As the name suggests, amusement parks serve one purpose: to entertain visitors, regardless of age! That means the best amusement parks are equipped with coasters, games, and attractions to keep their visitors entertained for an entire day. Specifically, Maryland’s best amusement park, Jolly Roger, is a top destination in Ocean City, with a lot to discover. With five parks to choose from, there is no shortage of fun to have at this iconic park. So, visit Jolly Roger and enjoy these top rides at Ocean City’s most popular attraction!

10 Looping Star Roller Coaster

There’s no time to appreciate the sites and sounds of the boardwalk with this thrill of a ride. The Looping Star roller coaster at the Pier will take riders up, down, and side to side. While lining up for their turn, prospective riders can spot this coaster a mile away with its bright lights and vibrant colors.

NOTE: Like many rides at Jolly Roger Amusement Park, the Looping Star Roller Coaster has a height restriction. This ride is 55” or 49” with an adult over 18 years of age. Before riding, it’s important to check height, weight, or safety requirements for rides at Jolly Roger.

9 Tea Cups

Jolly Roger Amusement Park has no shortage of rides for children, one example being their giant Tea Cups. Kids (and nostalgic adults) can hop a ride on these cute tea cups as they twirl and whirl. Then, spin around as fast as possible using the cup’s wheel or take it slow and enjoy the breeze! Whether visitors are kids or adults with child-like curiosities, Jolly Roger’s Tea Cups are an enjoyable ride for all ages.

8 Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is no longer a myth…at least in Jolly Roger. This adrenaline-inducing ride is for those who love thrill rides and pirate-themed decor. Hop on the Flying Dutchman as it takes riders on a carousel-like ride, spinning and turning at incredibly high speeds. Feel the breeze and enjoy the heart-stopping thrills of the Flying Dutchman as if one were actually on the legendary ghost ship!

7 Giant Wheel

Whether it’s the Singapore Flyer or the London Eye, Ferris wheels offer unbridled views of cityscapes and coastal views. In the case of Jolly Roger’s Giant Wheel, riders enjoyed panoramic views from it for over 30 years, from a height of 108 feet! For a romantic vibe, ride the Giant Wheel in the early evening to watch the sunset over Ocean City. Alternatively, riders can also witness the bustling crowds and the glowing LED lights while riding the wheel at night.

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6 Eye Of The Hurricane

Bring a bathing suit because the Eye of the Hurricane is as thrilling as its name suggests! Using a double tube, one will feel like they stepped inside a mighty hurricane as the tube takes riders from the corner of a circular toward its center, spitting them out. Twist and turn in this bumpy ride, located only at Jolly Roger’s Splash Mountain Water Park.

5 Freestyle 360

This relatively new ride at the Jolly Roger’s Pier is a thrill-seeking experience, taking riders through the air and looping them repeatedly in a full 360-degree fashion (as its name suggests). Ride the Freestyle 360 during the day to cool off from the summer heat, or enjoy it at night to be amongst the sea of LED lights studded all over the ride.

4 Miami Drift

Ride fast and furiously at Speedworld’s Miami Drift! Resembling an actual drift track (though in miniaturized form), this thrilling ride is also decked out with tropical-themed decor and ambiance. Challenge friends and strangers alike at Miami Drift through go-carting or live out the dream of being in a Fast and Furious movie.

3 Wildcat Roller Coaster

This family-friendly coaster sits four riders per cart, offering a short yet fun ride at Jolly Roger’s amusement park. Take the kids and enjoy a mildly speedy ride at the Wildcat while taking panoramic views of the park. Riders who enjoy Wildcat during the day can also soak in beautiful views of the nearby Pacific coast!

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2 Aqualoop

Who says water parks are not thrilling and fun? This one-of-a-kind waterslide is only at Jolly Roger’s Splash Mountain, combining splash and thrills all in one ride. Loop and swerve through a tunnel-like water slide filled with rushing water. Then, at 480 feet above the ground…SPLASH! Riders will slide their way down—feet first—through a trap door and into a pool of water. While Aqualoop may not be the same as white water rafting in Colorado, it’s still pretty fun!

1 Cyclone Cart Coaster

Being five stories high and over 1500 feet in length, the Cyclone Cart Coaster is a treat for both the young and youthful at heart. Ride through the lumber tracks of the coaster and feel the engine's rumble while racing fellow riders to the finish line. Indeed, go-carting at Jolly Roger is reserved for those seeking to live out their fantasy as a sports car driver!