado, and ends in Glen Canyon. The river flows through downtown Pagosa Springs in Colorado, where one can find multiple entries and exit points when considering river-tubing. The river also flows through multiple town parks and provides many whitewater spots for some fun and thrilling moments. On top of that, many can also enjoy free riverside hot springs just after tubing.

6 Colorado River, Eagle

Looking for an off-the-radar tubing spot in Colorado? Then consider tubing through the rugged Glenwood Canyon in western Colorado right in a serene setting with scenic views of the canyon walls. The trip can take up to seven hours, so it is advisable to plan beforehand before coming here. Start at the Dotsero Landing and ends at the Bair Ranch Rest Area. Expect to find class II and III rapids, and long stretches of flat water without currents. It is also recommended to get on the water before noon to finish tubing before it gets dark.

5 North Star Nature Preserve, Aspen

For a family fun day consider spending time at the North Star Nature Preserve situated between Highway 82 and the eastern flank of Aspen Mountain. The unblemished reserve is composed of the Roaring Fork River and wetlands. The area is perfect for those looking for privacy and a tranquil setting for river-tubing. One of the perks of spending time here is encountering the wildlife, which includes beavers, blue herons, ducks, and pied-billed grebes. Though, it is important to maintain a distance from the animals in order not to disturb them. Adventurers will have to exit only at the South Gate of the pedestrian bridge only.

4 Boulder Creek, Boulder

Adrenaline-seekers looking for a fun tubing experience can consider Boulder Creek to enjoy several of its whitewater sections. Besides tubing, there are plenty of fun outdoor opportunities such as kayaking, rope-swinging, and swimming. The 31.4-mile-long creek starts in the canyon and weaves the way under the bridge of Boulder Public Library. Normally, one can start tubing from Eben G. Fine Park and finishes at either the Boulder High School(for a shorter float) or at Scott Carpenter Park (for a longer float).

3 South Platte River, Downtown Denver

For a thrilling whitewater adventure, tube on the South Platter River. This can easily become a crowded tubing destination when the water is right (as it can sometimes get dry). While there are several places to tube and do other outdoor activities on the South Platter River, the most popular one is in the mountains at Deckers situated an hour from Denver. One can start here and go to the Rockies into Littleton and eventually ends in downtown Denver at the Confluence Park.

2 Cache La Poudre River, Fort Collins

Endowed with scenic topography, think majestic cliffs, and beautiful rock formations, Cache La Poudre River flow through Roosevelt National Forest, tumbles down the slopes of the Front Range, and continues through the city of Fort Collins. Start at the downtown area, where there are easy conveniences such as the parking area at Legacy Park. Most adventurers can enjoy two drop points downriver but will not be able to tube continuously from Shields Street to the Poudre Whitewater Park. It is recommended to plan this activity in late July when the water is less cold and is more likely to slow down.

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1 Salida Whitewater Park – Arkansas River

Indulge in a fun tubing experience by visiting the Salida Whitewater Park located in historic downtown Salida. The park is well-equipped for water activities, for instance, there are several man-made features used for tubing and rafting. One will likely find whitewater wave features and two big holes of varying sizes. It is advisable to wear appropriate gear as the water here gets pretty cold. In June participate in the oldest whitewater festival, where locals and out-of-towners meet together.