It is only natural that Disney World's ride pays homage to the most classic characters in animation history. Attractions such as Peter's Flight and Frozen Ever After are tangible realms of excitement where children and adults alike can experience the same magic as Peter Pan, Elsa, and Anna. Even original ride concepts like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion have found themselves refashioned into silver screen revivals, creating even more popularity amongst these Disney rides.

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However, there are over forty rides inside Orlando's fantasy theme parks. That still leaves plenty of rides that aren't based on the retelling of Disney movies. Some people may not be drawn to these rides initially without the glamour of Disney movie magic attached to them. But one drop-down ride like Splash Mountain will surely change their minds. Of course, not all of Disney's rides are winners. So, next time you're at Disney, keep in mind this list of the five best (and worst) rides at Disney that aren't based on movies.

9 Worst: Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is a slow tour that brings cruisers into the wild rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. It is run by a British outpost by the name of the Jungle Navigation Company. The skipper acts as comic relief for the humdrum ride with only animatronic animals coming to the forefront of the attraction.

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Disney has been in talks of making this ride into a film. As of late, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall are at the helm of the film, which is set to debut in June of next year.

8 Best: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a rudimentary Magic Kingdom ride. While it doesn't have all the thrust of contemporary roller coasters, the ride is still a must when visiting the Magic Kingdom.

The story that flows along with this Frontierland attraction is derived from the 1800s gold mining era. The railroad takes passengers through a ghost town in the American Southwest. After a tragic tsunami, the town of Tumbleweed had been left abandoned, though you will see remnants of the town's history in the line queue.

7 Worst: Astro Orbitor

The Astro Orbitor may have helped pioneer Tomorrowland, but by today's standards, the ride leaves little to be desired. While its high vantage point does give it some advantage over similar rides like Dumbo, it's still pretty generic.

The ride is meant to give the illusion of flying through space, but Space Mountain does a much better job in this aspect. But we'll get to all that later!

The Carousel of Progress is said to be one of Walt Disney's own favorite rides. It's also one of the very last ones he ever worked on. Half show, half ride, the moving theater rotates viewers to tune in to the changes from the point of view of one 20th-century American family.

John, the narrator, makes comments on the advancements that the world is seeing, hitting on nostalgic topics. The ride starts in the 1900s and ends in the modern day, which means that this ride has had to keep up to represent 21st-century upgrades.

5 Worst: It's A Small World

This one might be up for debate, purely because it is one of the most iconic rides at the Magic Kingdom. Despite its legacy, the dark water ride doesn't follow a true storyline but instead offers small segments of animated characters who represent different countries.

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The cultural relations are interesting and riders get to look upon the colorful variations of the "Children of the World." However, the dim lighting and lulling music can sometimes help put you to sleep.

4 Best: Space Mountain

Space Mountain is a technological masterpiece; at least in its heyday. Now it is recognized for its simple and unique features.

This indoor roller coaster is nearly pitch black, with only subtle asteroids, meteors, and star fixtures lighting up the way. Riders are entering Starport: Seven Five, where they load into their own rocket which takes them into outer space.

3 Worst: Spaceship Earth

Inside the symbolic structure of EPCOT is a ride called Spaceship Earth. It's a simple dark cruise that lasts about fifteen minutes, making it one of the longest rides at Disney World. However, the ride's primary purpose is an educational tour on the advancements of communication.

It starts with prehistoric man and works its way up to modern society. The concept for EPCOT came from Walt Disney, who had an unyielding fascination for the future. However, in terms of ride fulfillment and excitement, Spaceship Earth falls by the wayside. At the end, passengers can "create" their own futures with a touch screen pad, which is probably the most fun you'll have on the entire ride.

2 Best: Expedition Everest

This ride has everything: sights, thrills, and an interesting storyline. Starting at the Serka Zong village, riders take a speedy train (roller coaster) through the Himalayas to get to the base of Mount Everest.

On their journey upward, riders can expect a bevy of sudden drops, twists, and turns before coming face-to-face with the Yeti of Mount Everest. The train also whips backward for an even more titillating thrill.

1 Worst: Tomorrowland Speedway

Tomorrowland Speedway or Autotopia initially opened to present the new concept of the American highway. Since this has become a typical transportation route over the decades, the allure for this ride has all but died out.

The cars loop around a predetermined track for a raceway experience. Over the years, it has seen a few advancements, but nothing to put this ride back up on a list for Disney World's most popular rides.

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