Not everyone knows that India offers amazing river cruises. India is a large country with a huge population. The country receives a high number of tourists annually from all over the world. This is because there are many attractions in the country for tourists. Most of them involve historical sites and the great culture of the Indian people, however, there are many landscape attractions in the country, such as cruises. When visiting India, one should take part in river cruises, specifically, and these are the best to pick.

10 Kerala Backwater River Cruise

This is the best river cruise one will find in Kerala. It is a cruise offered in a houseboat and it is quite popular in the region. The cruise offers visitors a chance to soak themselves in amazing views and witness the scenic beauty of the country. Sailing through such backwaters enables visitors to also see the neighboring regions along the way.

This cruise brings with it rural and urban life in the neighborhood. With the houseboat equipped with all required amenities, it is ideal for families.

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9 Sunderbans Cruise

Sundarbans River Cruise is another experience any visitor will never forget about. With Suburban being the longest mangrove reservoir forest in the world, the amount of beauty it offers it is breathtaking. The cruise along this route offers visitors a chance to enjoy the Malta River and the natural attractions in the reserve.

Tourists taking the Sunderbans Cruise, see many species of wild animals along the route such as bee-eaters, Salik birds, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, deer, herons, kingfishers among others. The boat is well equipped with all amenities.

8 Chilika Lake Cruise

The Chilika Lake cruise is popular for offering people a luxury cruise in a modern boat and a chance to enjoy wildlife. When cruising on this river, people get to witness many marine and forest animals. Along the way, there are dolphins and countless species of birds.

This is because the cruise takes place through a wildlife-rich environment and there is enough natural beauty to enjoy.

7 Goa Cruise

Goa cruise is a unique type of river cruise for the regions it explores. First, it is the best cruise for couples and honeymoons. The cruise moves through great waters and landscapes. At one point, the river joins the sea and the topography is breathtaking.

It is a cruise that is offered modern and well-equipped hence the guests get all the amenities they need. It is good for parties, a chance to experience the Goan culture and experience sunset views.

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6 Andaman River Cruise

Andaman island offers the best pristine and natural areas in India. It is a beautiful and attractive region with a vast area of beautiful beaches, rocks, vegetation, and marine life. As a result, the Andaman River cruise offers visitors unforgettable picturesque sights.

Additionally, the boats offering this cruise are equipped with world-class amenities making sure the guests get the best services. The voyage explores the island, scenic areas along the way, offers the best sunset experiences, and is entertaining. It has received positive reviews from previous users for experiencing unique natural features.

5 Dibru Saikhowa Cruise

For someone looking for a real adventurous river cruise, the Dibru Saikhowa cruise is the best option. This cruise takes a route full of nature with swamps, grasslands, migratory birds, orchids, dolphins, and other amazing things to see in the surrounding.

It is a river cruise that is known to offer comfort and entertainment. Since the cruise takes place within Dibru-Saikhowa national park, guests see a lot of wildlife and experience a serene environment.

4 Ganges Heritage Cruise

This is a river cruise that offers the best views and experience of the Ganges. The Ganges river cruise features a large, luxury boat with several rooms, furnished facilities, enough stuff, and high-quality amenities. With this type of cruise, one is able to experience the surrounding calm river environment in peace and enjoy boat services such as a gym, massage, and a library.

The Ganges Heritage cruise boat offers the best food with a wide range of selections. As the boat tours through different locations, visitors get a chance to learn more about the local life in India. The boat comes with enough room to party as well.

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3 Mandovi River Cruise

Mandovi River Cruise is a cruise that takes place along the famous Mandovi River and it is done using a Santa Monica boat. It is one of the best boats in the region. Through this journey, tourists enjoy Goa tourism as they explore Goa culture, dances, and food.

It is a river cruise that is full of calm, cool, and breathtaking sceneries of nature. Through the cruise, the boat passes through the Divar and Chorao islands which are great tourist attractions. Santa Monica is an ideal boat for honeymooners and families as it is spacious and offers the best recipes in the region. It is a chance for visitors to try out a variety.

2 Mangalore Cruise

Mangalore cruise offers one of the best boats in the region. It is popular for its modern and well-equipped boat as it tours the Phalguni river. For someone looking for a luxury boat cruise, this is the best option in India. One will enjoy the surroundings and dine in the best fresh seafood in the country.

1 Brahmaputra River Cruise

This river cruise takes place in the North-Eastern parts of India. It passes through stunning regions of the country, especially Kaziranga National Park. The cruise covers several regions including Majuli, Sibsagar, Jorhat, and Silghat. It is a river cruise that offers visitors an opportunity to explore Assam.

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